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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 148402938437.jpg - (39.84KB , 849x527 , WITNESSME.jpg )
102361 No. 102361 ID: aec7e7
I heard tell that the /k/ommandos here were very generous and have given guns away before. Sirs, I am extremely poor and much desire a nugget. Is there anyone here who would have a beater to donate?
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>> No. 102362 ID: 4faabd

you dont have $240?
>> No. 102363 ID: aec7e7
I really don't
>> No. 102364 ID: b90e52
Not being snarky here, genuinely want to know.

If you can't afford to buy a $240 rifle, what is the point of being gifted one? Cheap surplus ammo runs about $225 a case plus shipping, and commercial ammo you're looking at .75 and .90 per round, and only going up from there.

So like...if you can't come up with the dosh to buy it, how do you plan on feeding it?
>> No. 102365 ID: f5d479
OP is not awaited at valhalla.
>> No. 102367 ID: aec7e7
I'll figure something out
>> No. 102372 ID: 6d0e01
File 148406587340.jpg - (401.38KB , 1024x682 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant crate 2.jpg )
Reminds me of when Russia started flooding the US market with cheap loads of Mosin-Nagants and crates of 7.62x54r ammo in the early '90s. A friend bought a crate of M44 Mosin-Nagant carbines for around $25 per rifle back in 1993 or so and he sent them to many of his shooting friends for Christmas presents. I got one in the mail and the bolt handle had popped through the side of the cardboard mailing box. Quite a stocking-stuffer! Now, Mosins are expensive and the ammo is even more so and difficult to find at the inflated prices.
>> No. 102373 ID: 6d0e01
File 148406603722.jpg - (109.38KB , 1024x768 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant crate coffee table 1.jpg )
Some enterprising cabinet-makers and carpenters have turned old Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant rifle crates into coffee tables.
>> No. 102374 ID: 6d0e01
File 148406605942.jpg - (166.60KB , 1324x744 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant crate coffee table 2.jpg )
>> No. 102375 ID: b70387
How old are you?
>> No. 102376 ID: 6d0e01
File 148406648498.jpg - (533.24KB , 1800x910 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 crate.jpg )
Twenty Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 rifles in a crate.
I remember crates of 20 M44 carbines were being advertised for around $500 ($25/rifle), back in the early '90s.
Sure, these were beat-up, but arming two squads of riflemen (or range pals) for $500 was awesome.
>> No. 102379 ID: c01ca7
File 148407264233.gif - (30.97KB , 200x200 , david hart.gif )
>nuggets are now 240 dollars
>> No. 102381 ID: ad8094
> I am extremely poor and much desire a nugget
Need to focus your priorities to get yourself out of the being extremely poor situation first.

Not sure where you've read/hear OpChan are generous and have given guns away. You have been misinformed, generous? Yes OpChan is very generous when it comes to sending aid/supplies to OPERATORs in dire need.

Giving away guns, no. Serv gave his gun to border patrol, Frost pawn a BPEARv1 which surfaced on Armslist once. Some great deals of firearm sales were made in /trade/ take a look there.

What state are you at so I can take a look there to hunt for good deals for you.

I've seen beater nugget in Armslist for like $180ish (this is just an example)
> $225 with 8 clips worth ammo


BG do you have info on the text/label on the side of nugget crate? I recently clean out part of my garage and plan on work on the nugget crate this summer, I want to give it a new coat of paint and touch up some of the text/labeling on the side. Waifu has a Cricket machine so we can cut out some really nice stencils for redoing the text/label
>> No. 102382 ID: 149a9d
File 148407297357.jpg - (89.92KB , 3266x622 , MN-sniper.jpg )
We tend to give guns to people we know, not some random guy on teh internatz.
>> No. 102383 ID: 9902e7
If you can't figure out how to obtain the rifle, you can't figure out how to feed it.

