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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 159333474641.jpg - (1.53MB , 3072x2304 , P1010184.jpg )
109858 No. 109858 ID: 73d1d8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I haven't been to this image board in years, so I'm not sure if this is appropriate to ask about, but I really need some information and it's too late at the moment to call anyone. I'm trying to apply for a concealed handgun permit in the state of Louisiana. I have served in the military and the application form states that this means I can provide my DD214 discharge certificate as proof of firearms training in lieu of proof of attending a civilian training course. However, the application form has a field asking for an instructor number. I have very little idea of what to put there. Would that be a number on the DD214 or something on my Joint Services Transcript? I've been putting this off for years because it's so convoluted. If no one has any answers here, I'll just call a licensed instructor and ask. Thank you.


Pic sort of related: When my dad makes art.

Also, conceal carry general thread so it isn't all just about me.
>> No. 109863 ID: f03a38
File 159341334356.jpg - (49.94KB , 640x512 , US P concealed weapon permit badges.jpg )
I got a concealed carry license in Arkansas and let me tell you that you are worrying over nothing. Go to that Saturday firearms instruction course. It will mostly be helpful instructing you over the laws of where you can pack your heat and the general law of self-defense and when you can use deadly force. The actual target shooting (for me in Arkansas and Colorado) was pretty much a formality. Just hit the target a few times. Qualify with an automatic pistol because some states will restrict your carry to revolvers only if you bring a revolver.
>> No. 109866 ID: 23783b
I don't like classrooms and formal instruction and am doing my best to avoid having to attend those right now especially in the wake of the pandemic, but thanks anyway.

File 159301309680.jpg - (100.82KB , 1024x725 , wm_7070910.jpg )
109819 No. 109819 ID: 0e29c2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Am I nuts for wanting this? Having a belt-fed .223 rifle sounds fun and I can pull it off for less than $5k. The M249 has a pretty simple sheet metal design and there just aren't that many other options for a belt-fed rifle out there.

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>> No. 109850 ID: 12bc72
File 159312401693.jpg - (1.08MB , 3226x2268 , Russian RPD 7_62x39mm DSA semi-auto belt-fed 4.jpg )
The RPD is belt fed and feeds from the left side. The sights are of a standard AK pattern but with added windage controls. The ammunition belt is typically held in a steel drum attached to a bracket underneath the receiver. There is also a cleaning rod which runs across the left side of the receiver.
>> No. 109851 ID: 12bc72
File 159312406948.jpg - (1.43MB , 3868x2194 , Russian RPD 7_62x39mm DSA semi-auto belt-fed 6.jpg )
>> No. 109853 ID: 12bc72
File 15931279826.jpg - (1.30MB , 3213x2021 , Russian RPD 7_62x39mm DSA semi-auto belt-fed 5.jpg )
The belt for the RPD is in 2 50 round sections which attach in the middle. The 2 sections are non-disintegrating however and hangs off of the receiver. The belts are rolled up and place into the drum, the rattle from the loose rounds is very noticeable.
>> No. 109854 ID: 12bc72
File 159312837435.jpg - (328.12KB , 1600x1200 , US M60 semi-auto belt-fed by WGB in Canton Ohio 1.jpg )
JRW M-60 Semi Auto Belt Fed:
Made by WGB in Canton Ohio, this rifle is like new with very low round count. The gun looks minty and is one of the best made M-60's you can own. This has one of the best triggers available in an M-60. This is a chance to own a truly well made gun set up to work and play with the best components available in a gun like this. https://www.gunsamerica.com/990581942/JRW-M-60-Semi-Auto-Belt-Fed-Semi-Auto.htm
>> No. 109855 ID: 12bc72
File 159312970566.jpg - (453.34KB , 2008x1506 , German HK 21K with a Fleming sear in _308 1.jpg )
Rumors of a semi-auto HK21 circle around...
Last time I priced just the parts for this you're looking at 20k and that's for semi auto.
Just the feed mechanism is a dick kicking $5k. https://hkparts.net/product/hk21e-feed-mechanism-complete-p584.htm
The 21 is so fucking neat but it was an answer to a question no one asked. The 21 didn't do anything someone else wasn't doing better or more local.
Shits and giggles I looked up Rock island auction and they sold a transferable one for 32k.
You're in luck otb has one in stock for 35k but it's the long boi so it will be another 3k to cut down that barrel. https://www.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/ffg1nk/i_see_people_posting_for_308_day_but_i_think_it/fjyg3mx/

