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No. 105415 ID: 19518e
  A while ago we had a thread about high-speed photography and such. I think my friend and I took some curious pictures today, not sure how interesting they will be, but it was enlightening to learn what a DSLR could do in this kind of situation.

The camera in question is an Olympus E-510 with a Zuiko 14-58 F2.8 lens, a little dated and nothing special to begin with. In the midday sun, we were able to get a fast enough shutter to be able to capture bullets. Because of how these kinds of shutters function, the bullets are still quite blurry and faint but they're still visible.

Video is related to explain how the shutters typically work, to explain why the bullets weren't exactly as crisp as one would expect from shutter speeds of 1/4000th of a second, and why they're blurry in a slightly asymmetrical way due to a "rolling shutter" effect.

Also these guys shooting a giggle-switched AR-15 was adorable, great footage as well.
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>> No. 105690 ID: 19518e
File edited_short_svt40.webm - (4.95MB )
>Tanfoglio Stock 3 over a CZ, so I'll have to compare the two personally before I commit
I personally went with the CZ because it's more common, and seems to have a bit better aftermarket at least where I am. Obviously this is dependent on your personal situation and comparing them side by side is the way to go as the Tanfoglio 3 and the CZ are very similar but not identical.

webm unrelated, just a bit more footage of the shorty SVT-40 in action.
>> No. 105691 ID: f11f4d
If you ever think to yourself "man, I have a few hundred/thousand dollars I want to burn, but there's no more guns I want to buy", then here's some cameras you can look into
>> No. 105717 ID: 241b9d
>webm unrelated, just a bit more footage of the shorty SVT-40 in action.

How's the recoil sensation on the shorty?
The full length SVT's recoil is surprisingly mild, but how's the shortening affected the perceived recoil?
>> No. 105718 ID: 19518e
I keep drooling over it.

>How's the recoil sensation on the shorty?
From my experience, all else being equal (apart from a small weight difference), a shorter barrel firearm with a muzzle brake has a bit less recoil. From what I understand, the gas exiting the shorter barrel is at a higher pressure, and therefore flows through the muzzle brake with more energy, exaggerating the muzzle brake's effect.

This actually leaves me to avoid muzzle brakes with ports that divert gas upwards. In the best of cases, I find they actually push the muzzle down too much when a proper shooting stance is employed. The standard SVT-40 has a long barrel and doesn't have an in-line stock. The ports are cut to divert a bit of gas upwards, but the effect is very small. In my opinion the regular barrel length and the muzzle brake angled cuts are well matched to reduce recoil without pushing the barrel down below the target.

However, when the barrel is shortened to 19", the muzzle brake angled cuts do kick the barrel down. The recoil is even more mild than on the regular length barrel from what I can feel, but I've had to modify the ports on the muzzle brake.

Webm here >>102730 shows the shortened SVT-40 before the modifications to the muzzle brake. The webm here >>105690 shows the modified brake as the rifle is now.

tl;dr it's a very short shooting rifle, even more than before.
>> No. 105876 ID: c2c3ac
File R81dump1.webm - (2.01MB )
Here's more OC

Magdumping muh Remington Model 81. 1/2
>> No. 105877 ID: c2c3ac
File R81dump2.webm - (2.18MB )
This has got to be my heaviest recoiling gun.

>> No. 105883 ID: 19518e
File P14.webm - (103.64KB )
You need something with a bit more thump, like a light 18.5" barrel 45-70 firing hot loads that make Garrett's warm-loaded lever action boutique ammo sweat. Bullet torque actually becomes lightly noticeable when flirting with this kind of thing.

Just got some 500 gr Hornady DGX bullets for it, they'll be sitting on probably 45 grains of H4198. Last time I had that going the 500s I was trying were chronying 1800. That load provides 47.6 ft-lbs of recoil at 19.9 ft/s to wake up the shooter through an advanced high speed tactical recoil mitigation system called the "steel buttplate".

For reference, a .308 Win. firing a 150gr bullet at 2800ft/s from a rifle of the same weight yields 15.8 ft-lbs at 11.7 ft/s.
>> No. 105885 ID: 19518e
File CIMG0590.webm - (2.94MB )
Or just an 8lbs shotgun with a 3.5" chamber.

A few manufacturers make 2 1/4oz turkey loads (984 grains) at 1200ft/s.

Might not look like too much is going on due to my personal enjoyment of such situations, but this does net 70.8ft-lbs at 23.9 ft/s. I've fired more of this ammo than I like to admit.

To compare, a .458 Win Mag from a 9 lbs rifle sending a 500gr bullet at 2100ft/s provides 62.3 ft-lbs at 21.1ft/s of delicious recoil. Close enough for the raifus I go out with.
>> No. 105897 ID: c2c3ac
File NoControl.webm - (1.22MB )
Well, I do have a Vepr 12. It's one of my favorite things to take out to the range

Here's me showing a monumental display of accuracy (none) with some 00 buck.
>> No. 105899 ID: c2c3ac
File veprslow5.webm - (2.66MB )
It's probably thanks to the muzzle brake, but I still think .300 Savage out of the R81 is still more uncomfortable than the Vepr
>> No. 105901 ID: df12a0
Huh. I had no idea it does that. I think I prefer the Chiappa Rhino's rigidity.
>> No. 105903 ID: 19518e
File pewpewpew.webm - (4.89MB )
I bet the muzzle brake helps soften up the Vepr recoil. I went with a 1919 because the stock is in-line with the barrel, you can see here how the muzzle stays relatively tame despite the bare muzzle. It's pretty fun to see those slugs race out past 40 yards too, lookatemgo.