You might want to work on your poverty situation first. That's kind of the first step to being able to afford things.
>> No. 102386 ID: ad8094
File 148408003939.png - (46.46KB , 682x223 , server.png )
>> server Moneys Needed!
>> No. 102387 ID: 6d0e01
File 148408492891.jpg - (68.12KB , 1023x517 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant crate coffee table 3.jpg )
This guy placed an order in on a Cyrillic stencil set from Russia to remark the crate with the original lettering.
>> No. 102388 ID: 6d0e01
File 148408496415.jpg - (184.46KB , 760x689 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant crate coffee table 4.jpg )
>> No. 102389 ID: 6d0e01
File 148408539337.jpg - (105.12KB , 912x623 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant crate coffee table 5.jpg )
>> No. 102390 ID: 37e13b
"The first iteration of bat was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania and began construction in 1943 and was not completed until 1946. It occupied about 1,800 square feet and used about 18,000 vacuum tubes, weighing almost 50 tons"

Damn bat good thing you have since slimmed down.
>> No. 102391 ID: 6d0e01
File 148409538629.jpg - (851.32KB , 2000x1333 , computer Google's data centers 2.jpg )
"Slimmed down" nothing!
But I don't believe Senseless was directing that question to me.
>> No. 102392 ID: 028b36
File 14841020241.jpg - (172.72KB , 550x413 , b0ba766fe6a0087ef97384c2e89d77db.jpg )
Oh fuck please don't be like this guy... robbing a grocery store with nugget
>> No. 102393 ID: 028b36
File 148410212030.jpg - (174.64KB , 550x413 , 44856ffbab72829513b4dc53fc654d9f.jpg )
This is the same guy robbing the same store few months BEFORE using the nugget. Not sure it would be consider upgrade or downgrade from pistol to nugget.
>> No. 102399 ID: 149a9d
Same store twice?

Lazy unimaginative fucker.
>> No. 102400 ID: 54180e
I cant believe it either.
I was a no guns fag when I was in the army when my first line GAVE me his nugget. I was just talking about guns and he asked if i had one, I said no, then he went to his closet and GAVE me a 91/30 - thats when they were 100$ for 240$ its like why not just get a ruger american or something?
>> No. 102507 ID: bb6151

>Rob store with nugget
>use ill gotten money to buy handgun
>rob store with handgun

He's gonna come in with some shoddy built AR next time.
>> No. 102508 ID: 19518e
>years later
>store clerks know him by name
>they have some party decorations around when they think he'll show up
>at this point the robber has a JP AR with an S&B short dot
>> No. 102514 ID: 028b36
You got it backward man, he rob the place with a pistol first (8/27/2011) then came back with the nugget (1/19/2012), that's why it's odd about it, wasn't sure if going to nugget is an upgrade or downgrade
>> No. 102524 ID: c11034
If prices for nuggets have gone up so much how much would you guys say mine is worth?

Finn M91, Tikka barrel (1940, SA marked...think most are tho), Re-used Russian M91 sight (arshins are crossed out on one side) with the added 200m adjustment, decent bore, one "early style" barrel band and one "late" both with retaining screws, import mark on muzzle end of barrel (C.A.I), "matching" barrel and bolt but the mag is not, original manufacture markings on the reciever are scrubbed but you can still make out the eagle marking (assuming that is what it is)

Looks like it has seen some shit in it's life. Pretty fun to shoot. Plan on using it for deer this coming fall.

Think I paid $250 for it when I first got my C&R almost 10 years ago. Never going to sell it but I am curious what my you guys think it is worth.
>> No. 102544 ID: 0876ee
File 148524418187.jpg - (1.46MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20151224_23_04_37_Pro.jpg )
Here's my mosin crate. Getting the glass and LED setup and cutting wood added about the price of a mosin to the crate. I still haven't gotten around to painting it yet even after a few years, which I'll need to take better pictures when I do.
>> No. 102545 ID: 0876ee
File 148524460422.jpg - (2.17MB , 3264x2448 , DSCF4135.jpg )
With its original lid. Fitting the glass top was actually kind of annoying, because I was an idiot and thought the crate was square and only measured two sides. Turns out Ivan really doesn't give a fuck, and the asymmetry is bad enough that the hinges are 4 inches off from each other.

Sometimes, I'm tempted to buy some wood and build a crate right, but then it wouldn't have that "close enough" Russian je ne sais quoi.

