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File 150922533427.jpg - (202.85KB , 638x987 , fgsdfs.jpg )
105841 No. 105841 ID: 19518e
So it's really hard to get anything for .587" bore but my buddy has some old lead bullets for his 577 Snider black powder.

I figured 170 grains of Trail Boss might be able to get a 520 grain lead bullet out the barrel.

The results were... Interesting.
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>> No. 105842 ID: 19518e
File pshooo.webm - (1.82MB )
It turns out that the minimum calculated Trail Boss powder load was a bit much for a soft lead bullet.

Can't say I'm too surprised but the gun and brass were not hurt by the half-vapor, half-mostly-solid bits of mangled lead flying out somewhat probably towards the range berm.

Nothing of too much value was lost, apart from one thing.
>> No. 105843 ID: 19518e
File 15092263018.jpg - (451.80KB , 1490x1284 , rip.jpg )
In a valiant attempt to capture valuable scientific information from the unlucky mass of lead screaming from a confused old PTRD, the courageous Chrony was struck by a misguided piece of twisted heavy metal.

Goodnight sweet prince.
>> No. 105844 ID: 19518e
File F.webm - (4.51MB )
So that answers my questions about trying to shoot cheap lead.

I'll give this another go with different bullets, I also think I've found a source for real ammo that isn't 100 bucks a pop. More to come eventually.
>> No. 105845 ID: 060ec8
File 150923599673.jpg - (155.14KB , 929x861 , bullets, _577 Snider for 1861 Enfield-Snider 1.jpg )
Interesting to put 1861 ammo to new and novel uses.
>> No. 105848 ID: 241b9d
Not to be a hater, but: lol what did you expect?

Also, for experimental loads, it may be better to use something like a magnetospeed barrel mounted chronograph? Yes, weight on the barrel may affect poi, but for load development that should be fine and you're less likely to damage the chronograph.

(the bigass muzzle brake may need a special adapter though)
>> No. 105850 ID: 19518e
I was hoping for a cheap "plinking" load, even if it didn't have much of a chance of working, it was still worth trying out. With this cheaper option not working too well, I might try some 585 bullets for the Nyati. They might be 3 to 5 bucks per projo, that's still miles cheaper than anything else I've seen ever available in Canada.

I got the chrony for cheap used ages ago, I'm not really that broken up over it. The chrony was cheaper than a single round of the previous options I've seen for real ammo up here. This is not a joke or an exaggeration.

The new option previously mentioned is more reasonably priced but contacting the person involved is a pain in the butt, as I have to go through some intermediates that are all in the middle of prepping for hunting season so it's multiple layers of pulling teeth and waiting days to weeks before messages are relayed one to the other to the other to the other. The smoke signals are away, right now I'm waiting for replies (probably by messages in a bottle), and it's still worth all the trouble as it'll be actual real 14.5x114 ammo and not any of this trail boss shit. And it'll be a lot less than 150 bucks per round or more.
>> No. 105854 ID: 8f0088
File 150931348419.jpg - (173.66KB , 1611x1151 , Russian WW2 PTRD & PTRS 14_5x114mm brass shot .jpg )
$150 for a round of 14.5x114mm ammo??

Brass shot glass set made of shells from Soviet heavy machine gun KPV 14.5×114mm (.57 Cal) ammo $120. https://www.etsy.com/il-en/listing/521623950/brass-shot-glass-set-made-of-bullet?ref=related-2
>> No. 105855 ID: 8f0088
File 150931476334.jpg - (120.11KB , 500x375 , bullets, anti-tank rifle Russian 14_5x114mm PTRS s.jpg )
Here are some places that actually sell 14.5x114mm Soviet anti-tank rifle fodder:
14.5mm KPV: A steel-cored (or rarely, tungsten-cored) armor-piercing (AP) version of this round exists; double all prices for this round.
Weight: 207.58 kg per case of 1000 (loose or belted); Price: $9440 per case

14.5mm Russian steel case ball ammo with 10% download and bronze projectile. Price per round. $29.95 Brass cases cost $39.

