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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 103656 ID: 1989a8
  For a modest price of 7500$ you too can see the legend come back to life!
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>> No. 103659 ID: 4d69b8
File 149391310598.jpg - (35.19KB , 1200x800 , pistol Czech FK Brno Field Pistol folding stock 3.jpg )
>> No. 103660 ID: 4d69b8
File 149391312741.jpg - (46.36KB , 1200x800 , pistol Czech FK Brno Field Pistol folding stock 4.jpg )
>> No. 103661 ID: 4d69b8
File 14939131405.jpg - (35.71KB , 1200x800 , pistol Czech FK Brno Field Pistol folding stock 5.jpg )
>> No. 103662 ID: 4d69b8
File 149391366626.jpg - (84.27KB , 1200x899 , pistol Czech FK Brno Combat Field Pistol in 7_5x27.jpg )
If the pistol costs $7500, how much will their propitiatory ammo cost? Searching around, it looks like $99 for a 50-round box.

I had a couple emails recently with a rep from the U.S importer (Luxury Firearms) who says they will have Fk BRNO 7.5 guns & ammo in late January. The gun will have a retail price of.... (get this)...... $7,500 !! Given the impracticality of the gun as a carry weapon due to size & weight and it's lack of applicability to law enforcement / military, it will basically be a luxury bragging item for millionaire playboys. I almost can't imagine more than 50 ever being sold in the U.S.. The 16rd mags will be $150, and 50rd boxes of ammo will be $99. The only projectile type quoted on their price list was a frangible, with no grain weight listed. Not having any ballistics or data on the ammo, and only listing one ammo type seems bizarre and disqualifying from being taken seriously for a gun listed at $7,500.
When I asked about buying a box of ammo, I was informed that the only ammo they intended on receiving was an allotment of 2,000 per pistol which would be set aside for the buyer of each gun. I can't fathom any purchaser of an exotic proprietary caliber $7,500 weapon deciding to not purchase all 2,000 rds. I found it bizarre that they would have no spare boxes available, so there are a few red flags it seems. https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/fk-brno-7-5-fk-caliber/17063/14
>> No. 103663 ID: 1989a8
Ammo is 1.5$ per round, I think.
>> No. 103667 ID: b430d1
If you can buy the gun and the ammo and resell the ammo at $6/per then you can have the gun for free with a few rounds left over to see if it was all worth your while.
>> No. 103670 ID: 4d69b8
File 149407839538.jpg - (1.01MB , 1920x1080 , coins_macro_bullets_gold_4627_1920x1080.jpg )
What dope is going to buy the ammo in bulk at four times the price?
>> No. 103671 ID: 4d69b8
File 149407888250.jpg - (352.11KB , 3000x1724 , gocashmax-birmingham-2004-jaguar-x-type-front.jpg )
Here's something else you could spend $7500 on.
2004 Jaguar X-Type for $7500. This car is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. Low mileage of 53,100.
This 2004 X-Type is a 4-door, 5-passenger luxury sedan, equipped with a 3.0-Liter V6, 227-horsepower engine. The car is black with a tan leather interior. Super clean and in excellent condition. Great fuel economy at 18-mpg in the city and 25-mpg on the highway. Other options included are: Rear parking sensors, sliding sun roof, all power seats in front.
>> No. 103672 ID: 4d69b8
File 149407910783.jpg - (322.61KB , 2856x1440 , gocashmax-birmingham-2001-jaguar-x-type.jpg )
A few months ago, I was looking for a used car for $7000 and I was amazed over the luxury and sports cars for that price.
Sure, the maintenance and insurance would be murder, but jaunting around in a Porsche or a Bentley for that price...
>> No. 103673 ID: 4d69b8
File 149407990388.jpg - (486.39KB , 1920x1280 , car, Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016 1.jpg )
2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed
MSRP $250,820. $1,995.34 PER MONTH. DOWN PAYMENT $4009.66 FIRST PAYMENT DUE AT SIGNING $1995.34, $1495.00 BANK FEE FOR A TOTAL DUE AT SIGNING $7,500.00 https://www.fckerbeck.com/inventory_detailed.php?cid=5025
>> No. 103674 ID: 4d69b8
File 149407995368.jpg - (461.91KB , 1920x1280 , car, Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016 2.jpg )
Shit, I could have afforded this. No problem.
>> No. 103675 ID: 4d69b8
File 149408002723.jpg - (487.24KB , 1920x1280 , car, Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016 3.jpg )
Bought a new $14,000 2017 Chevy Sonic, instead.
>> No. 103676 ID: 4d69b8
File 149408009258.jpg - (634.06KB , 1920x1280 , car, Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016 5.jpg )
>> No. 103677 ID: 4d69b8
File 14940801403.jpg - (597.66KB , 1920x1280 , car, Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016 4.jpg )
Frivolous, but doable.
>> No. 103680 ID: 4d69b8
File 149409962129.jpg - (111.44KB , 800x628 , rdh9lgynwu2uxfdehoef.jpg )
Just saying that $7500 seems a bit lavish for a Czechoslovakian pistol.
>> No. 103681 ID: 1989a8
They're most likely trying to trick ameritards into investing into their company without selling any shares.
>> No. 103682 ID: 4d69b8
File 149410146823.jpg - (188.56KB , 2048x1536 , pistol Israeli Desert Eagle _50AE (Action Express).jpg )
But who would spend that kind of money on an experimental pistol? A long-range necked-down 10mm Magnum is nice, but not $7500 nice. Even the flamboyant pimptastic 24 karat gold Desert Eagle (here a Mark XIX in .50 AE) only costs $2,167.00. You can almost buy three and a half of those things for the price of one FK Brno 7.5.
>> No. 103684 ID: 1989a8
People spend 50k on double rifles, I guess 7500$ would be appropriate for a pistol for them, lmao.
>> No. 103686 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416132073.jpg - (101.08KB , 2200x545 , antique Belgian Marcel Thys _470 Nitro Express Afr.jpg )
Apples and oranges. Big game safari double rifles are a niche industry for the super rich and one of the last showcases for guns as art for their elaborate engraving and decoration. The FK Brno is a combat automatic.
- Belgian Marcel Thys .470 Nitro Express African dangerous game safari double rifle
26" SxS chopper-lump barrels with ramp front sight, matted quarter rib with maker's name in gold, 1 standing and 2 folding express sights. 15 1/8"pull from articulated front trigger to solid red pad. Figured walnut stock with beaded pancake cheekpiece, classic point-pattern checkering, teardrops, trapdoor grip cap and lever-release semi-beavertail forend. Holland & Holland-style bolstered action with back-action sidelocks, intercepting sears, concealed third fastener, cocking indicators, bushed firing pins, long tang trigger guard and Holland & Holland-type top tang extended over comb. Profusely inlaid flush gold scrollwork on blue receiver with raised gold rhino on left, buffalo on right and elephant on underside in fine detail by Cecile Flohimont. Fire-blued triggers and pins. Weight: 11lbs, 2oz. Built in 1988. Nearly new condition with tight action and mirror-bright bores. In Prest oak & leather trunk case with accessories and maker's label.

