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File 151173915856.jpg - (814.36KB , 2094x1200 , T811.jpg )
106367 No. 106367 ID: 19518e
So China makes a stamped sheet metal semi-auto with a short stroke piston and a rotating bolt. It's not an AK variant but it could be considered a "close enough" distant relative twice removed to an AK variant.

A bit like how a trap is "close enough" to a girl. F-for some people.

Introductions aside, let's see how it shoots.
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>> No. 106368 ID: 19518e
File t81_fail_reload.webm - (3.52MB )
Tried four different kinds of ammo (LCW, MFS, S&B, Hornady) and it ran like a clock hot or cold even if my skills did not.

The only functional issue I saw was that the last shot hold-open didn't reliably get tripped by the follower. Personally, I'm thinking of simply removing it. Seeing how a Valmet AK is legal here but very expensive, I don't think I like the AK-style stuff enough to shell out the whatever-thousand-bucks for a real one so making a T81 a little more like an AK in function might just have to do.
>> No. 106369 ID: 19518e
File 151174035046.jpg - (1.09MB , 1767x1200 , t812.jpg )
For some reason, the recoil on the T81 is remarkably light. I seem to recall both my SKSs and my buddy's SKS having more thump and wiggle than this. The trigger is about the same, the sights are about the same, both are pretty crude, although the drum adjustment on the rear sight isn't too bad.
>> No. 106370 ID: 19518e
File open_action.webm - (4.71MB )
I did take the skirt off for a peek, nothing wrong in here. Seems the Chinese can gas a rifle pretty much perfectly on setting 1 (normal).

I didn't bother with setting 2 (harsh conditions) seeing how happy the rifle was just flinging bullets downrange.
>> No. 106371 ID: 19518e
File t813.webm - (4.72MB )
Same thing in even higher framerate potatovision (480 frames per second).

Note that in this webm and in the previous slow-motion webm I am not shouldering the rifle to keep my winter coat hood out of the camera's view. Short stocks don't make it that easy to take this kind of angle; as a result the rifle moves around a bit more than it normally would when shouldered.
>> No. 106372 ID: 19518e
File 151174117045.jpg - (390.46KB , 1240x1252 , lcw.jpg )
Now for the elephant in the room... What's the accuracy like?

It's stamped sheet metal piston-driven yadda yadda dakka dakka I guess. LCW seemed to shoot fine out of it when my weakening eyesight and chilled fingers cooperated.
>> No. 106373 ID: 19518e
File 151174130698.jpg - (168.40KB , 715x750 , hornady.jpg )
The rifle didn't seem to like Hornady.
>> No. 106374 ID: 19518e
File 151174140350.jpg - (168.55KB , 884x735 , mfs.jpg )
A resounding "meh" for MFS steel case FMJ.
>> No. 106375 ID: 19518e
File 151174155753.jpg - (1.27MB , 2685x2645 , S&B.jpg )
Moved to 100 yards and broke out the S&B with soft points. Unlike with the SKSs, I wasn't worried about slam-fires with this brass cased super soft primer stuff as the firing pin on the T81 is much lighter than the firing pin on the SKS.

Apparently the T81 thought this stuff was delicious.
>> No. 106377 ID: 19518e
File 151174176452.jpg - (356.22KB , 1232x1127 , hornady_200_yards.jpg )
At 200 yards, my eyesight was basically just a suggestion and the Hornady ammo still wasn't doing wonders, but I am posting all my groups, not just the good ones.
>> No. 106378 ID: 19518e
File 151174217733.jpg - (199.65KB , 1198x798 , S&B100.jpg )
Second S&B group at 100 was probably more what could be expected from my shooting.

