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No. 106804 ID: 0c0c91
  Whats up, nerds
>> No. 106807 ID: 9dcda2
Your dot's missing. My M&P did the same thing.
>> No. 106808 ID: e0deaf
>Your dot's missing. My M&P did the same thing.

Common issue?


How'd you like the inforce APL?
People like the looks & size, but often say it's rather easy to break.
>> No. 106818 ID: d79e18
I'm guessing so. Happened to someone I know, paint cracked and basically fell out under normal use.
>> No. 106859 ID: 30d556
That's pretty.
>> No. 106881 ID: 1dec8f
So it's not a common thing, but I'm pretty sure we've both thrown our pistols like baseballs at one point.

I can say that the TLR1 HD will take some serious beatings before the lens cracks, his Inforce hasn't had *any* issues whatsoever.
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