Ignore the xbox scope, it's all I had after the QD mount was kill when recoil made it shit its guts out from under an Aimpoint.
>> No. 107281 ID: c2c3ac
File Steyr190834SlowNA.webm - (2.68MB )
More OC
>> No. 107282 ID: c2c3ac
File CZ52sloNA.webm - (1.12MB )
>> No. 107283 ID: c2c3ac
File Steyr1911Spitting.webm - (1.46MB )
>> No. 107284 ID: c2c3ac
File WebSlowA.webm - (943.54KB )
>> No. 107285 ID: c2c3ac
File WebSlob.webm - (842.85KB )
>> No. 107286 ID: c2c3ac
File WebSlo.webm - (2.86MB )
>> No. 107287 ID: c2c3ac
File luger4.webm - (601.29KB )
>> No. 107288 ID: c2c3ac
File LugerSloSight2.webm - (433.89KB )
>> No. 107289 ID: c2c3ac
File LugerSloSight.webm - (510.66KB )
>> No. 107290 ID: c2c3ac
File CZ38Slomo.webm - (1.74MB )
>> No. 107291 ID: c2c3ac
File DuelinStops2.webm - (1.33MB )
>> No. 107292 ID: c2c3ac
File DuelinStops.webm - (1.20MB )
>> No. 107293 ID: c2c3ac
File FilipstadSlomo.webm - (2.37MB )
>> No. 107295 ID: c2c3ac
File WASRainSlo.webm - (3.01MB )
Shooting in the rain is fun and make for some wicked slow motion shots
>> No. 107296 ID: c2c3ac
File SISlowRainc.webm - (2.87MB )
And last one for now

I've since replaced the weak recoil spring after I recorded this footage, but I need to take this thing out to the range again.
>> No. 107297 ID: 9dcda2

Awesome work man. I love the rain in the shotgun videos.
>> No. 107371 ID: a3a79d
The rain in this is beautiful.
>> No. 107399 ID: 5ec9bd
S-sempai! Dame soko wa...

Damn that thing looks rad.

Thanks Phoenix, you stuff is always awesome to watch.
>> No. 107434 ID: c2c3ac
File 1908Slowb.webm - (2.13MB )

Thanks guys! I actually want to do more rain shooting now too.

For now I'm trying to get better footage of some of my original guns.

Have some Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless
>> No. 107435 ID: c2c3ac
File CZ75Slow.webm - (2.51MB )
CZ-75 Pre-B
>> No. 107436 ID: c2c3ac
File WASSlow3.webm - (4.73MB )
Nvm, here's more Walther Auto Shotty footage.
>> No. 107453 ID: c2c3ac
File Sav1907SlowA.webm - (2.85MB )
Some more slomo from today.

Savage 1907 with some lazy ejection
>> No. 107454 ID: c2c3ac
File C96SloRain.webm - (2.82MB )
Mauser C96 in the Rain
>> No. 107503 ID: c2c3ac
File 1911A1Slo.webm - (2.92MB )
>> No. 107504 ID: c2c3ac
File KDWWraith.webm - (436.54KB )
Friend shooting his Dan Wesson Wraith with suppressor
>> No. 107505 ID: c2c3ac
File BDW.webm - (437.83KB )
His brother shooting his Dan Wesson too
>> No. 107506 ID: c2c3ac
File BSWshield.webm - (451.83KB )
Friend's brother shooting his comp'd S&W Shield
>> No. 107507 ID: c2c3ac
File HakimSlo.webm - (1.14MB )
Egyptian Hakim with some aggressive ejection
>> No. 107508 ID: c2c3ac
File A5slow.webm - (1.45MB )
Shooting a friend's Browning A5
>> No. 107509 ID: c2c3ac
File A5.webm - (438.27KB )
The same shot in real-time
>> No. 107510 ID: c2c3ac
File CZShadow2Slo.webm - (937.60KB )
We've come full circle now

A friend shooting his CZ Shadow 2
>> No. 107580 ID: c2c3ac
File C96SlowC.webm - (1.27MB )
More C96
>> No. 107581 ID: c2c3ac
File GarandSlowD.webm - (2.63MB )
>> No. 107582 ID: c2c3ac
File MR73Slow.webm - (2.50MB )
>> No. 107731 ID: c2c3ac
File R51SlowA.webm - (2.07MB )
Got some new footage of my new handgun: Remington Model 51 in .380 ACP
>> No. 107732 ID: c2c3ac
File FStopSlowA.webm - (2.03MB )
And got some new footage of my old handgun: Frommer Stop in .32 ACP
>> No. 107736 ID: 9dcda2
Great stuff man!
>> No. 107740 ID: c2c3ac
File SHahnSlowA.webm - (2.75MB )
Thanks bro!
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