- German HK21K with a Fleming sear in .308

File 152897359619.jpg - (92.81KB , 918x960 , 22279967_362829720797277_6093495040543314617_n.jpg )
107430 No. 107430 ID: f6327b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I just returned from my first IPSC Shotgun match, the Shotgun World Shoot in France where I placed atleast above last place. Anyone else here with who actually shoot matches in IPSC/USPSA/2-Gun/3-Gun or similar?
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>> No. 109774 ID: 3efc75
Nice work!
>> No. 109776 ID: 369c8a
File 159225193791.png - (133.72KB , 465x235 , 137960252358.png )
So I actually ended up getting second place in the Tac Optics division of a local area monthly comp.

Discovered the following

-115gr doesn't really work on plates well
-115gr has a greater rise than 147gr
-people overlook height over bore a lot
-people will put their body pressure on a bare ass barrel and wonder why they aren't making hits
-pistol lamps don't throw very well even on AR pistols
-brakes and comps are generally shit at dissipating gases at night
-people scoff at pressure pads are generally the same people who use constant on while shooting
-those same people also have lamps that turn off and on via recoil, so they have to shoot twice to get back on target
-getting whiteout over your optic doesn't mean keep shooting
-usually a handgun falling out will only DQ a single person per match, because everyone else will go back to their cars for some reason and produce screwdrivers for some reason
-there aren't ever enough people to help with set up or tear down
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 109777 ID: c049f8
Got it brand new in 2016, it's a 583-series. Haven't tested it properly in a bench.

We had not one, not two, BUT THREE people insisting on taking their IPSC safety course with 1911s in .45 this weekend. Had to do the course with less reps total of each exercise, because Team Boomer had to load their mags so often. It's still fun as hell seeing the one guy who shoots .45 good, and watching those big ass buckets almost give the RO a concussion when the brass hits him.
>> No. 109806 ID: 0d01d8
I don't think it counts but I've been considering getting into NRA Smallbore Pistol. The black part of the target with the scoring rings is 3 1/16" across and you shoot standing unsupported, one handed, duellist point stance, from 50 feet, against a timer.

I think I need to up my skills a bit further before trying that, though I can hold the X-ring in a B27 (2" wide by 3" tall) 80%+ of the time at 30 feet. I'd feel better about it if I were more consistent, but I keep getting in a hurry, jerking the trigger, etc. and yanking about one in five out as far as the 9-ring.

...this is with a Ruger Mk III 22/45 with irons that's stock except for Hogue rubber grips. I've got a stainless Hunter Model with all VQ innards but I don't shoot it nearly as much because I don't want to get spoiled by a two-pound trigger with almost all the reset and takeup dialed out of it. I start off slow and then move up to about one round a second after I warm up, then the last few mags I expend practicing fast head shots, in the hopes that the important parts will transfer over to centerfire handguns. I haven't been to the range in months, though, between the Wu Flu lockdowns and some more recent health problems that have appeared.
>> No. 109814 ID: f2172d

Just had a cute girl demo this system for me this past weekend.
Tried the system out both for dry fire and holster draw, and it seemed pretty useful.


File 159184192715.jpg - (1.64MB , 3072x2304 , antique UK Snider, Swedish rolling block 12_7x44mm.jpg )
109756 No. 109756 ID: 4a9ef7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have experience with early metallic cartridge rifles like the .577 Snider or Martini-Henry .577-450?
The ammo, made by specialty loaders, is obscenely expensive. Such as...
577 Snider 450 Grain, Black Powder Ammunition Box of 20 for $87.69
577/450 Martini Henry .460" 480 Grn. Bullet, Black Powder Ammo (Loaded with Bertram Brass) Box of 20 for $189.99

