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File 148959480996.jpg - (40.61KB , 700x467 , just-in-case-shotgun-kit.jpg )
103091 No. 103091 ID: ad8094
Through trading and selling I have a Mossberg 500 JIC (gen 1 I guess, the green one) everything minus the shotgun. What are some suggestion to keep in it? Beside the obvious... a shotgun

Also a general prepping thread
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>> No. 103092 ID: f5c3ed
>Also a general prepping thread

Minimum prepping calibers:
12 Gauge
.308/7.62 real fucking NATO
.357 mag/.38 special

Second line:
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
.30-30 Win

Third line:
.243 Win
Milsurp ammo if available in large quantities

Honorable mentions:
.44 Mag
20 Gauge

I grouped them based on how common or practical they seem to be. No particular order in the groups. Thoughts?
>> No. 103094 ID: 71ae68
File 14896277561.jpg - (125.31KB , 1600x1200 , Shotshell-Comparison.jpg )
Sub caliber devices might be handy. Turn any single shot, side by side or over and under shottie into something that can fire off just aboot everything. Massive weight and space saving to be able to fire off .22, .32, lol 9mm, .357/.38, .40short and weak, .410/.45lc, god tier .45acp, 28 gauge, and 20 gauge without packing all those respective guns.

Get into a situation where ammo supplies might be hard to replenish having the option to use nearly every common handgun and shotgun round could be a life saver.

Of course you need to decide where you want the cheaper smoothbore adapters that are more reliable but are only effective at like blunderbuss ranges or the more expensive rifled versions that are said to be more prone to failure but also allows you to kill something (or someone) at greater ranges then spitting distance.
>> No. 103095 ID: ad8094

Are these ammo stock for holding up at a place or taking them on the move with you?
>> No. 103096 ID: 71ae68
File 148970005578.jpg - (29.14KB , 400x260 , scd45_lg.jpg )
The sub caliber devices are certainly easy to transport. They are just 12 gauge shell sized so if you can find enough room for like 10 extra shells they you can carry them.

Though you'd probably want to leave them somewhere else like a BOB or general supply cache rather then carry them if you are stuffing a pump action or semi-auto shottie in the tube. I've not tried it personally as I've not got access to a shotgun but apparently the devices do not work too well in any of those type of shotguns. If nothing else having to hunt for the device after using it everytime with the gun flinging it out would be a bitch.
>> No. 103097 ID: 77ec06
Stockpile, not for on the move.
>> No. 103098 ID: 6057a8
I can't say I'm sold on subcaliber devices. To me it sounds like they're too short to get useful with calibers above pistol rounds, and accuracy (repeatable) must be a suggestion more than anything. I've seen them in various rifle rounds and I really question their effectiveness.

Sure it's probably better than a rock, but I think I would rather have a break action H&R. You can request fitted spare barrels in other calibers and gauges. That way, the sights on the barrel for that caliber are useful beyond spitting distance.

Of course, having a couple barrels will be heavier than subcaliber devices for 12 gauge, but if there's enough room in the Mossberg JIC tube, it could be a worthy addition to the prepping kit.

Plus... Nothing stops you from having a spare barrel in another caliber (or two) and a subcaliber 12 gauge insert. All I'm saying is that I don't think I would put all my eggs in the subcaliber basket for a survival prep firearm.
>> No. 103100 ID: 206ed5
File 148972305032.jpg - (27.80KB , 415x464 , smug high sparrow.jpg )

Surreal to say the least. Realistic would be actively stocking up on:

>assorted 12g

The 22lr you'd shoot from your AR with 22lr conversion BCG. The 556 is for the AR when fighting 2 legged predators. 9mm is backup pistol food if you aren't rad enough to run an AR pistol as a secondary. 12g ammo for your hunting pump action shotgat. Makes 3 guns + 1 22lr BCG total. You are hamstering food for 15 guns there. Do you have a gun for each caliber too? If not, why stockile ammo for it? If you do, why? If you aren't just a collector (which is a legit reason in itself btw) but are in it for the practicality, it's rather wasteful. How much were you thinking of buying of each one specifically?
>> No. 103101 ID: 71ae68
File 148973764371.jpg - (4.49MB , 3264x2448 , b062a8200097d216892a1c55c992e166.jpg )
Oh no, I'd defintely not say put on your eggs in the sub caliber basket. They have limited usage, practically useless as a defensive weapon except as a last resort and only can be used in certain firearms (or properly modded flare guns, though that has the extreme disadvantage of lacking any sights whatsoever, a definite last resort thing).