Price: $33,950. http://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/rifles/marcel-thys/marcel-thys-sidelock-ejector-double-rifle-470-nitro-express.cfm?gun_id=100531328
>> No. 103687 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416136949.jpg - (307.62KB , 1800x1021 , antique Belgian Marcel Thys _470 Nitro Express Afr.jpg )
>> No. 103688 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416138368.jpg - (153.98KB , 2200x809 , antique Belgian Marcel Thys _470 Nitro Express Afr.jpg )
>> No. 103689 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416139832.jpg - (129.85KB , 2200x740 , antique Belgian Marcel Thys _470 Nitro Express Afr.jpg )
>> No. 103691 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416141263.jpg - (277.06KB , 2200x1163 , antique Belgian Marcel Thys _470 Nitro Express Afr.jpg )
>> No. 103692 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416142864.jpg - (314.71KB , 2200x1174 , antique Belgian Marcel Thys _470 Nitro Express Afr.jpg )
>> No. 103693 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416146344.jpg - (348.04KB , 2200x1135 , antique Belgian Marcel Thys _470 Nitro Express Afr.jpg )
>> No. 103694 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416182743.jpg - (650.60KB , 1400x1400 , antique UK Westley Richards droplock _577-500 doub.jpg )
UK Westley Richards droplock .577-500 double rifle.
>> No. 103695 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416186388.jpg - (254.03KB , 1500x1899 , antique UK Westley Richards _476 detachable lock d.jpg )
UK Westley Richards .476 detachable lock double rifle made in 1929.
>> No. 103696 ID: 4d69b8
File 14941622553.jpg - (667.66KB , 1920x2880 , antique UK J_ Purdey Sons _600 Nitro Express engra.jpg )
A stunning J. Purdey Sons double rifle in .600 Nitro Express. Engraved by Philippe Grifnee with a gold Rhino, Elephants and a stand of Cape Buffalos. The gold background inlay gives the gun a unique appearance and is tastefully set off by the deep relief engraving of the African game scenes.
>> No. 103697 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416271525.jpg - (0.99MB , 1128x1700 , antique UK Westley Richards Farquharson take down .jpg )
New Westley Richards Farquharson Take Down Action 450/400 3″ Single Shot Rifle. https://www.theexplora.com/a-new-westley-richards-farquharson-take-down-action-450400-3-single-shot-rifle/
>> No. 103698 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416275514.jpg - (776.60KB , 1128x1700 , antique UK Westley Richards Farquharson take down .jpg )
>> No. 103699 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416278571.jpg - (1.03MB , 1314x1700 , antique UK Westley Richards Farquharson take down .jpg )
>> No. 103700 ID: 4d69b8
File 149416283423.jpg - (0.98MB , 1314x1700 , antique UK Westley Richards Farquharson take down .jpg )
>> No. 103702 ID: 1989a8
7500$ is the price at American civilian market if I understand correctly. There is only one and probably exclusive importer and the pistol will probably be marketed as a hunting weapon/range toy/curiosity. So it´s kinda oranges and grapefruits.
They must be pricing it much lower as a combat pistol for government agencies or PMCs buying in bulk. Seems pointless otherwise.
>> No. 103720 ID: 815268
No agency is going to buy this.
>> No. 103721 ID: 19518e
No agency or PMC is going to buy this, technically.

