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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 148542349326.jpg - (13.22KB , 262x332 , xpistolstand.jpg )
102559 No. 102559 ID: 2a5860
While I wouldn't call it a resolution, I have decided that I want to get out shooting more this year. For a number of reasons, the last couple years I haven't made it to either the range or the woods, and I aim to fix that.

I'm planning on taking some classes as soon as I can, but in the meantime, I'm looking to gather up some good resources towards bettering myself as a shooter, rather than just going out and making noise. I'm getting a shot timer and a few target stands, and my goal is to get out and do 200-250 rounds once a month. My focus will be on my carry guns; Glock 19 and 43. I'll probably work the AR every couple of months too.

So, I'd like to devote a theead to training resources found on the web, and I'd be interested in Opchan's input.

The obvious one that I already have bookmarked is www.pistol-training.com.

What other good sources are out there? Drills? Targets? YouTube channels?
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>> No. 102565 ID: cdc490
File 148548950329.jpg - (21.67KB , 271x376 , fairbairn1.jpg )
A minor resource, but here's a .pdf of Shooting to Live by Captains Fairbairn & Sykes.
>> No. 102566 ID: cdc490
forgot link
>> No. 102572 ID: 764560

Great sets of drills to work on for CC guns or competition practice
>> No. 102583 ID: bec165

Don't pay attention to this outdated silliness.

If you want to GIT GUD.


Doodie Project

Remember that all the hot shit tactifool instructors get outshot by underage girls firing .40 major loads. Let that sink in for a second.
>> No. 102588 ID: 8a2fe4
And if you're the average defensive gun owner who doesn't devote many hours and much money to a hobby (A really fulfilling and fun hobby for many; not knocking it at all), but still want the skill and confidence to quickly engage threats at 5 yards or less where the vast majority of shootings happen, check out the "outdated silliness." The shit works.
>> No. 102589 ID: 8a2fe4
Actually... Yeah, do what revived said, OP. If you want to expend 250 rounds every month, go all the way and GIT GUD.
>> No. 102590 ID: bec165

Outdated stupid fudd shit. There's a reason that techniques and training have adapted.

Maybe we should go back to steam engines because the "shit works".

The first step to shooting "defensively" good is to have a good foundation of shooting gud to begin with. Crawl before walk, walk before run.

Defensive shooting techniques, IE: shooting from a draw from concealment, firing from retention, rapid fire, integrating movement is very much a run and not a walk.


Shoot this until you git gud.
>> No. 102592 ID: 8a2fe4
>> No. 102634 ID: 1ceb38
I figure because you racemix you would be eager to move forward with other progressive things but here you are going about back in the day shit.
>> No. 102635 ID: 8a2fe4
I wear Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts. I drive a full sized V8 sedan. I carry a flip phone. I slick back my hair. I'm not even old in the retro hipster way. I'm old in a "retiree in Boca" way. This shit is kinda my thing.

Here's the deal. If you'll allow me an analogy (and admittedly not a perfect one), who is better at driving on public roads? Me or a stock car driver? Probably the pro. His technique, honed reflexes, and practiced skill probably make him safer and more effective on the street as well as the track. However, racing is what he does. He does it a whole fucking lot. I don't have the time to devote to driving that he does. If I spent the very limited time I had in driver's ed learning to do what he does, I would be bad on a track OR on the street. It'd be better for me to use that time to be merely adequate on the street.

So who is going to be better at defending oneself with a firearm? Me or you? You. It's not even in question. Holy shit is the answer you. Practicing sight picture and proper trigger pull and breathing and doing those drills you mention over and over and over and over and over will undoubtedly make you really, really fucking good at protecting yourself with a gun. If this is your hobby. For most people walking around with a gun, it ain't. While virtually all new shooters get taught this shit, they don't practice nearly enough to make those techniques useful. You'll see them at the range once in a blue moon taking very slow, well aimed shots at a target 15 to 25 yards out. But when shit goes down, they will never get proper sight alignment, proper trigger pull, and proper stance all in place in the second and a half it takes the crazy charging hobo with the pipe wrench to reach them. For most people, the old shit I mentioned is way more useful. With relatively limited practice, they will have a way to protect themselves. They will react more quickly and fire sooner. They will not be able to do what you do. They won't be able to engage targets at nearly the range or accuracy. But in all likelihood, they don't have to. They just have to shoot that crazy hobo with the pipe wrench, and he's 12 feet and closing.