I got in right at the tail end of 91/30s. Always bummed I'm too young for cheap M44/K98 RC/SKS crates. I was tempted to pick up a K31 crate from aim a while ago but for 400, a crate is too rich for my blood.
>> No. 102547 ID: fb893e
That furniture has gone up in price quite a bit the past few years. I too was too young to get a cheap crate - if I was around 5 or 10 years earlier I would have done something similar with a crate of Yugo SKSs.
>> No. 102554 ID: eb15e9
He probably got offended by the clerk the first time around and decided to come back with an artillery piece to show him what for.
>> No. 102557 ID: d792d8
Nuggets are shitty for the price. Save 30 bucks a month and get something halfway decent.
>> No. 102576 ID: 6ca38e
I haven't seen nugget crates in a long time...but it looks like SKS crates are a thing now!

>> No. 102577 ID: a5ad5d
File 148569798857.jpg - (1.39MB , 1231x1600 , Russian SKS crate in Vietnam 1.jpg )
SKS crates were a thing back in Vietnam, too.
SKS Cache - A U.S soldier in Vietnam with a freshly opened crate of captured SKS rifles. Note the spike bayonet, rather than a blade type. These are more than likely Chinese supplied Type-56 models. You can occasionally find Vietnam War captured bring-back SKS rifles, some with the proper capture documents. And they go for a pretty penny, too.
>> No. 102578 ID: a5ad5d
File 148571907526.jpg - (103.98KB , 768x1024 , Russian AKS-74U w nightstand made out of an ammo c.jpg )
Here's a nightstand made out of an ammo crate.
>> No. 102579 ID: a5ad5d
File 148571987230.jpg - (95.58KB , 1024x768 , Russian AKS-74U w nightstand made out of an ammo c.jpg )
>> No. 102580 ID: a5ad5d
File 148572079322.jpg - (120.50KB , 1024x768 , Russian AKS-74U w nightstand made out of an ammo c.jpg )
>> No. 102585 ID: d4c8ee
>$400 each, $4000 minimum order

Remember when a nice SKS was like $150 at most?
>> No. 102586 ID: 52ed6e
File 148574578195.jpg - (234.06KB , 789x1024 , aimsurplus2.jpg )
Do I.
>> No. 102593 ID: 6ca38e
I do indeed.

Alas, a combination of the dollar being worth less, an ever dwindling supply, and an ever growing demand. Surplus just ain't what it used to be.
>> No. 102594 ID: 9dcda2
That's why I don't bother. I was looking at Swiss K31s, but that ship had sailed by the time I was interested.
>> No. 102595 ID: a5ad5d
File 148588881526.jpg - (1.02MB , 1920x1080 , Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31 7_5x55mm straight-pull bol.jpg )
Yeah, the Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31 7.5x55mm straight-pull bolt action rifles got expensive when they got popular, years ago. I had a cheap Austrian Steyr M95 straight-pull 8x50mm rifle, but I gave it away when the ammo got scarce, back in the '80s.
For WW2 bolt-action rifles, the US Springfield 1903 is just too expensive. The Mauser K98k is fine (I used mine hunting deer with the standard iron sights and it worked quite well). The UK Lee-Enfield is a fine choice, but getting a good quality Australian post-war No. 4 Mk II is expensive.
>> No. 102596 ID: b217ed
These were the days where I was a NEET being drugged by my mom...

I really wish I could have taken advantage of the surplus game.
>> No. 102597 ID: b217ed
Also, if anybody finds one of these for a good price, I'll suck some major dick to own one.

I want many surplus rifles, but if I could own only one, it'd be a K31.
>> No. 102598 ID: 9686a8
File 148589751733.jpg - (908.68KB , 1888x777 , Salt Clips.jpg )

I got my crate free but it's pretty beat up. I store AK mags in it. My brother paid $20 for an excellent one last year.


I got one of the recent imports, it's a neat rifle and all but I would probably trade it for a Finnish Nagant if I had the chance.
>> No. 102600 ID: fb893e
Sign up for Classic Arms' emails. They had some K31s and K11s in last week or the week before for ~$400. They sold out fast, but at least you have a chance at getting one before they're gone again.
>> No. 102607 ID: d0041a
Any chance of prices going back down with dropping sanctions and a new relationship with Russia thanks to Trump/Putin?

