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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 161116753466.jpg - (164.28KB , 827x412 , Paladin-Press.jpg )
109986 No. 109986 ID: 6b2999 hide watch quickreply [Reply]




File 160903303296.png - (1.10MB , 1059x587 , pauldog.png )
109963 No. 109963 ID: e1faaa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 109974 ID: 8899bc
Gotta stock up beforehand man.
>> No. 109975 ID: 0b41a9
I did. I bought a shitload of ammo in 2019 when prices were down.

(But it's neva enuf.)
>> No. 109978 ID: d6b805
Yep still alive just slow. I've been too busy to drop everything else to do more full retard gun builds lately. To stoic/apathetic to talk shit to you faggits.
>> No. 109980 ID: 52ebbf
I've been selling my stash off at cost to friends and family. It's worth it to be able to say "I told you so! :DDDDD" as I do so. :)
>> No. 109981 ID: 52ebbf
*"Selling off" = selling 10-20% of it to them, then keeping the rest to shoot with.

This too shall pass.

File 146638842128.jpg - (233.46KB , 1500x931 , pistol US STI Target Master 6-inch M1911 clone 1.jpg )
98094 No. 98094 ID: a4a9ab hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Another general weapons thread.
Previous one: http://www.operatorchan.org/k/res/90125.html
STI Target Master
The Target Master is built on STI’s 1911 Government-length frame with 30 lpi checkering on the front strap. The safety controls are STI ambidextrous thumb safeties and STI high rise, knuckle-relief beavertail grip safety. The 6″ slide features a lowered and flared ejection port, tri-level adjustable sights, and STI front and rear cocking serrations. The barrel is a 6.0″, fully-supported and ramped bull barrel. The Target Master comes standard with a STI two-piece steel guide rod, Commander-style hammer and patented STI Int’l trigger system. The STI Target Master ships with one 1911 Magazine. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/tag/glock/
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>> No. 107071 ID: c959ea
File 152046022054.jpg - (286.34KB , 1920x1280 , pistol German Korth National Standard Super Sport .jpg )
6,385.00 CHF (Swiss Francs) = 6,795.52 USD.
Seems a tad pricy, even for the Swiss.
>> No. 107072 ID: c959ea
File 152046049874.jpg - (136.03KB , 1200x800 , pistol German Korth National Standard & Super .jpg )
Korth National Standard und Korth Super Sport in .38 Special/.357 Magnum und Wechselsystem auf 9x19mm
>> No. 107073 ID: c959ea
File 152046076486.jpg - (109.45KB , 1200x799 , pistol German Korth Sky Marshal 9x19mm Kompaktrevo.jpg )
It's dangerous to go out alone. Take this.
Korth Sky Marshal 9x19mm Kompaktrevolver
>> No. 107074 ID: c959ea
File 15204609112.jpg - (349.49KB , 1250x795 , pistol German Korth Sky Hawk 9x19mm Kompaktrevolve.jpg )
9mm Sky Hawk.
>> No. 107075 ID: c959ea
File 152046095022.jpg - (338.06KB , 1250x847 , pistol German Korth Sky Hawk 9x19mm Kompaktrevolve.jpg )
Nighthawk Custom at SHOT Show 2017

File 158115218981.jpg - (97.32KB , 1024x712 , 56282547philippines.jpg )
109459 No. 109459 ID: d6b148 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Post em if you got em
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>> No. 109722 ID: 0d01d8
1. obtain cheap 12 gauge skeet loads with one ounce lead shot in bulk
2. pry open crimps, pour shot into lead melting pot
3. cast in .662" diameter roundball mold, making one ounce slugs
4. drop slug into shotcup, cutting off shotcup petals if necessary for fit
5. corrugated cardboard spacers over top of slug to hold it in place may help consistency of ignition
6. re-crimp
7. ??????

This will not be a full power load, obviously, and may not operate a semiauto shotgun, though if you have the ability to disassemble and reassemble shotgun shells, and access to appropriate powders and a powder measure, there's plenty of load data out there.


Round ball shot from a smoothbore barrel like the typical shotgun may or may not give decent accuracy, depending on what you're going to do. Rule of thumb with these is that if you can get five to stay into 4" or 5" at fifty yards, that's good enough for whitetail deer in heavy brush country. Rule of thumb is 7" to 10"+ groups at fifty yards until you find the recipe the gun likes, if it likes any of them.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 109723 ID: bbee29
File 158899112565.jpg - (147.31KB , 837x624 , purdy_brite.jpg )
Yep there's all sorts of ways of doing cheap slugs but no way to get Federal 1oz Magnum 2 3/4" slugs for cheap. Even my wholesale cost up here is just bullshit. No matter, I picked up some full brass shells a while ago and I want to see if I can get this thing to cycle homebuilt gyrojet rounds with a stiff "booster" to get it out the barrel.

