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File 15137577711.jpg - (31.08KB , 350x240 , 141110army-of-darkness1.jpg )
106521 No. 106521 ID: 56139e
I got some crazy ideas I want to try someday.

First off, some kind of solid metal gauntlet, attached to an elbow brace. With a mechanism on the knuckles that holds shotgun shells and fires them when you punch.
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>> No. 106522 ID: a70f4c
Ballistic Fist - Fallout: New Vegas https://youtu.be/5VwkxK2nwJ0
>> No. 106523 ID: a70f4c
  REAL LIFE POWERFIST! fallout 4 https://youtu.be/z-vABMIdm5Y
>> No. 106524 ID: a70f4c
  And then there's the US Navy Sedgley Glove Gun as seen in "Inglourious Basterds" https://youtu.be/1hkmc0o8uVk
The Sedgley Glove Gun was one of the goofiest projects actually funded by the US military during WWII. Designed for the Navy, it was basically a leather gardening glove with a single shot .38 S&W pistol attached to the back. A plunger fired the gun, and the idea was literally that the user would make a fist and punch his adversary, shooting them in the process. Depending on which numbers you believe, somewhere between 52 and 200 of these were actually made, and there is no confirmed record of any actually being used in combat. There are suggestions that the OSS also used them, but these are also unconfirmed. We had the privilege to examine this mint-condition example at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, and very much appreciate the opportunity!
>> No. 106525 ID: 751d6a
This is an incredibly stupid fucking idea.

I like it...
>> No. 106528 ID: 56139e
File 151383162826.jpg - (52.21KB , 430x234 , sound_cannon_2.jpg )
So, the reason I'm talking about improvised weapons is that I'm planning on making a trip to a certain lake.

This location has been known to people of my family (southwest native american pueblo) as being home to underground beings. They routinely make offerings to them, and even sent a member of the tribe down into the caves as a sacrifice!

So I want some equipment to deal with said beings.

For armour I'm thinking more along the lines of motorcycle armour, and knee, elbow, and neck braces.

What would be the brightest lights you could take down into a cave? What about back ups that don't depend on electricity?

What about a bow? Would a strong recurve bow be more reliable than a crossbow or compound? I'm talking about close quarters, self defence application..

Here's my next main weapon idea, is there any way you could make a portable device that would emit super high frequency sound, loud enough to stun? Powered by a battery pack of some kind?

Pic related
>> No. 106529 ID: f2172d
>Here's my next main weapon idea, is there any way you could make a portable device that would emit super high frequency sound, loud enough to stun? Powered by a battery pack of some kind?

They did that in the book version of Jurassic Park:The Lost World. It starts to work, but then the battery pack gets unplugged and someone gets eaten by a T-Rex.
>> No. 106532 ID: 19518e
>> No. 106533 ID: 56139e
I'll be more than eaten.. I would be captured and tortured beyond belief. I'll have to rig up some kind of self destruct explosive device. I don't want to be trapped a mile underground having my psyche ripped apart for years.
>> No. 106534 ID: 56139e
I'm basically planning on confronting reptilian beings in a batman vs superman delusional fight.

I know they have the ability to mess with electronics, but I would be willing to livestream my adventure as much as I can. I'll have to develop my body to its peak condition. I have experience with mixed martial arts, wilderness survival, weight lifting, and dealing with wild animals.

My main defence is my developed mental and psychic energy. These beings can cause paralysis with a glance.

They're vulnerable to titanium, silver, and bright light. So grenades with aerosol silver and bright lights that don't depend on electricity are a must.
>> No. 106535 ID: 56139e
  I'll have to approach the limit of physical conditioning. Mental, physical, and spiritual.
>> No. 106536 ID: 56139e
Oh and teak wood is poison to them. According to Credo Mutwa
>> No. 106537 ID: 56139e
File 151386255997.jpg - (76.67KB , 750x422 , fox-titan-sport-jacket-37777.jpg )
First piece of armour:

I can decide between a full face helmet with a neck brace and a ballistic helmet with a hard shell neck guard. I can't double up on too much or I won't be able to move quickly.