I'd like to lift the Norinco/China ban as well, we might as well allow them to export anything they want, we are going to tariff it anyway. I'd rather Norinco M14's drove the price of Springfields and LMT/JRA/etc M14's down
>> No. 102624 ID: 3f7131
File 14859756826.jpg - (46.61KB , 392x554 , 2vwwa2w.jpg )
Considering Trump campaigned on protecting domestic manufacturers from specifically Chinese competition, I highly doubt the Norinco ban is going anywhere. Which sucks because their 1911's aren't supposed to be half bad. Stupid Canadians get to keep buying it all...

That said, maybe the sporting purpose requirement can finally die.
>> No. 102625 ID: d4c8ee
File 148602566290.jpg - (158.95KB , 3000x1062 , aYdvpFr.jpg )
Norinco would probably flood the market with Type CQ rifles and undercut most domestic "cheap AR" manufacturers.
>> No. 102627 ID: cd97f9
File 148606032529.jpg - (206.67KB , 1000x540 , radical556rnd (1 of 15).jpg )
>"cheap AR" manufacturers


I'd buy 10 of these if I could...
>> No. 102629 ID: ad8094
File 148606289524.jpg - (344.81KB , 900x900 , Need rework.jpg )
Didn't Radical Firearm already use cheap Chinese made rail to cut down on costs?

With nugget and AK price climbing and AR price falling this picture is no longer accurate
>> No. 102630 ID: e188a9
While Kalashnikov Concern launches Glock-esque trademark infringement lawsuits against anybody making a AK clone.
>> No. 102660 ID: c3b8cf
Fuck Radical Firearms.
>> No. 102663 ID: 52ed6e
Tell us more.
>> No. 102664 ID: f2172d
>a few years back, hsving trouble with my uzi
>ask around, get told that radical has lots of NFA experience
>take uzi to them
>4 weeks later, then still can't figure out what is wrong
>charge me regardless
>figure out what is wrong on my own (front trunion welds broke)
>> No. 102704 ID: fb893e
File 148677005392.png - (1.75MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170210-183949.png )
Classic has K31s, K11s, and G11s in stock, along with accessories and ammo. The website is down right now, so here's a screenshot.
>> No. 102718 ID: 9dcda2
Gaaahhhh their site doesn't work. It's up and available, but the checkboxes should be radio buttons and the validation fucks up. I tried to fix it but fuck, going through someone else's code is like trying to read a Chinese phonebook.
>> No. 102719 ID: 9dcda2
File 148684166897.png - (170.74KB , 580x260 , k31_angled_ca_1.png )
The site started working.

> Excellent cond
> Add to cart
> Sorry this item is out of stock
> fuck
> VG cond
> Add to card
> start checking out
> Sorry this item is out of stock
> Fuck!
> std cond
> add to cart
> complete order

Damnit. I really wanted a excellent condition gun. Oh well I'll get one next time, and then should have no trouble selling the standard I just bought.
>> No. 102720 ID: 9dcda2
And they're sold out.
>> No. 102735 ID: fb893e
What about a K11 or G11? I had a K11 (IIRC, Tactikool wound up with it) and I liked it better than either K31 I had, except for the 300m minimum iron sights. One of them would still be a good buy if they're available.
>> No. 102834 ID: 0876ee
>I had a K11 (IIRC, Tactikool wound up with it)
And I still have it, thank you!

G11s (or 96/11s, theyre basically the same thing) are the best discount swiss rifle imo. Their bolts are smoother and the recoil a lot slower than K31s, and generally are very pleasant to shoot, as well as the long fucking sight picture to boot. You have to be okay with a 30" barrel'd rifle though, which I think are sexy as fuck, but such opinions are unpopular.

