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File 151406928840.jpg - (1.35MB , 2160x1216 , lvphri.jpg )
106604 No. 106604 ID: dcea3a
I guess I should post the new rifl*cough* I mean """pistol""" I built recently too since I haven't made any threads in so long. Still waiting on tax stamps so I can put a real stock on it and get my suppressor out of NFA jail though.
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>> No. 106605 ID: dcea3a
File 151406945340.jpg - (1.38MB , 2160x1216 , efynvd.jpg )
Faxon 11.5" mid-length "gunner" barrel
Superlative Arms bleed-off gas block
Midwest Industries rails
Geissele SSA-E trigger
KAC irons
Arisaka 300 series light
Q Cherry Bomb brake/suppressor taper mount
>> No. 106606 ID: dcea3a
File 151406954377.jpg - (267.58KB , 1153x2048 , 21753224_10210184744042509_5085625367431721571_o.jpg )
Yes, I dimpled the barrel. No, the castle nut is not staked yet because eventually I'm going to replace the buffer tube and stock with a real one whenever our ZOG overlords decide to send my stamp back.
>> No. 106607 ID: dcea3a
File 151406956656.jpg - (278.29KB , 2048x1152 , 21753415_10210184761162937_6925135637568349066_o.jpg )
>> No. 106608 ID: dcea3a
File 151406958354.jpg - (182.65KB , 2048x1152 , 21752820_10210184926247064_2338663290347106596_o.jpg )
>> No. 106609 ID: dcea3a
File 151406963114.jpg - (1.14MB , 2160x1216 , mrtyjd.jpg )
hard to get a pic of the reticle with a phone camera but you can see it over at http://www.primaryarms.com/TA44-C-400306
>> No. 106611 ID: e72dd4
That gas block location near the end of the barrel. 10 points nigga.
>> No. 106616 ID: dcea3a
Yeah it's pretty hilarious. Should be smooth as silk with a can though.
>> No. 106618 ID: 988090
Woah, I have carbine gas system on my 10.5" how does it shoot with gas block set to I guess "normal"?
>> No. 106621 ID: dcea3a
The gas port is intentionally overgassed, this barrel is intended only to be used with an adjustable gas block. I have it set to just enough gas to lock the bolt back every time plus two clicks for reliability. Its kinda fun with barely enough gas to work though, you can feel the sproing like a 20" rifle.
>> No. 106632 ID: e72dd4
Kinda reminds of my SP1 troll build I'm working on. Rifle length gas port on a JP barrel chopped at 16'' with a regular A1 gas block. It needs a can to function.
>> No. 106633 ID: dcea3a
It actually runs really well even without a can, I have a couple thousand rounds through it now. The more retarded thing is the brake. Sounds like I'm shooting .50BMG, shoots a 2 foot fireball, and you can feel the shockwave in your sinuses if you're standing next to me. Unfortunately there is no flash hider mount for the can I got but at least it's effective as a brake lmao, combined with the adjustable gas system it recoils like .22lr. If it weren't a suppressor mount I would not put a brake on an 11.5" rifle.
>> No. 106647 ID: 19518e
File bang.webm - (2.96MB )
>braked short barrel 223/5.56 are ridiculous
can confirm
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