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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 105632 ID: df12a0
  When I had sent it in, I'd subtly asked for black parts to replace the odd color on my used RFB; I received it back with an entirely new assembly - in the same damn color. So I asked, since I already have the necessary screws/pins, if I could just buy what I needed and replace it myself.

>Technically you can just buy the set of polymer gips and handguards, but i would not suggest going that route. Just to try and put it into perspective, we have two technicians who's only job is building RFB grips, and even with the special tools and jigs sometimes they have problems getting them together. The price for the complete assembly is $498.

The total cost of parts, w/out S&H: $139.00

>> No. 105677 ID: 6ede97
What are you asking? Should you spend $400 to change the color black to a slightly darker black? No. Just paint it like everyone else.
>> No. 105678 ID: df12a0

...and use the money saved to buy the KSG from the retired colonel I know?
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