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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 150411449182.jpg - (128.86KB , 640x640 , 20393542_827296830780536_8770208177732976640_n.jpg )
105362 No. 105362 ID: fd55dc
Hi OPchan /k/. I want to build a Glock because I live in a not-so-friendly-stan state (inb4 move). I pre-ordered a Version 2 full size Polymer 80 frame and I'm between a few options:
1.) KISS Glock 17
2.) Go full tacticool and get a Grey Ghost Precision slide, Trijicon RMR and some WML
3.)Get a G17L slide and shoot nothing but 115gr +P+ ammo (1400fps)
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>> No. 105363 ID: c3b8cf

What is your primary goal for this build?
Range, competition, defense?
>> No. 105364 ID: fd55dc
SHTF as a just in case handgun. I can't carry in my state (yet) so I won't be carrying this even after I get my permit. I can shoot it on my friends property but not on a public range.
>> No. 105365 ID: 19518e
>your use
I vote KISS unless your budget allows for enough spares of [insert magic space boutique parts here] to last through the Happening, same thing for ammo.
>> No. 105367 ID: f0fb5d
The frame is going to be the same either way. I would keep it simple at first. Maybe buy one of new the Brownell's (I think it was Brownell's) 17 slides already cut for an RMR so it's ready to grow with you but don't bother buying an RMR yet.

Spend the rest on ammunition and magazines and then once you're comfortable the gun doesn't suck, and you don't suck, add stuff as time, money and your fancy allow.
>> No. 105368 ID: f0fb5d
I was right: It's Brownell's that's new and relatively affordable.

>> No. 105374 ID: f2172d

Ditto. Putting a lot of money into customizing a gun and then figuring out later down the line that you don't like it sucks. Trying to sell tricked out guns can be difficult as well, since a lot of people get into an attitude of undervaluing the upgrades you put into it.
>> No. 105375 ID: 19518e
>Trying to sell tricked out guns can be difficult as well, since a lot of people get into an attitude of undervaluing the upgrades you put into it.
Many times this, it's often better to part out a tricked out gun as a stock gun and sell the tricked out parts/accessories separately. Few people are actually interested in the exact build you made with the exact accessories you have, but many will be interested in individual pieces or regular guns to make a build similar to yours.

Not a huge consideration if you don't plan on selling, but I see that shit happen all the time.
>> No. 105376 ID: 028b36
File 150432842671.jpg - (3.84MB , 5312x2988 , 20170721_222110.jpg )
I'd go with KISS for now and you can always get another frame and sink more money into it with tacti-cool stuff.

One thing I noticed with getting the P80 it is like buying AR-15 lowers, you slowly trying to put extra parts you have on it but end up building more and more guns. Soon you will have multiple completed P80 that has different things on it.

Also overall it's more expensive to build one than moving parts off an actual Glock. There were couple cheap slide or older gen Glock for sale online but as soon the P80 hit the street all of them went away :(
>> No. 105378 ID: bd9939
File 150440367719.png - (510.53KB , 600x946 , vietnam-tunnel-rats-3.png )
Agree with KISS. I'd put a focus on a more essential"fighting" gun if it's really this much hassle that you're dealing with an 80% frame. Something that you can tuck away in a pinch regardless of CWP status (shit happens) and is streamlined, but still capable of any role decently well.

I was really into the RMR idea for a while until I actually got to play with some pistols with them on. It's actually a ton of bulk and was kind of hard getting the hang of finding the dot quickly. Not knocking them, just realized they're not really for me.

Kind of the same deal with the weapon light. I was super gung ho just a few months ago and put an inforce APL on my suppressor host Glock 19. I am keeping it for now, but I wish I'd read more into the theory of having a secondary handheld light for constantly moving multi positional spot checks instead. It's bulky and makes the pistol front heavy. If I didn't already buy a T-Rex ragnorak holster fitted for the light, I would probably throw it on one of my Ithaca 37 bear gun or something instead.
>> No. 105379 ID: 2fb70c
True for cars too. You'll maybe get 25-50% of what you put into it.
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