As I said in the addendum to my post, >>102589
If Kain wants to keep up that kind of practice with that frequency, please, for the love of god, do what Revived says. But it was my understanding that this thread was to be a suppository for training resources, and Shooting to Live has its place. If I misunderstood the thread's intent, my apologies.
>> No. 102637 ID: 632b3e

>suppository for training resources
>> No. 102638 ID: 8dd669

The only way to get better at something is doing it is only partially true. Practicing your draw. Dryfire. Practicing your grip. All are things that you could be doing now, for free, at home. Put what you practice into live fire. Maximize training efficiency by performing skill building exercises and reinforce good shooting habits.

Never be afraid to push yourself in terms of speed and accuracy by constantly challenging yourself. If you just reinforce bad habits and mediocre results that is all you will achieve.

With maybe 100-200 rounds a month mixed with dry fire and draw practice you could see results in a matter of months. Just be sure that you're reinforcing your skills and not bad habits and previous training scars.
>> No. 102640 ID: 8a2fe4
repository. Fuck.
>> No. 102641 ID: 3f7131
File 148613728068.jpg - (15.30KB , 300x300 , 41CRLx7gIIL__SY300_.jpg )
I picked up one of these a few months ago and I think it's made a difference. Regular dry fire practice is great, but ultimately it lacks that final, definitive feedback of where you would have impacted. It's not cheap ($130 for the target + ~$80 per laser) but I justified it by comparing it to the ammo + range fees to get equivalent time.

Also, it lets you do things like move + shoot, draw from a holster and hip firing that us city slickers with restrictive ranges frown on. It's pretty humbling the first few times you do semi-rushed draw from a concealed holster and completely flub the shot.
>> No. 102642 ID: b70387
What is it, though? Could you link to its product page?
>> No. 102644 ID: b70387
Found it. Very cool.


LaserLyte Sight LT-380 Laser Trainer
>> No. 102646 ID: 3f7131
File 14861400714.jpg - (64.50KB , 676x507 , Lab1Laser.jpg )
Yep that's the one. Not sure if I'm doing it wrong, but the laser duration from a "firing" is not enough to activate the reset or display sections of the board. This may be a design feature so if you miss you don't accidentally blow away your hits or display them, but it means I have to lock the slide back and press the button to sweep the "reset" or "display" targets. Not a big deal since I have to rack the slide to reset on most of my guns, but I'd prefer if I didn't have to.

A side benefit is if I have no-gun friends over I can clear a gun and let them blast away without too much concern. In my mind it's just as important to get them comfortable and having fun with guns as it is to give them the safety lectures while shouting over range HVAC through earpro.

>> No. 102647 ID: cad48c
I picked up several Laserlyte products (the reactive "cans" are pretty fun and what I go to most, I've found). You should be able to activate the controls on the score keeping target with hits.

Having said that, I noticed that it was the first thing to stop registering them when the button on the laser started to go, which wasn't all that long. Using mine a few times a week it failed within a couple months. Customer support sent me a new on, but I expect it'll probably go pretty rapidly as well.
>> No. 102700 ID: 9723b1
  Somewhere along the line we lost most of the training resources and experience of two world wars.

I think it's the change from tape to digital media that wrecked it.
>> No. 102701 ID: df2b4e

>Recommending teacupping
>> No. 102703 ID: 8a2fe4
Sorry, this isn't allowed. It's "Outdated stupid fudd shit."
>> No. 102750 ID: 7c3c05
This. I lost count of how many times they muzzle swept the instructor, one another, and the cameraman.

With all the fucking around and Rule 2 and Rule 3 violations, I have to wonder how many takes they had to film to get one where nobody got accidentally gut-shot on camera or blew off a finger or toe.
>> No. 102770 ID: 8a2fe4
Actually, I was being completely sarcastic referencing something said earlier in the thread.
>> No. 102782 ID: ae1f02
>Thinking people who fought in Saipan and Guadalcanal big enough pussies to care about safety

>> No. 102805 ID: 8a2fe4
Mod, that was obviously a sarcastic post. There was no need for that ban.
>> No. 102825 ID: b97d8a
Agree with >>102805
>> No. 102826 ID: 84a647
Agree with >>102805
>> No. 102828 ID: d094dd
I'd have less of a problem with that unnecessary ban if the ban message was at least funnier than the post. Mods are to be paragons of the community, after all, not mediocre shitposters themselves. I'd have been okay with
>(remember to keep all that edge pointed in a safe direction)
as part of a slap-on-the-wrist ban. Both shitposting and banning shitposters should be equally permissible as long as both are entertaining.
>> No. 102829 ID: b70387
I read this post and didn't think anything of it, until I saw it in the report list after I was done browsing. I came back and stared at it for a minute and was like, 'yeah, okay.' Hopefully, twelve hours was short enough that the guy missed it altogether. Anyway, I'm going to get back to my secret mission of slowly destroying this shitlord site. You bunch of fucking neanderthals. :P
>> No. 103059 ID: 4bc8b6
So, to get the thread back on topic, and to livejournal it a bit:

Picked up a MkIV 22/45 last week for some cheap plinkiny and practice on the fundamentals. Roommate's gf saw me packing up to go to the range later that day and has been wanting to learn to shoot, so she came along. That range trip ended up being more for her than for me, but it was actually good for me because doing the instruction thing made me slow down and think more about the fundamentals rather than just pewpewing away. I was definitely rusty, as I havent spent much time on the range the past couple years but I started dialing myself in pretty quick. Plus, my friend is a quick study and she did pretty well, although she was suffering from some shooter's fatugue by the end of our time. Only managed to shoot a box of 9mm and one of 22 for myself that day.

