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No. 104032 ID: 5ae8a3
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>> No. 104043 ID: bd9907
What stands in the way of you getting a gun?
>> No. 104044 ID: 56190f
File 149589605597.jpg - (361.60KB , 1200x716 , outdoorhub-video-this-pneumatic-arrow-gatling-gun-.jpg )
How about a gun that shoots arrows?
>> No. 104067 ID: 3e843b
File 149597570913.jpg - (51.46KB , 470x250 , VelocityArmageddon_FreakNasty.jpg )
I would think any bow would be too bulky to use in most houses except in a large open area. Very slow to reload unless you practice and harder to reload in a confined space. Less reliable considering its relying on you hopped up on adrenaline and fear and possibly just stumbled out of bed.

I mean I can see some advantages of a bow compared to a gun in home defense such as sound and over penetration. A bow isn't going to rupture your ear drums if fire it in a narrow hallway. If you are feeling pretty ninja and have multiple attackers you can shoot them, wait a few seconds for them to forget you shot them, and then stealth kill them. An arrow isn't going to go through alot of walls, no worries about hitting anyone you aren't meaning to hit.

However I'd think any advantages of a bow would be outweighed by its disadvantages. And if you really like the advantages a crossbow has all them plus fewer disadvantages.

But still, a gun is king for self defense for a reason. I have to echo senseless's question from >>104043 , what be stopping ye
from obtaining a boomstick?
>> No. 104090 ID: 49e1e2
Oliver Queen (Also known as The Green Arrow) uses an Oneida Kestrel often times in close quarters. Maybe go with that, it seems to work for him. However to become proficient you might have to get stuck on a prison island for like five years.

Also that Iza chick is super cute if you ever watch her videos.
>> No. 104091 ID: a8dbe2
Hunting in heavy woods and thicket is close quarters. The preferred bow for this are compound bows. Small and powerful, easy to maneuver and defeats soft body armor.

I'd look into a base model from Bowtech, Bear, Hoyt, etc. If this is primarily just defense, I'd get aluminum arrow shafts. Give you that extra mass and penetration.

Another low maintence, cheaper, higher skill and my personal preferred option is something like a Mongolian recurve bow. But that's not just traditional archery, that's instinctive archery and a whole other beast. It's a lot more fun.

I'm assuming he is either in a country where it's not allowed or he's a felon.
>> No. 104095 ID: 3e843b
File 149676928724.jpg - (45.88KB , 500x538 , 9cf.jpg )
Great, now you're going to create a IRL vigilanate with one really good season, one meh season, and a bunch of seasons that suck ass. Atleast the spin off where one of his friends starts to run really fast will be a bit more interesting for longer even if he lies everytime he introduces himself.

Seriously though, Arrow really turned shitty fast. And the Flash isn't doing much better. Legends of Tomorrow kinda got stupid too.

I've actually got a Bear Pronghorn Hunter. Fantastic bow despite being a year old then I am. Not sure if I'd use it for home defense even in my house that is relatively open. Even I think my little .22 revolver or my flare gun loaded with wutever ammo I have laying around might be slightly better.

Now maybe if I trained to reload fast and to better use a bow in confined spaces, maybe bulked up my arms a bit, I'd prefer it but that just shows you might need a time investment, perhaps even a substantial one, to git gud.

If he's a no-guns felon or dirty furrigner he should look for alternatives before settling on a bow. Maybe knife throwing or those sling shot looking hand bows. Something that works a bit better in a CQB situation.
>> No. 104096 ID: a8dbe2
I'd choose a melee weapon myself if I was a noguns. When I was 10, I used to sleep by the broken front door of a crackhouse with a knife in hand just in case anyone came in.

However, not completely discounting the bow if that's his preference. If you set up a good ambush, it's not a bad option. Especially if you huddle in the corner of your room with 911 on speaker.

There's also the psychological effect. Imagine being one of 2 crackheads breaking into a house. Your buddy opens a door to a bedroom and next thing you know you hear a thunderous CRACK and your buddy collapses with either a shaft sticking out of him or the arrow sticking in the wall behind him, depending on your poundage. Bows are louder than people think, especially in a house in the middle of the night with a heavy poundage.

I would shit myself.

I want to get a bow again, my new backyard is perfect for it. I have a Hank Hill alley!
>> No. 104097 ID: 13f512

The Kestrel is apparently a really baller as fuck bow. It's interesting due to its hybrid design.

The league of assassins apparently has the PSE Chaos AD as its standard issue.
>> No. 104098 ID: c9069c
  Clearly what the OP is looking for is a Chinese "Chu Ko Nu" repeating crossbow.

It can be stored loaded and ready to fire. Has a gravity feed box magazine containing as many as ten bolts. Can produce a reasonable rate of fire. Perhaps the OP won't be drilling eye sockets at 100 meter, but for home defense the accuracy should be plenty acceptable.
>> No. 104099 ID: a8dbe2
  You didn't post a budget.
>> No. 104100 ID: 587b99
  A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! https://youtu.be/tbKGjRoSofA
>> No. 104950 ID: ccc542
>> No. 104954 ID: a8dbe2
Is actually not a bad idea. Jerry rig a shelf with zip ties and a metal ring or even a whisker biscuit.
>> No. 104959 ID: f0fb5d
If size/concealment is a concern, you could go with a sling-bow with some strong elastic.

It won't be as strong as a bow and probably even slower to reload but maybe that doesn't matter. People make a fuss over the psychological effect of being shot making people stop, drop or run away because of what we all see on TV and the movies and I don't think that's a reliable way to stop a threat, but I imagine suddenly hearing a THWAP, feeling a sharp pain and seeing an arrow sticking out of your chest is an existentially introspective experience.
>> No. 104985 ID: 223405
People go hog hunting with the slingbow, it's not a bad choice for this.
>> No. 106677 ID: adaa24
I'd rather a baseball bat than a bow in a self defense situation. Bows are great offensive weapons, but terrible defensively.

Get a fucking gun. Fuck, a knife duck taped to a broom would be infinitely better than a bow.
>> No. 106743 ID: 09c7e0
if u can move unhittably fast at all times it don't make too much difference what weapon you have. iga ninja with a butterknife slaughters your whole "trained" infantry platoon.
the dude in OP video probably gets that.
he also seems to get that guns have taken a lot of the fun and athleticism out of fighting to the death.

imagine this: one second you're in a combat zone and it seems like maybe some shit might be about to happen but you're for sure not in the heat of battle. you might not even have your rifle shouldered, you might be just hanging out. next second you're in valhalla. shit son you just died in modern battle. some fuck u never saw popped you from 3000m or from 30km. now you're in valhalla and you got no stories to trade with the other guys.

compare that to being in the heat of battle in war of the roses era, where u could like punch people and kick them in the balls before stabbing them. thats a lot more fun sounding
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