UK Snider .577 (14.7x51mmR), Swedish rolling block 12.7x44mm, 1876 Alex Henry 577-450.
15 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109775 ID: 4a9ef7
File 159192109318.jpg - (81.08KB , 960x650 , pistol UK Tranter _577 fixed frame revolver 1.jpg )
.577 revolvers:
>> No. 109807 ID: 12bc72
File 159287509746.png - (1.13MB , 1000x1000 , bullets, _450 Bushmaster, 5_56 NATO, _45 ACP &.png )
Anyone have experience with that big-bore AR round, the .450 Bushmaster?
>> No. 109808 ID: 12bc72
File 159287525363.jpg - (146.73KB , 1500x650 , antique US Ruger-Gunsite Scout Rifle _450 Bushmast.jpg )
Ruger-Gunsite Scout Rifle in .450 Bushmaster
>> No. 109809 ID: 12bc72
File 159287541922.jpg - (185.89KB , 1500x650 , antique US Ruger-Gunsite Scout Rifle _450 Bushmast.jpg )
450 Bushmaster: Extraordinary Large Bore Cartridge
Because this cartridge was specifically designed with the AR-15 platform in mind, it easily fits single stacked in a standard AR-15 magazine with a single shot follower. Therefore, a 10-round AR-15 magazine body will contain 5 rounds and a 20-round AR-15 magazine body will contain 9-rounds whereas, a 30-round magazine body will contain 13 rounds.
>> No. 109810 ID: 12bc72
File 15928754748.jpg - (136.59KB , 1500x650 , antique US Ruger-Gunsite Scout Rifle _450 Bushmast.jpg )
So, with a muzzle velocity of 2,100 fps to 2,200 fps, the .450 Bushmaster is certainly not a slow cartridge and, with a 250 grain or 260 grain bullet delivering 2,800 ft/lbs of kinetic energy at the muzzle, it is absolutely devastating on impact! Therefore, it is no wonder that this cartridge has become so popular among military Special Forces personnel as well as medium and large game hunters who prefer the AR-15 platform since it has the power needed to instantly stop enemy soldiers wearing standard body armor as well as both large and dangerous game species at relatively long ranges. https://ammosquared.com/450-bushmaster-extraordinary-large-bore-cartridge/

File 158301725185.jpg - (755.78KB , 1125x2000 , edgelord.jpg )
109541 No. 109541 ID: ee0ef7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Y'all like S Words and shit? Post em. I've still gotta wall-mount that kriegsmesser and arming sword.
14 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109748 ID: f2172d

Impact area also plays a factor, so equal mass and velocity but spread out over different areas would make a difference in effectiveness.
>> No. 109749 ID: 6c3ca3
File 159097597584.jpg - (44.86KB , 991x972 , The Club Monojoy car steering wheel lock 3_1 lbs 1.jpg )
Remember The Club anti-theft steering wheel lock from the 1980s?
Here's one touted to double as a weapon:
"The car lock make of Hardened steel, Weighing 3.1 pounds. When you are in danger, is a good self-defense weapons."
One end has a spike for breaking car windows in an emergency.
>> No. 109752 ID: ddd160
File 159122385122.jpg - (84.14KB , 768x873 , s-l1000.jpg )
Found one of these in the disorganized shitpile of a second arms room I'm taking over at work. So fucking stupid, but next time I end up in the field this stupid ho is getting hand receipted out and coming strapped on my IOTV obviously.
>> No. 109753 ID: 58727a
Those were actually issued?
>> No. 109794 ID: 751d6a
Yes I can confirm this.

File 158860499359.png - (1.43MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2020-05-04-18h04m21s691.png )
109709 No. 109709 ID: a36079 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What gun is this, or is it just crazy movie shit?

Another gun seen in Episode 8 is Kriss Vector
>> No. 109711 ID: a36079
File 158860639833.png - (542.68KB , 977x837 , vlcsnap-2020-05-04-18h04m21s691-enh-crop.png )
Dark image, I tried to enhance it.
>> No. 109712 ID: 2b588c
File 158863730620.jpg - (257.08KB , 1920x1090 , WWS2E01_09.jpg )
The best source for movie guns is the imfdb, the Internet Movie Firearms Database.
The following weapons were used in Season 1 of the television series Westworld:

And for Westworld Season 2: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Westworld_-_Season_2

The closest thing to your space gun seems to the FN P90 TR because of the forward trigger guard (with the forward grip hacked away with yours) and the round magazine carousel behing the transparent box magazine laying on top.