Four holes due to my numb finger getting into an argument between a bit of grit and where it thought the break was.
>> No. 106379 ID: 19518e
File 151174298412.jpg - (1.25MB , 1920x1279 , t814.jpg )
In conclusion for this particular outing, while pricey for the bottom line, I feel like this thing might just take my SKSs' spots. I'll be doing more shooting and filming next week with corrosive surplus (and a lot of it) to really see how it do with cheap ammo. Basically, if it keeps hitting paper with cheap ammo, looking cool, and chugging along I will have no regrets.
>> No. 106381 ID: 5b6045
File 151174426184.jpg - (168.20KB , 1280x853 , Chinese Type 81 7_62x39mm assault rifle troops.jpg )
Do the Chinese make a civilian export Type 81 with the really ugly unusual folding stock?
>> No. 106382 ID: 19518e
File 151174459142.jpg - (143.60KB , 1445x1079 , folder.jpg )
Indeed they do. The store selling them, Tactical Imports in Canada, is apparently still trying to get them out shipped. The whole affair was a dumpster fire from the get-go but that's pretty much par for the course up here.

Notice the cheekrest panel has a bit of that Makarov dick-grip lol.
>> No. 106388 ID: 7da7dc
File 151183056931.jpg - (70.14KB , 640x443 , Chinese Type 81 7_62x39mm assault rifle.jpg )
Bayonet is unusual, too.
>> No. 106392 ID: c3b8cf
Man, I really wish we could get the Type 81 in the States.
Is there a way to add a side mount for an optic, or does the safety get in the way? If not, how would you mount an optic?
>> No. 106393 ID: 19518e
File duuuurrrr_safety.webm - (2.93MB )
Not sure about the optic situation, I don't really see any way to easily attach anything. There's no rails and the rear sight base has to be left alone for disassembly of the gas piston stuff. It wasn't a factor in my purchase because I had a hankering for the very base bone stock piston-sheetmetal-7.62x39-bananamags and such. I personally haven't really seen discussion of possible optic mounting solutions either.

Oh the safety kinda caught me off-guard actually. It's pretty dumb. It's actually impressive how they could actually fuck up a safety that hard. I would much rather have to get off the trigger to flip down the AK safety than to perform the Chinese Thumbdance of Safetyning. Your thumb rests on the safety when it's on "fire" for some reason, and you then have to flip the safety 180 degrees to be on "safe". So when you want to shoot, the safety is a mile away and requires all sorts of pushing and tugging just to be changed to "fire".

The safety is just a rod with a cutout to block or allow movement of the trigger sear, so I'm very tempted to make a new one that would mimic an AK safety at least in how it is manipulated.

Webm related.
>> No. 106394 ID: c3b8cf
I never thought that an AK or even an SKS safety would be an improvement, but damn.
>> No. 106395 ID: 2b637e
File 151191944448.jpg - (93.51KB , 1024x768 , Chinese Type 79 NORINCO (NDM-86) 7_62x54R sniper r.jpg )
Anyone have any experience with other Chinese knock-offs like their NORINCO Type 79 (NDM-86) and Type 85 7.62x54R SVD sniper rifle copies? I have seen these T79s in 7.62x51mm NATO as well. Soviet Dragunovs are wildly expensive, but the Chinese could flood the market with cheap copies (if they are not banned from doing so).
>> No. 106396 ID: 2b637e
File 151191962028.jpg - (151.24KB , 2048x1028 , Chinese Type 79 (NDM-86) 7_62x51mm (_308 Wincheste.jpg )
Chinese Type 79 (NDM-86) 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) sniper rifle SVD copy.

A Chinese Norinco-made copy of the SVD, known as the Type 79. Equipped with a 4× magnification optical sight which is a copy of the PSO-1. The rifle has a slightly shorter butt. Also produced a modified Type 85 and several other commercial copies of the SVD. An upgraded variant called the CS/LR19 was also debuted. Export variants such as the "NSG-85" were also produced. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragunov_sniper_rifle
>> No. 106397 ID: 2b637e
File 151191966618.jpg - (170.71KB , 2048x1043 , Chinese Type 79 (NDM-86) 7_62x51mm (_308 Wincheste.jpg )
>> No. 106398 ID: ddbc8b
  Norinco Type 81 - Now in Canada https://youtu.be/kLm8jx-xgZY
>> No. 106400 ID: 8e3872
This reminds me of the best parts of an SKS mixed with an AK, with a touch of Vz.58 thrown in. Of course, they're SKS derived, so that makes sense. I guess the Vz.58 resemblance is a case of parallel development.