At most they'll be in some action movie featuring some European upper-class hitman or something like that. They might even be seen rebranded in a video game.

BRNO will sell a few units to those that either have money and are dedicated to getting the oddball fancy thing like LifeSizePotato or those that simply have too much money, get swept up by the novelty, and don't know much about guns.
>> No. 103722 ID: 1989a8
Why not? It has decent capacity, balance of controlability and power and incredible accuracy if all their claims are true. If it's priced the same as Five-seveN it should make for a good sidearm. Why invest a shitoad of time and money into R&D for what they call a "field" or "combat" handgun only to sell a hundred of them at exorbitant prices? They can't be that stupid.
>> No. 103725 ID: 19518e
>It has decent capacity, balance of controlability and power and incredible accuracy if all their claims are true

I have no doubt it's relatively soft shooting, extremely accurate, and powerful. What is evident however, is that it's large, heavy, expensive, and you're not going to push a 100 grain bullet out of a pistol barrel at 2000ft/s without significant muzzle blast and flash. Everything is proprietary, even the magazines are proprietary. It's also going to be more accurate than the user (officer/PMC whatever) by a factor of ten or even a hundred times, so all those dollar bills that pistol is chambered in will be basically wasted as putting the money into what basically is a high class hunting pistol won't increase your hit ratio over a relatively quieter and less blinding cheap handgun and more range time. This thing has the horsepower of a 44 Magnum, and seeing how the 10mm Auto in the Bren Ten - a pistol that was lighter, cheaper, smaller, generally more reasonable - we can kinda all see where this will go. Just to reiterate, this would be a logistical nightmare in more than just gun, ammo, and spare parts. There aren't really holsters or lights or very many things that would make it useful to the agencies.

At 46 ounces, 9.5 inches long, it's getting in the size and weight range of a desert eagle, with the price that can easily match or even exceed the ol fiddy cal beagle.

Their marketing is good as they play on their strengths, comparing it to other revolvers used to take game but anyone who takes a few minutes to consider it as an issue gun will put this very far down the list next to the Wildey and .357 Maximum revolvers for collecting or hunting.

Again, it'll be niche at best. They'll sell units on novelty, have a small but dedicated following of fine-gun-enthusiasts (buy once cry once) that will loudly tout their pistol/caliber as never dying, and many sold to the types that think pocket change is what you buy your twelfth BMW with while never caring how to learn to change the oil or in our case, clean the gun.