The Westworld QA security force continue to carry customized red and black FN P90 TRs as their weapon of choice in the series. Several characters, including Maeve (Thandie Newton), Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), William (Ed Harris) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) use P90s throughout the season. Black FN P90s are also among the weapons used by Delos military contractors.
- Maeve (Thandie Newton) carries the P90 in "Journey Into Night" (S2E01).
>> No. 109713 ID: 64a9d8
File 158863737448.jpg - (308.65KB , 1920x1080 , WestworldS2E09_03.jpg )
The Man in Black (Ed Harris) uses the P90 in "Vanishing Point" (S2E09).
>> No. 109734 ID: 634ac6
Bats is right that the P90 is the closest thing as that looks to be a non-gun prop made from(most likely) an airsoft P90.

File 158153367318.png - (201.08KB , 958x380 , M96.png )
109485 No. 109485 ID: d507e4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well, for those not in the know, Robinson Arms is releasing a small batch of M-96 rifles. (maybe 200) I'm already on the list to buy one with an MSRP of $2500 and change. Convince me not to...anybody?
21 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109562 ID: 101bb6

No I had to. I went back to live in Germany for a few years. No way could I take my stuff with me. I put four in storage (my P88 being one. Never parting with it) and just left. I had to get clean.

I miss our emails. Im glad your still around. I have missed you. You were always a rock.

I guess in my situation a Glock 17, A Walther P88, a 1911, and an LR-300. Because that's all I have.

I would feel better if I had an M4 again and an AK74. Mine was a Saiga Legion and 5.45 is really the better caliber.

Wouldn't mind a FAL for nostalgia and another P226 but guns are kinda back burner right now.

My ideal list would be:
-M4 Carbine with an ACOG or Red dot
-AK74 no optic
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 109563 ID: c3cbd5
File 158319620671.jpg - (1.59MB , 5000x3333 , pistol German Walther P88 with Nill wood grips 1.jpg )
The P88 is a very good pistol from the 1980s.
The Walther P88 is highly prized among collectors and sport shooters due to its superb accuracy (40 to 50 mm [1.5 to 2 in] groups at 20 m [25 yd]) and high-quality construction. But the standard P88 was heavily criticized for being bulky, heavy and expensive; the Compact version solved none of these issues. High-quality German pistols don't come cheap, you proles!
- Walther P88 with Nill wood grips.
>> No. 109564 ID: c3cbd5
File 158319633452.jpg - (397.99KB , 1125x881 , pistol US Colt Python _357 Magnum late 1950s 1.jpg )
As Oskar Schindler said, "Nice things cost money."
>> No. 109565 ID: 101bb6
Well I had one in the early 90s. Tracked one down umpteen years ago. Posted pictures I know but that was like 3 laptops ago.

Its like if Walther made a 226. But nicer. Its a luxury piece. A nice gun but you dont really want to go beating it around.

I havent shot it in at least 10 years. I need to change that.
>> No. 109710 ID: 9d3e1a

Classy piece, HM.

File 158824818738.jpg - (2.09MB , 4032x2268 , b5430c3f.jpg )
109642 No. 109642 ID: 788a19 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Condor Kukri Machete. I've never owned a machete until now. I already want another but I'll probably buy a swiss axe next.
49 posts and 42 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109692 ID: 5785ed
File 158837695795.jpg - (438.87KB , 1600x1152 , CC kukri best kukri machete of 2020 Gurkha hand-fo.jpg )
Image for the image board.
- A Gurkha hand-forged kukri, rated the best kukri machete of 2020 by BladesGuru
>> No. 109693 ID: 5785ed
File 158837705858.jpg - (332.68KB , 2048x890 , CC kukri true Nepalese kukri 1.jpg )
Nepalese Kukri, Antique
A seldom encountered example of a true Nepalese Kukri, crafted for use by one of the various Hill Tribes. Originally the basic utility knife of the Nepalese People, the Kukri was brought to the worlds attention by the various Gurka Regiments of the British and Indian Armies.
This example was crafted for use. The carved wood scabbard with rattan binding suggest that it was probably a Tribal piece. The curved blade is in ver good condition, The blade was well cared for and is free of rust, the incise carved pattern still clear. The carved bone hilt is capped with an ebony disk. The lower binding on the scabbard is missing as are the small tools normally found.
The blade is 11" in length and the knife is 15" overall.
>> No. 109694 ID: 5785ed
File 158837711257.jpg - (268.32KB , 1858x973 , CC kukri true Nepalese kukri 2.jpg )
>> No. 109695 ID: 5785ed
File 158837715458.jpg - (230.75KB , 1984x823 , CC kukri true Nepalese kukri 3.jpg )
>> No. 109698 ID: 788a19
To be honest I thought people would post their personal knives/swords/axes. No worries though man!