I was afraid the .586" bore size makes it a "Destructive Device" and there would be a $200 transfer tax on every round of loaded ammo. Sure, there are big bore ammo such as .577 Tyrannosaur or 8 or 4 gauge solids that are much bigger than .50 caliber, but those are for hunting rifles and I doubt the BATFE will consider old Soviet PTRD anti-tank rifles as legitimate elephant guns.
>> No. 105856 ID: 8f0088
  KPV Heavy Machinegun 14.5x114mm https://youtu.be/Wl-HEFzgz3o
These guys were in Slovakia and only paid 6 Euros per round.
>> No. 105857 ID: 8f0088
File 150931602358.jpg - (1.83MB , 2250x1500 , bullets, anti-tank rifle Russian 14_5x114mm PTRS B.jpg )
BS-41 cartridges at the Great Patriotic War museum in Smolensk
>> No. 105858 ID: 8f0088
  PTRD-41 compilation in HD https://youtu.be/Tw7mvYn7JdQ
>> No. 105859 ID: 19518e
None of these will ship to Canada either. I asked CDVS a while ago, they won't even ship an empty cardboard box if it has ever even looked at any of their products.

>Here are some places that actually sell 14.5x114mm Soviet anti-tank rifle fodder:
That particular link is for a role playing game. pmulcahy.com even clearly states
"Q: Are you some kind of arms dealer?"

"A: Ha ha ha! No, the prices are for the game. I don’t sell anything from my site, period, and have no intention of doing so. And I have no idea whatsoever how to get virtually all of the items on my site. Did you really think I could have a B-2 Spirit bomber for sale?"

There's a south african place that makes inert solid copper projectiles, they required a shitton of paperwork and over 11 month waiting lists. Would have come up to around 50 bucks per projectile.

All the businesses I've contacted to have lathe-turned projectiles done quoted me over 70$ per individual projectile on orders less than 1000 bullets (50$ per for over 1000), or flat-out refused because it was "gun parts". I have not been able to convince anyone that it's actually legal to make this, even if I sent them legal documents outlining what was illegal. Called up a good 20 shops and 18 out of those 20 said "no it's illegal, it's super illegal totally completely illegal even if it isn't we won't do it because it's evil guns!". Hard to convince people of what's actually legal or not over decades of canadian gun-legality-indoctrination that pretty much ends in "everything is illegal even if it actually isn't".

I'd turn them myself, but the required bullet profile really is more of a CNC lathe turning job and the current workplace does not have any CNC lathe equipment. I might eventually try turning them manually at a certain point, this is well past "ridiculous".
>> No. 105860 ID: 1519ac
If you post a print of what you need it's POSSIBLE I'd be able to make some at some point. Our CNC lathe is really meant for bigger stuff, no bar feeder parts catcher etc. but I'd be willing to try it sometime.
>> No. 105861 ID: 19518e
Email in the field, I can send you a CAD file.
>> No. 105932 ID: 1519ac
So uh, I made a program and was gonna run a test part and then discuss materials etc. with you, but then I looked up ITAR and discovered the buttfucking I'd be in for. Sorry.
>> No. 105933 ID: 19518e
File 151050585078.gif - (1.98MB , 360x240 , 133947726365.gif )
Oh fuck they actually are illegal to send up here?

Fuck me, whoops. I thought inert shit would be fine for this kind of thing.
>> No. 105934 ID: 1519ac
As far as I can tell, yeah. ITAR is really broad. I would need an export license from the DOD and end user certificates etc. This place:
will ship to you but requires paperwork and as far as I know doesn't have anything in .588. Maybe you could use them as an intermediary? Might be cost prohibitive.
>> No. 105935 ID: 19518e
>Maybe you could use them as an intermediary? Might be cost prohibitive.
I'll give that a go. I'm starting to care less and less about the final cost the more time goes on to a certain point.
>> No. 105936 ID: 1519ac
>I was afraid the .586" bore size makes it a "Destructive Device" and there would be a $200 transfer tax on every round of loaded ammo.

I don't think that's true. It was my understanding that the Rifle is a DD but the ammo would only be a DD if it contained more than 1/4 ounce of explosive.

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