I'm leaning towards a helmet and neck brace, thats attached to a chest plate. That way a reptilian won't be able to snap my neck so easily.
>> No. 106538 ID: a70f4c
File 151386601471.png - (261.92KB , 2480x1754 , poison chemical warfare gasses of WW1.png )
The acoustics of using a lethal sound weapon within a cave would reflect against you and may cause a cave-in. I would recommend chemical warfare, like those tanks of cyanide gas used to kill rats and vermin in ships, or even better phosgene as hydrogen cyanide gas is lighter than air and rapidly disperses up into the atmosphere where denser agents such as phosgene or chlorine tend to remain at ground level. And HCL must also be present in higher concentrations in order to be fatal. Probably the best is a mix of chlorine and phosgene as the less lethal but less dense chlorine pushes out phosgene to help spread the gas.
>> No. 106539 ID: a70f4c
File 15138665603.jpg - (302.63KB , 842x560 , poison phosgene tank in Bhopal Union Carbide facto.jpg )
A phosgene tank in the old Bhopal Union Carbide factory that had a catastrophe in 1984.
>> No. 106546 ID: 56139e

That's a good idea, I've heard that these beings are allergic to silver, copper, and teak wood. I don't know whats rumour and fact, but chemical warfare has to be a major component of my strategy.

I need to find ways of creating super bright light chemically, along with gaseous grenades. Hopefully I'll be able to provide Opchan with a livestream of my exploration.. but I have a feeling electronics are going to be useless. Based on their mastery of electromagnetic fields and mental energy.

Of course everything I'm saying is fiction..
>> No. 106550 ID: 56139e
>> No. 106574 ID: 1519ac
File 151388222680.jpg - (91.79KB , 880x660 , 186185.jpg )
>allergic to... copper...

Why on earth are you talking about all this silly shit when you could just buy some of pic related?
>> No. 106575 ID: a70f4c
Sounds like you need glitter bombs (compressed air showering copper glitter).
Or the Glittergun from Doctor Who. The Glittergun was a weapon developed by the enemies of the Cybermen during the Cyber-Wars once their vulnerability to gold had been discovered by the humans and other allies of the Vogans. The weapon fired gold dust particles or even sometimes molten gold into the chest units of the Cyberman, plugging up their respiration system and suffocating them. (TV: Revenge of the Cybermen)

Doctor Who 12x17 Revenge of the Cybermen (1)
>> No. 106576 ID: a70f4c
  Doctor Who 04 S12E18 Revenge of the Cybermen Pt 2
>> No. 106577 ID: a70f4c
  Doctor Who 12x19 Revenge of the Cybermen (3)
>> No. 106578 ID: a70f4c
  Doctor Who 12x20 Revenge of the Cybermen (4)
>> No. 106582 ID: 751d6a
Please for the love of God and all the saints please do this shit.
1. reason being if you go and see jack shit ( most likely scenario ) that settles it for the rest of the internet and we get to laugh. Kinda like like that flat earth guy with the homemade rocket.
2. You do find what you are looking for and come back with proof and shit gets 3 real.
>> No. 106591 ID: 947d3d
Firearms are such an obvious choice.. I want to know about anything I can use besides firearms.

I'll most likely be carrying a semi-auto rifle, shooting 7.62mm.
>> No. 106592 ID: 947d3d
  Here it is.
>> No. 106593 ID: 947d3d

Yes! either I go to the locaton.. And nothing happens.. Or I die at the hands of the underground.
>> No. 106650 ID: df12a0
Like Yang Xiao Long, from Rooster Teeth's "RWBY" series?
>> No. 106652 ID: a70f4c
I remember watching their Rage Quit series. Therapy for frustrated video gamers.
Rage Quit - Secret Santa https://youtu.be/6ULGut9qG6A
>> No. 106661 ID: 30d556
OP is mentally ill. Please video record your autism.
>> No. 106744 ID: 09c7e0
>What would be the brightest lights you could take down into a cave? What about back ups that don't depend on electricity?

flamethrower, but i want u that the jidf takes a dim view of burning jews, even underground cavejews sets them off.
>> No. 106812 ID: ad2a44
I have always thought of having a 20mm arm cannon to wear while driving.
If you are held up through your window (happened to friend while I was in back seat before) you don’t have to wait for the perpetrator to bleed out.
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