But they do add some extra functionality to certain shotguns that allows you to fire off all the random rounds you might have (which lets be honest any gun owner is going to have alot of random ammo from guns they no longer have, guns they intend to buy but haven't yet, gun they were loaned, or ammo that you might have inherited) or scrounge. Pretty much anything in pistol caliber you can use for atleast hunting if not last ditch self defense before you are forced to use rocks. Makes sure you don't get in a situation like The Road where you find ammo that you can't use.

They are also pretty darn lightweight especially when compared to extra barrels for shotgun or different bolts and carriers for ARs to allow them to use different ammo. Sure its not going to be as effective as a shotgun with different barrels or an AR converted to fire .22 or 9mm but thats why you don't put all your reliance on them, only use them as backup or for hunting while having something else more effective as a primary.

Very few people are going to have a bunker stocked with 3,000 cans of spam and 30,000 military grade 5.56 rounds, you need to get creative with your ammo and food supply and the sub caliber devices might, maybe, allow you to.
>> No. 103102 ID: 1611fc
File 148973795052.jpg - (52.46KB , 852x480 , 010BOE_Chris_Browning_001.jpg )
A lot of it really depends on how bad things get, and how long they stay that way. If things are bad enough for long enough, eventually guns are going to become easier to come by than ammo. In such a case, having a box or two of a few of the more common calibers that you don't actually already have a gun for certainly won't hurt. As long as you're not sacrificing adding to your primary stocks in order to pick up outliers.

Pic somewhat related.
>You got a guuuunnn.....well shit, it ain't loaded. Eh...They never are.
>> No. 103103 ID: 16a605
>22lr conversion BCG.
Are fine for practice and plinking. If you need reliability and accuracy, you need a dedicated .22lr upper.
>> No. 103106 ID: 813f6b
>Are fine for practice and plinking. If you need reliability and accuracy, you need a dedicated .22lr upper.

And a conversion BCG does nothing to prevent fouling everywhere.
Dedicated upper (or separate gun) is really what you want.
>> No. 103107 ID: 19518e
>dedicated 22LR upper
>22LR conversion BCG

For survival stuff, honestly, I would either forgo the BCG and have a Ruger MKwhatever, or have a 22LR rifle. The pistol will be about the size and weight of the BCG kit with 22 magazines, yet be more reliable, more accurate (with a steady hand), and will keep the rifle in good clean shape when 223 medicine is required. If you can spare more than that, such as an upper, or if you think you'll need more than 22LR pistol practical accuracy, jump straight to a Marlin 795 or 70PSS or 10/22 Takedown. Although I lean to the Marlin rifles for various reasons, a comparable 22 rifle will be close in size/weight to the upper, and be very practical for all situations in need of 22LR when a pistol wouldn't be as effective.

I'd rather have a Ruger MKwhatever and zip-tie some pool flotation foam to it. It'll be more accurate, more reliable, more durable, smaller, and lighter overall. The AR7 to my mind was a decent idea, but so poorly executed that it is mostly self-defeating. Marlin and Ruger takedown models perform brilliantly and do what the AR7 wanted to do without being that much heavier or bulkier. Remember that although the AR7 sounds compact, when you hold one, it really ends up being like a fucking Michelin-Man rifle; puffed out and comically lumpy from having to stuff itself in its own stock.

Then there's the Browning carbine things. I've always wondered if one could be offered with a removable stock setup to basically do an effective pistol-becomes-rifle job. I know that putting a stock on a pistol in the USA is a legal problem, but with paperwork or if we are in a survival situation, this issue could be irrelevant.
>> No. 103127 ID: 206ed5
File 149001094899.jpg - (70.81KB , 800x530 , 2342.jpg )

I had a lengthy reply writtend own but forgot about it... doesn't matter. This will interest folks like you. Get your own tanks:


50k$$$ for a T-72 doesn't even sound that bad. If I had the land I'd buy one, restore it, built a parcour for it and let midlife crisis dads ride a tank for an hour. Sounds like a sound business to me.

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