Bump to yesterday. I decided to take a class at that range (friend ended up signing up for it too after our range day). It was their 200 level class (which I'd really classify more as a 101 class where their 100 level course is basically just 50 rounds and a "this is this, that is that, this is how you operate the gun, and these are the safety rules), pretty low round count at 150 and just 4 hours including classroom time. But, I figured a class emphasizing the fundamentals would help tune me up a bit for getting more serious as is my intent. Apparently I needn't have bothered, since the instructor was by the end assuming the only reason I was in that class was to do it with my friend (who I'm sure he figured for my girlfriend). Still, working on the basics and doing slow fire one-hole and switching gears drills felt good, and the instructor didn't have much coaching to do for my shooting. As a side note, my friend did really well. I was genuinely impressed at her groupings after just two range sessions. Nearly as good as mine, if slower.

In two weeks I take their "300" level class, which will start me on holster work, reload drills, malfunction drills and what not. After that, I can take their holster qualification test, and if I pass that I can work from the holster whenever I come in to shoot. So even if I don't take any more classes, I have somewhere to train when the weather is too lousy or hunting season is on and the woods aren't an option.
>> No. 103447 ID: 435a3c
So, more blogging: took the 300 class. Wasn't bad but also wasn't as good as I was hoping. Still, had a good time and took the holster test twice, once for OWB and again for IWB. OWB test I fumbled a reload (grabbed two mags instead of just one, and dropped both when trying to get rid of one to load the other) so I was down 15 points right there. Still passed despite that thanks to otherwise straight and prompt shooting. IWB test (same course of fire and time requirements) went even better. Even drawing from full concealment and on top of the 15 points I muffed on the first test, I improved my score by about 10 more points. Pretty happy with that.

So, I can do holster work at the range noe, either when I'm just shooting from the lanes, or when doing the varios matches they host there, like ASI...

Of which I shot my first on Sunday. First time doing competitive shooting! The range has 3 bays and there were 4 courses of fire. So everyone, about 30 of us, divided into groups and everyone went to a bay. Everyone shoots the course, then moves on to the next bay when the group is done. Then after all the groups have shot their 3, all 3 bays reset for the fourth course. Worked pretty well.

So, I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but since its an every coupla weeks just for fun match, it's mostly casual shooters and CCW people, not serious sponsored shooters or anything. That said, out of my group, I shot the best. Overall I took fifth, with a procedural penalty on one stage (forgot to kneel at one of the shoot boxes, ugh fuck me) that was the difference between being fifth and coming in third. I'm really pretty happy with the outcome. I'm pretty sure the dude who took the overall win was running a racegun and is the sole exception to what I said about no real competition shooters being present.

So, having fun and getting a lot more confident with my Glock 19. Not that I ever really lacked confidence, but I wasn't as happy with where I was at as I am now.

I'm thinking my plan going forward is to shoot an ASI match at least once a month going forward, plus a 150 round range day some other time during the month. That'll get me doing my 200 rounds a month goal, with some time just doing drills as well as some more fun stuff at the matches.
>> No. 103448 ID: 435a3c
Also, on an amusing note, the dude that showed up sporting a tactical lumberjack beard, skinny cut firehose pants (I guess that's a thing now), an apex holster, and started all his course of fires from this weird hunched up tacticool surrender position....Couldn't shoot for shit. Hit 2-3 non threat targets over the course of the night, had 2 procedural penalties, and fairly routinely just outright didn't get his hits. While taking extra long to set up when his turn came up to shoot so he could set up his camera somewhere downrange.

Many hearty (internal) lulz were had.
>> No. 103451 ID: 9dcda2
Good shit man. It's amazing what the induced/artificial stress of a timer and a group of people watching will do for you.

I don't think it was mentioned in this thread, but if you haven't seen Magpul's Art of Dynamic Handgun, it's good. Also the Panteao Productions "Make Ready" videos are pretty good. The one with Jessie whateverherlastnameisnow is worth watching because she's super hot.
>> No. 103452 ID: 6ca38e

Yeah, I've got Magpul's handgun downloaded, and I think I have the Panteo Adaptive Handgun with Travis Haley around somewhere too. Honestly though, I think I'm fairly well prepared as far as the weapon manipulation goes, just need to get the reps in. Never hurts to revisit content though.