>weird shit stuffed down big 'oles
Some of you might remember that time I made taste the rainbow a supersonic reality. Cheap slug-like things go without saying, there's wax slugs, cut shells, birdshot "replacement", and literally Taefloedermoaus or whatever the fuck he's called on youtube, if it fits he's sent it.
>> No. 109728 ID: e56201
No doubt if that story is true they were using worn out or stolen ball bearings, but the idea of using a precision ground steel bearing because it's cheaper than a cast piece of lead is hilarious.
>> No. 109735 ID: 634ac6
File 158940714187.jpg - (38.93KB , 1005x764 , Spawn-P90-4.jpg )
Not a bootleg gun as such, that's the "FN-P90" from Spawn. I remember it being for sale probably about a decade ago and being fairly cheap since it's so hideous, but it is actually a transferable MAC.
>> No. 109959 ID: a2a43b
File 160788552399.jpg - (91.32KB , 717x720 , 9fTLH90k.jpg )

File 160548599836.jpg - (26.44KB , 240x460 , B27.jpg )
109945 No. 109945 ID: 0d01d8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Being very opinionated and having some time on my hands these days, I came up with this, as a relatively simple to administer, simple to score 50 round, 50 foot handgun qual course requiring minimal resources--no moving targets, no plate rack. Its purpose is not so much to identify l33t exspurts, but more to weed out people who do not have their shit together and should not be allowed to touch a firearm much less carry one on duty, in order that their training deficits may be addressed appropriately. I am trying to decide if it's balanced and accomplishes what I have in mind. Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

Handgun Qualification Course

50 rounds of ammunition required.

Qualification course shall consist of three stages, all of which are to be fired standing, unsupported, at a distance of fifty feet, using a standard B27 type target.

Stage 1. 30 rounds. Candidate shall engage target using whatever technique he prefers, with a mandatory reload every five rounds, using speedloaders or spare magazines as appropriate. Time limit is one minute fifteen seconds. All rounds must hit the target silhouette or this stage is failed. Shots that hit the target silhouette but not within the scoring rings are scored one point. Shots are scored per the scoring rings. A minimum score of 240 is required to pass this stage.

Stage 2. Ten rounds. Candidate shall shoot using strong hand only, with one mandatory reload after five rounds, using a speedloader or spare magazine as appropriate. Time limit is twenty-five seconds. All rounds must hit the target silhouette or this stage is failed. Shots that hit the target silhouette but not within the scoring rings are scored one point. Shots are scored per the scoring rings. A minimum score of 75 is required to pass this stage.

Stage 3. Ten rounds. Candidate shall shoot using weak hand only, with one mandatory reload after five rounds, using speedloaders or spare magazine as appropriate. Time limit is thirty seconds. All rounds must hit the target silhouette or this stage is failed. Shots that hit the target silhouette but not within the scoring rings are scored one point. Shots are scored per the scoring rings. A minimum score of 70 is required to pass this stage.

Trainee must pass on all three stages to qualify, first try, no alibis, no do-overs. For qualification purposes this course is graded pass/fail only, requiring passing scores on all three stages and a cumulative score of 385 out of a possible 500.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 109947 ID: 7e6a19
>carry one on duty
If it's a private organization, sure that's not a bad qualification test. I don't have much of a comment on government officials being armed.

>to weed out people who do not have their shit together and should not be allowed to touch a firearm
>> No. 109950 ID: 3efc75
File 160591388543.jpg - (123.09KB , 675x1200 , scoring key.jpg )
I like to use the scoring key as the target.

File 160298853853.jpg - (191.10KB , 816x544 , Evo%209%20components.jpg )
109918 No. 109918 ID: bb86e7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I have been reading about suppressors and suitable hosts. The question that I am having trouble with is do recoil / muzzle / nielsen device boosters negate some of the performance of the silencer?

As for hosts, there does not seem to be a current production locking action handgun that has a both a fixed barrel and available threaded barrels. Remington R51 threaded barrels are no longer in production, and the Walther CCP does not seem to have threaded barrels available.
>> No. 109933 ID: b09df8
Strictly speaking yes, but it's negligible compared to the action of the host gun. Really a non-concern.

In case this is you: One thing a lot of guys do when first getting into silencers is seeking the MOST QUIET, MINIMUM dB. Then they get their can and realize 130dB is still pretty loud and realize they can only take their ear protection off when they're shooting alone and outdoors, so they go for something shorter, lighter and a smidge louder. Or maybe something more versatile but less super-duper quiet on the one intended caliber.
>> No. 109942 ID: bb86e7
File 160479270851.jpg - (12.78KB , 705x54 , dead2.jpg )
That is just one of the many reasons the Dead Air Odessa 9 is my favorite so far.