Pity they're not available in the US. I'd love to see a big commie rifle comparison between this, an AK, an SKS, and a Vz.

A quick question - how many canadabucks does this cost?
>> No. 106401 ID: 5f82f4
They're a grand in rainbow syrup strips, a little much but again up here it's the norm.

To be honest I notice more resemblances to the AK than anything else. This weekend I'll take pics next to an SKS to show the few similarities. Having owned VZs, I can also attest to the lack of resemblances between the T81 and the VZs.

I'll ask around to see if anyone up here might know a guy with a Valmet or a guy with his prohib for an AK. I know a dude at Marstar, they have AKs there, vid related.
>> No. 106403 ID: 54751f
> It's not an AK variant but it could be considered a "close enough" distant relative twice removed to an AK variant.
Forgive my idiocy, what makes it not an AK exactly? Is there something that is mechanically different? Other than metal quality it seems the same to me.
>> No. 106404 ID: f2172d
long stroke vs. short stroke piston is a major difference.
>> No. 106424 ID: 19518e
File bho_worked(rare).webm - (0.96MB )
Holding off on comparison picture as I'm negotiating stuff with a possible entity who could provide a legal AK variant (or more than one) for a side-by-side. More later, might be a few days/weeks, hard to tell.

I do have more footage of the T81 doing T81 things. We shot over a thousand rounds of cheap surplus slav (can't remember what exact slav) ammo and Chinese ammo.
>> No. 106425 ID: 19518e
File 151242842473.jpg - (1.08MB , 2880x1920 , toasty.jpg )
The T81 has, so far, not suffered any malfunctions or stoppages of any kind apart from the temperamental bolt hold-open feature. We tag-teamed topping up mags and mag-dumping until it got uncomfortably warm and the handguards started smoking.
>> No. 106426 ID: 19518e
File sks_t81_recoil.webm - (4.73MB )
I did get the chance to have a go at recoil comparison between a bone stock SKS and the T81. I tried to hold them about the same way, in the same stance, and same ammo. However I'm not that good, so this little anecdotal test must be taken with a grain of salt.

Keep in mind that the T81 is quite a lot lighter than the SKS when looking at this little recoil comparison webm.
>> No. 106427 ID: 19518e
File peek_at_the_underboob.webm - (4.80MB )
Neat angle from here, at 1000 frames/sec we can see the short piston's stroke, the rearward push to open the action is quite brisk with the relatively sluggish piston return.
>> No. 106428 ID: 19518e
File side.webm - (839.49KB )
That's about it for now, hopefully we can get some neat comparison stuff between other rifles and the T81 soon.
>> No. 106442 ID: 8908fb
Does...that mean they're burning away?
>> No. 106445 ID: 19518e
Getting anything to catch fire would be quite a feat considering the neutered magazine capacity limit. My buddy and I made a good team and managed to fire as continuous as could be expected, but it simply got uncomfortably hot, not quite bursting into flames hot. Basically everything in front of the magazine was pretty much near-water-boiling super hot cup of coffee hot or hotter (exposed metal).

Looking under there, the wood isn't burned but some stray wood fibers and small shellac globules getting singed/cooking probably caused most of the smoke along with whatever bit of oil might've been hanging around under there.
>> No. 106452 ID: 19518e
File Just_a_wee_bit_warm.webm - (4.82MB , Just a wee bit warm.webm )
Short bit of video I got from my buddy's side of things.
>> No. 107224 ID: d408af
man, if I was a leaf I would so buy one. Glad you guys up north have enjoyable guns still being imported!
>> No. 107236 ID: d8d89a
Am i retarded for thinking the type 81 is just a evolution of the SKS platform?
>> No. 107264 ID: c3b8cf
You are retarded for a great many reasons, but in this case you are correct. The Type 81 has similarities to the SKS, such as a short stroke piston.
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