Again, this is no hate on FK BRNO or their gun. Looks like they can build an impressive pistol, quality through and through, performance out the wazoo, but them saying it would be great for mil/leo/pmc alphabets is more to impress their actual market; the guy that drives a top of the line Porsche (automatic transmission) that'll brag to his golf buddies about how he's got the super secret agent cop INTERPOL pistol from Europe. The connoisseur market that actually will use this gun for what it's for don't care about the marketing, but the cost is going to put most of them off.

Well I might just be tired and ranting and we'll see the local PD with a couple grand of gun and a few hundred dollars of ammo on their belts, would be cool.
>> No. 103726 ID: 1989a8
I'm really curious where all this goes. Maybe it's just a concept gun to shill the ammo and the counterbalance system and then sell cheaper guns that use them on a wider market. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
>> No. 103731 ID: 19518e
>then sell cheaper guns
They guarantee accuracy to a point where I really don't think it would be economically feasible to offer under, and this is a wild ass guesstimation, maybe 4000 bucks. They made an entirely steel gun from the ground up (R&D, testing, then tooling up for production), and it shoots like a guaranteed Les Baer 1911. Les Baer can sell his extremely accurate 1911s for two and a half whatever thousand bucks give or take because he's riding a hundred year wave of Browning's legacy. 1911s are understood in every way, but this FK is pretty much brand new in every imaginable way, and it is sold with a five shot group target at 100 yards proving its mechanical consistency.

These are all expensive things. Large volume orders cannot bring the price down that far on a precision steel handgun, certainly not within the range of even a higher end polymer framed pistol such as the H&Ks and FNs. No, CNCs are not going to save you here unless you expect to sell literally millions to offset the cost of actually setting up production setups that could reliably provide this level of consistency. Most gun industries use CNC machines, and most have been using CNC machines for a long, long time, but in real life things doesn't really work out that way when you're dealing with a complicated assembly of tight fits and clearance between parts. Making barrels that shoot this well, even with dedicated companies that make huge orders of barrels, is still not dirt cheap.

If they are to sell it for an affordable price, they're going to have to severely loosen their chokehold on their ammo, and make some level of compromise on their pistols, perhaps as a hunter-class pistol and leave the high end gun as the luxury model (like 870 Wingmasters and 870 Express). Unless this gun takes off like a 1911, everyone starts wanting one, everyone and their moms start making their own flavor of it, and they become prevalent as the 1911, I'm pretty sure it'll be the next Wildey or Automag. Interesting, niche, higher class, and so on.

I'd like to be wrong, I do love more oomph in my handguns and it would be cool to have something that shakes up the usual glock1911uspberetta92etc bag.
>> No. 103732 ID: 1989a8
Like I said the counterbalance system and the ammo are the most interesting things about it. If they sell mags and carbines for that ammo and make a cheap smaller polymer pistol with a counterbalancer it should be successful even if not as accurate.
Speaking of hot ammo and 1911s, Armscor .22 TCM seems like a really cool proprietary caliber.
>> No. 103740 ID: bec165

I felt insulted when their hits at 100m seem like some unobtainable achievement. I mean, I guess the RMR on my Roland could be considered cheating, but it really isn't that big of a deal to get hits on steel at 100m, with some practice and understanding of your sight picture at that distance of course.

I was about to close the video when I saw Rob Pincus, I closed it when I saw "hydrostatic shock".

If SVI can make a 100% barstock billet 1911 or 2011 for less money than this with the same accuracy guarantee, wtf are they doing?

Yes, for $7500 you could have a grade 9 titanium 1911 made (with microwelded tool steel rails to eliminate galling) that generally will shoot .5" groups or better with AET rifling.

Or hell, you could start a Korth collection, or two SVIs, or multiple forged in the halls of Mount Doom custom 1911s that I promise you have better attention to detail and craftsmanship than this does.