The rule with milsurp is basically, you get one chance to buy it for cheap, and in some cases that window can be just a few hours long, or in the most extreme case with the AIM manhurins a while back, only a few minutes iirc. (Someone on here got in on them, Jedi, was that you?). Other than that, it'll cost a noticeable amount more but the flip side is you can inspect (or at least see pictures on gb) so you have a much better idea of what you're getting. I personally don't mind paying the extra to make sure I get something in good condition, but I guess that's not true for everyone, and some things can be really hard to get after market, like the Jordanian S&Ws that came on for really cheap but never were seen again (Still huge THANK YOU to RaceMixer for selling me his, I still havent seen one pop up on gb)
>> No. 102838 ID: e358f8
  K31, K11, G11 Schmidt-Rubin compared, best swiss rifles https://youtu.be/D-fxJMS8X7M
>> No. 102839 ID: e358f8
  Swiss 1911 Carbine
hickok45 https://youtu.be/sj3a62x-DFA
Showing and shooting a vintage 1927 Swiss 1911 Carbine (7.5X55 Swiss) I can't pretend to be an expert on Swiss rifles, but these straight-pull Schmidt-Rubin rifles are very interesting bolt guns.
>> No. 102840 ID: e358f8
  K31 Swiss Rifle https://youtu.be/vme90gayUzc
>> No. 102851 ID: 9dcda2
File 148790321760.jpg - (429.38KB , 1067x600 , 20170223_193331-1.jpg )
This is your fault Stickshift.

It turns out Swiss "good" condition is pretty nice. I'm very satisfied. Still might try for an excellent gun later.
>> No. 102856 ID: 6c937c
Yep I got one of the cheap MR73s, and just barely. Those sold out in an hour.
>> No. 102857 ID: fb893e
I'm glad you still have it and enjoy it. That was a pretty rifle, even if it probably was sanded and refinished.

That's right, I still had both of them the time you visited it. You're welcome. Swiss rifle disease is a benevolent one, except to the wallet.

If you haven't already, you guys should stock up on GP11 surplus while its available and cheap. It was gone for a while, but now its all over for $0.60/round.
>> No. 102858 ID: 9dcda2
Hmm, shot it today from the bench and was getting like 2.5 inches at 50 yards. High and right. My buddy shot it and was level and right. The front sight is already all the way forward (to correct left) and would not move when hammered. The barrel and crown look good. I'm wondering if it's the stock pushing on the barrel... I'll mess with it more tomorrow.
>> No. 102860 ID: 813f6b

Ammo can also have a significant impact. Are you shooting GP11, PPU or reloads?
>> No. 102865 ID: 9dcda2
File 148805956912.jpg - (199.37KB , 925x1000 , k31 sights.jpg )

GP11, 1984 mfg.

The sight is already adjusted forward (right). I need to go more right.
>> No. 102866 ID: 9dcda2
File 148805960794.jpg - (200.54KB , 1200x842 , k31 crown.jpg )
The crown seems ok.
>> No. 102867 ID: 9dcda2
File 148805980540.jpg - (279.72KB , 1600x1399 , k31 barrel and stock.jpg )
The stock doesn't look too bent, but it definitely contacts in the front. I have a hard time believing that thin piece of wood could push that thick barrel enough to affect accuracy.

I'm going to go to the range again tomorrow to help my buddy sight in his new Vortex 1-6, so I'll shoot again and see what happens.
>> No. 102869 ID: 3f5192
File 148807591440.jpg - (818.20KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_3704.jpg )
I experimented with K31's a few years back.

You can actually make the barrel completely free floating with minimal effort.
>> No. 102870 ID: 3f5192
File 148807601861.jpg - (1.02MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_3778.jpg )
Coupled with pillar bedding and some trigger work I was able to get some truly fantastic groups.
>> No. 102872 ID: 3f5192
File 148807627759.jpg - (1.10MB , 2048x1536 , Picture 014.jpg )
With Diopter sights.

It was mostly luck.
>> No. 102894 ID: fb893e
I meant to do that with my K31s, but sold them first. They were more accurate than I was with irons, so it probably didn't matter.

Did you try it again? I'm curious if was a problem with the weather or the gun itself. I also can't hurt to check the action screws and even barrel bands. I can't imagine that would have an effect from shooter to shooter, but if things are loose you might get odd results from shot to shot. My CZ 527FS had that issue when I first got it - the rear sight was tight in the barrel channel, and once the barrel heated up, warped slightly, and tensioned against the stock the gun patterned. Some filing/sanding in the barrel channel pretty much fixed it.
>> No. 102902 ID: 9dcda2
Nope, didn't shoot again. My buddy probably had some honey-do's to take care of. I might have just been fucking up that day.
>> No. 103020 ID: e51ea5
>> No. 103031 ID: e7e851

That just links to the main site, did they have a nugget deal?
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