And yeah, Jessie Whateverthefuck is pretty damn smokin, I'm just not sure I can get past her drawl. Like...it works for some women, it really does. I'm not so sure she's one of them though. But eh, yeah, would hit. Would marry and then subsequently divorce when she started banging her team coach again or whatever.

But yeah, like I think Doomguy said in another thread, a woman who knows her way around a gun with a good level of confidence instantly goes up a point or two on the good ol' 10 scale. There were actually a couple cuties at the ASI match I shot. Potential exists.
>> No. 105070 ID: 34693d
File 150207861249.png - (173.19KB , 1608x831 , shootan score.png )
Shot a 2-gun competition today. First time ever. Had a lot of fun even though I wasn't anywhere close to winning. First time shooting a plate rack and a Texas Star, and both large and small poppers. Still, managed to do alright. The match was split into "open" and "tactical" division with the majority of the field in tactical, including myself. Just 13 out of 51 shot open. And out of 51 names on the score sheet, it was only 43 scored shooters due to 3 DQs and 5 no shows.

So, ranked #13 in my division, #21 overall. Had one procedural where I stepped outside the box to get a shot. Just couldn't barely see the damn target from the box and overcorrected when I tried to get to the corner of the box. One failure to neutralize (Neutralizing requires either 1 A zone hit, or 2 outside the A hits) was my only other penalty, otherwise I shot it clean.

Ran the Glock 19 for my handgun, XS Big dots on it and an extended mag and slide release but otherwise stock. For my rifle I ran my PBEAR MKII. 16" BCM stainless upper with KMR handguard, Geiselle SSA, A2 stock and ACOG. I really liked the ACOG for this shoot. Even though there were was a wide spread (3 to 100 meters) of rifle targets, it worked for everything. Used the Bindon Aiming Concept thing they always talk about to use the ACOG like a collimator sight and it worked great. Consistent hits doing it that way even on 1/2 IPSC targets at various ranges. Nice and fast too. Just had to aim a tad high to account for the zero and height over bore, but I didn't have a single miss on short range targets.

But yeah, I got smoked. They had several of the local "Pro" teams show up for the match, and even Rainier Arms' team came down from Seattle to shoot, plus a lot of the teams shot the match yesterday too (two day event, each day scored as a standalone match) so those guys had an extra leg up on shit today. Oh well.

Gotta find some more stuff to shoot around here. I think I'm getting a bug.
>> No. 105072 ID: 9dcda2
> Shot a 2-gun competition today. First time ever. Had a lot of fun
Outstanding. It begins.

> Texas Star
I love shooting the Texas Star but hate resetting it.

> Bindon Aiming Concept
We typically shoot rifle at 75-ish yards and I found the ACOG to be slower than irons or a RDS. The ACOG is a fucking fantastic sight but kinda sucks for competition use. Either a V-mag scope or red dot is the way to go. Hell, if you've got good eye sight, even irons are usable.

> But yeah, I got smoked.
There's always someone better than you. I've got video from most of my shoots, and I was fucking slow. It takes probably 10 shoots to really get into it. Just learn from the fast guys.
>> No. 105083 ID: 6ca38e
Yeah, I suck with irons though and the BAC was working well for me. Like I said, for short range shots I was using it like a collimator sight and focusing on the target with my left eye. As soon as I had a splash of color on the target (a little highish on said target) I'd squeeze off a pair (or maybe three shots). None of my rifle targets had a FTN or FTE and I didn't hit any noshoots, so it worked pretty ok for me. Given that my other option was to run my Aimpoint Micro T1 or PRO, it was a pretty conscious choice to do it this way. So yeah, it very well may have been faster to use another method, maybe 45* irons or something, but this method worked ok for me, and it's kinda nice to have placed how I did running the gear I was. I mean shit, I was running an A2 stock as well. I think, skill wise, I'm a long way away from my equipment being the deciding factor in the outcome of my shooting, so for the moment I'm holding off on building up a rifle for the purpose of competition.

I've been looking at that Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x though. That'd be pretty tits. Or a 6x magnifier in a side flip mount to throw behind my T1. Had a 4x that got ripped off out of my car and loved it. Just gotta justify the dosh for one or both of those things.

As an aside, I had a Hazard 4 Overwatch rifle bag I got for a steal that I used for the competition and it was so fucking perfect for the job.
>> No. 105084 ID: 6ca38e
Also, just as a note of lulz, one of the other guys running the comp ran it with an M1A and a 50 cal Deagle. Always knew when he was up to the line, even when he was on a different stage.
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