Btw, Les Baers are rather well priced (bit above some of the better production guns like the Colt Rail Gun, Springfield TRP, Dan Wesson Valor).
>> No. 103741 ID: 19518e
All those guns you mentioned are things that are already proven, all the plans and tooling are already done, to quote the post you linked to
"...riding a hundred year wave of Browning's legacy. 1911s are understood in every way"

All those manufacturers just have to make what is already made and do it with attention to detail and closer fits. It's like doing a cover of a song when everybody and their mothers have the music sheets and the instruments, SVI/les baer/everygucci1911brand just comes in, picks up the guitars and microphone, and plays the same old song.

The accuracy ends up being the same, but FK has to write a new song from scratch, that's the actually complicated and expensive part.

Yes their marketing is annoying as hell and going "wow we're amazing hitting stuff 100 yards nevah been dun befoh muh hydroquantumshox see we can use buzzwords too".
>> No. 103742 ID: 1989a8
Doesn't hydrostatic shock become relevant when the projectile goes above 2000 fps? FK only has 2000 fps at the muzzle though. On the other hand, it dropped an elk without vertebra damage which is very impressive if it wasn't staged.
>> No. 103743 ID: 19518e
I'm no terminal ballistician, but from what I understand "hydrostatic shock" is damage to some types of tissues and/or organs from a large enough temporary cavity caused by a projectile. The size of the temporary cavity is related to the projectile's weight, diameter, speed, upset (tumbling), expansion or fragmentation. This temporary cavity, if large and violent enough, can increase the trauma and physiological shock to the target beyond the permanent cavity. I remember reading theories of nervous system damage from this temporary cavity effect, but I can't say I know if it was speculation or confirmed by legitimate scientific process. I do imagine, all else being equal, a larger temporary cavity would probably hurt more but pain is an extremely unreliable factor in incapacitation of a creature at best.

12 gauge slugs are very large, heavy, made of soft lead, and from what I know, can create very large temporary cavities regardless of the relatively slow velocity (well under 2000ft/s) of the projectile. Conversely, the 223 with a proper bullet can also impart devastating damage beyond what one would expect from a small projectile.

In the case of most handguns, there is neither weight or speed sufficient to do anything but look impressive in a gel test. Gel and high-speed cameras can make basically anything look like the new wonderbullet is like a high explosive autocannon round. From Fackler's reports, yes the general speed required to have enough energy to make temporary cavity matter is around 2000ft/s, but bullet weight and construction (expansion, tumbling, fragmentation) are important factors in this rule of thumb.

Hunters have been taking large game with smaller calibers for a long time, with a bullet that can go deep enough, I would imagine that countless medium-to-large animals have been taken with lever actions in modest chamberings assuming shot placement was good. Hunting is often anecdotal and very case-by-case, the animal's reaction to being shot can never really be predicted with perfect accuracy. Maybe they shot a dozen game before landing on the one elk that just gave up after getting a hole poked in it. There's a video of some guys shooting a small doe with a 50BMG and it taking a football-sized scoop right out the exit side, and the doe still ran for a few seconds. There's plenty of videos of hunters sack-of-potatoes-drop on larger animals with a whole lot less than the 50BMG, like 357 Magnums.

The 7.5 round is basically a 30 carbine round (as if shot from a long barrel) from a pistol barrel. Whatever you can kill with an M1 carbine, you could do with the 7.5 from the pistol.
>> No. 103747 ID: 1989a8
I'm just saying that an aproximately 100 grain bullet goes into the target at supersonic speeds so their claims of effective hydrostatic damage may not be a just marketing meme. No amout of accurate or meme marketing claims justifies that fucking price tho. Would be interesting to see if they make any actual military AP ammo for it and how will it look if they do.
>> No. 106473 ID: 1989a8
  It's getting more expensive, lmao.
Still, what a cool looking piece.
>> No. 108255 ID: 6affc4
Seems like they dropped the whole "field pistol means it's for the military/pmc" thing.
>> No. 108257 ID: bbee29
File 155019696013.gif - (2.90MB , 290x189 , 134161349919.gif )
>[without the recoil compensation weight system] it would break your wrist every time
>> No. 108263 ID: c935e2
That's cringey as fuck, though Ian and Karl's bertstare during the introduction was gold. Pity it's not based on a 1911, because I feel like boomers would eat that shit up (if they could afford it).
>> No. 108264 ID: e56201
I know it's silly and the ammo will be very hard to find, and eventually impossible, but it's such a great looking gun that I want one. I don't want one enough to pay for it, but damn.
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