File 158441218633.png - (117.76KB , 500x302 , rhino 50ds.png )
109604 No. 109604 ID: 6f36a7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I have a question for any gunsmiths.
the roll pins circled on that picture, keep backing out on my Rhino.
what is the best solution for this problem long term?
I saw a post something similar happening with a S&W M&P 45 that said use blue loctite.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109607 ID: f2172d
See the Mateba, which is from the same designer.
>> No. 109608 ID: 79cf2b
File 158450626971.jpg - (15.43KB , 618x263 , O3L2XSHFPU4ISCT3GCL5NEXDYA.jpg )
Everyone's favorite space revolver. I picked one up but the (adjustable) sights are WAY the fuck off. And it broke from dry firing.

(So if you dry fire, use snap caps.)
>> No. 109927 ID: 98e297
what movie is that
>> No. 109928 ID: 3efc75
File 160341809687.jpg - (83.32KB , 378x599 , 378px-Total-Recall-2012-Poster.jpg )
Total Recall (2012)
>> No. 109930 ID: d29ef3
Agreed, loctite should do the trick. Maybe you should try banging it against something until it deforms slightly if it keeps happening

File 160251334576.jpg - (4.72MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20200825_210812.jpg )
109915 No. 109915 ID: eade2d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This website truly was an inspiration to kick off my direction in life around 2006-2007. Thank you to bat guano, meplat, jedi, mammit, and the other knowledgeable trips.

Pic for flex.
>> No. 109917 ID: 3483c6
File 160280683911.jpg - (84.05KB , 1600x667 , shotgun US Browning 2000 sawed-off automatic Outla.jpg )
Best regards, Southernbro!
- A Browning 2000 sawed-off automatic shotgun used in Outland (1981).
>> No. 109925 ID: 7a5d59
I don't count myself as on of the above, but I'm glad you got your shit together bro.
>> No. 109926 ID: b09df8
Good for you! It's nice when people are doing good.

File 160323385025.jpg - (132.43KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20201001_04_09_57_Pro.jpg )
109921 No. 109921 ID: e8a7af hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Theroy of a lucritive transpireing uprise caused by mass contractive control system is makeing a comback here in my system. Causeing a trickling reward system following flaws
ans fakes... as of a drop of blood is to the ocean my souls
know nothing only insticual action. The messengers the caregivers the athority as well as all points that allow any leway headroom or shift of controll is shut by liers labels seeming to hide what we all know is true even the cooperation of the congentinal being and proven factors wich would cause distictive demeanors are cast aside even with a sytematic approch interveaning contructivly and with precise exposition is bound to cause disruption discord and unproductivly creates and childish loop to keep us from experencing our true self achiveing our goals and leads us to a live of simplicity never achiveing a true sence of freedom. showing just how to subside upon belevelent ways of life. no respect no true fathems or admoratiions of a creation with a base to withstand a detremental aproch action placed upon the people to actas one. makeing it flawed is manevalent and overall humility is benign demeaning the ways that make a path worth traveling your whole life only to be presented to what has caused and cost everything that soon will mean nothing without a sence of humor without the proper intervention it fails. We KNOW THE ANSWERS WE ARE THE SOLUTION THERE IS NOTHING HOLDING US BACK. Act as one and freedom once again can be achived
>> No. 109924 ID: 89cfdf
man whatever the fuck you're smoking i want some

File 157911616813.jpg - (285.57KB , 1843x1769 , 1ei0lreght841.jpg )
109329 No. 109329 ID: b6e91c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Poor /k/ unite! Post the stuff you wish you could buy, but can't.
36 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109882 ID: b73635
Looking around a little bit online, I don't see anything other than 1-MOA for the SCAR 20. This wasn't some gun store fudd lore, was it?

Also, I haven't shot since last September. Fucking terrible, I know.
>> No. 109889 ID: 7defe3
File 159693865551.gif - (866.06KB , 450x450 , 1552090608598.gif )
>Cool, new site! Finally, a place to go now that 4 and 8 /k/ are shi-
>It's already dead
>> No. 109905 ID: 8b795f
He isn't really wrong. It's IRC if you took everything wrong with the rest of modern software and applied it to IRC.
>centralized, woefully insecure, closed source, runs in a browser for some reason, the PRC has a stake
Unfortunately, serious money is backing all of the above, so the only objections you can make that really stick are "it's for faggot autist weirdos" and "it's under-moderated". Which, coincidentally, are some of the only remaining similarities it has with IRC! Funny, huh?
>> No. 109909 ID: 369c8a

It was .308 specific

Guy went through some different rounds, called them about it, I'd have to go way back and look it up now. Searching online so far the only thing I've seen that was close was inch and a half.

If I run into it I'll bring it back here with a screenshot if possible.
>> No. 109920 ID: 868195
File 160323378154.jpg - (526.30KB , 1500x1125 , TFB_Henry_X_44_13.jpg )
I could actually buy it, but it would set me back with all the other stuff I'm buying so i'm still really on the fence about this.

Also the caliber I would prefer is .357, but this would be a local deal.

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