File 156211848224.jpg - (97.85KB , 687x767 , jp8dy7mvoy731.jpg )
109033 No. 109033 ID: b6e91c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Pretend for some reason we can't steal tanks or something.
What kind of technicals can Americans come up with? Desert people manage to slap together some cool stuff so we should be able to do better.
46 posts and 42 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109296 ID: 793056
File 157490322127.jpg - (73.61KB , 785x800 , A_Marmon-Herrington_Mk_II_armoured_car_armed_with_.jpg )
Probs did something like this?
>> No. 109317 ID: 862a73
The bolt on CROWS systems are exactly as you described them. I hadn't heard of any LAV turrets being put onto a Humvee and I doubt that guy was telling you the truth. There isn't enough space to put that on there plus the wiring would be too much for a mechanic team to just drop everything else and get done correctly. I could see putting a 25mm on a Humvee and I've seen M134 miniguns put into Humvee turrets, but a full blown LAV turret?

There were some awesome frankentrucks out there in the early years of the war. Ive seen HEMTT and LMTV guntrucks that were so heavily armored and well built that they proved to be more useful than the purpose built APCs in our AO. For a while, we really thought the Army & Marines we're going to start putting them together in the states but they went with the MRAPs instead. Having played with both, I really preferred the frankentrucks.

At one point in Afghanistan, the local jingletrucks were being ambushed and robbed by insurgents so we decorated a small convoy of LMTVs with painted bedsheets and Christmas lights and started using those to draw out the attackers. They looked convincing at night and worked great.
>> No. 109496 ID: d68317
File 158177324728.jpg - (132.20KB , 800x530 , 148461570730.jpg )
Why is this thread not in /v/?
Come on, I need some company over there!
>> No. 109497 ID: d68317
File 158177330971.jpg - (81.22KB , 735x469 , 2053.jpg )
Also, have some Vietnam gun truck.
>> No. 109538 ID: 0c84a6
File 158239477246.gif - (2.00MB , 1030x740 , CM_technical.gif )

File 158184117495.jpg - (840.69KB , 1920x1080 , antique US Winchester Model 1876 _45-75 Turnbull R.jpg )
109502 No. 109502 ID: ac4ac3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Nice restorations.
Here's a nice US Winchester Model 1876 in .45-75 by Turnbull Restoration.
27 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109530 ID: ac4ac3
File 158184373336.jpg - (1.12MB , 2430x1620 , antique US Winchester Model 1892 Deluxe Takedown _.jpg )
>> No. 109531 ID: ac4ac3
File 158184419974.jpg - (440.23KB , 2880x1140 , antique US Winchester Model 1892 Deluxe Takedown _.jpg )
>> No. 109532 ID: ac4ac3
File 158184423148.jpg - (506.65KB , 2430x1620 , antique US Winchester Model 1892 Deluxe Takedown _.jpg )
>> No. 109533 ID: ac4ac3
File 158184430623.jpg - (726.76KB , 2430x1620 , antique US Winchester Model 1892 Deluxe Takedown _.jpg )
US Winchester Model 1892 Deluxe Takedown in .45 Colt by Turnbull Restoration.
Very nice work.
>> No. 109534 ID: ac4ac3
File 158187658798.jpg - (1.68MB , 4000x3139 , antique US Winchester Model 1866 Deluxe semi-relie.jpg )
Forgotten Weapons has a series of videos on Winchester Lever Action Development: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofGnRSE7lpI&list=PL9e3UCcU00TREsGA9nkvCqFp2e0Ht9u3e
Winchester Lever Action Development: 1860 Henry https://youtu.be/ofGnRSE7lpI
- US Winchester Model 1866 Deluxe with semi-relief engraving by Conrad F. Ulrich.

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