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No. 106813 ID: 9dcda2
  Who's hyped?

It's not on the Maryland roster, so I'm screwed.
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>> No. 106815 ID: e0deaf
>Who's hyped?

There's been some reports of feeding issues and getting worse & worse.
Considering it's a new design, I hope they stand behind their product and get it fixed for the people with issues.
>> No. 106822 ID: 136a5b
I don't fully buy into it, but it seems like an excellent competition gun.
I want to see them add a red dot attachment as standard.
>> No. 106832 ID: 704636
File 151641021242.jpg - (217.57KB , 1176x1176 , 27021265_2092805477413058_5879588842199112144_o.jpg )
Looks like the aftermarket is already working on putting a red do on it.

I handled one recently. It seemed nicely made, the trigger was good, and the low bore axis is nice. I wouldn't buy one because beta testing a gun from an established gun company isn't fun - just ask CZ P10C or SIG *insert any new model they've made post 2005 or so* owners.
>> No. 106833 ID: 704636
Forgot the link

>> No. 106840 ID: 815268
>all steel gun built with extra weight on the front to mitigate recoil
>adds comp

i don't really understand this meme
>> No. 106870 ID: 1dec8f
I put roughly 500 rounds through one.
Ask me anything.
>> No. 106871 ID: c3b8cf
Overall impressions?
>> No. 106874 ID: 1dec8f
This might sound weird.
But honestly it's worth it, the recoil impulse feels inverted slightly, the Trijicon dot front sight works well out to 50m.

Hopefully they need up the magazine capacity a bit and figure how the hell to make holsters work with retention (so it's not just a giant fucking kydex pocket)

All in all its a fucking amazing gun and legitimate innovation.
>> No. 106876 ID: 9dcda2
Any stoppages, issues, quirks, or annoyances?
>> No. 106877 ID: a083c4

Did you mount a light to it?
>> No. 106878 ID: 1dec8f
The only thing that pissed me off was the mags that had very high mileage.
I ran some simple drills with it and during a 1 and 1 I basically ran the baseplate halfway off.

But that's not going to be an issue with new mags, the mags are very well made.

Nah fam, though I did mention how I was concerned about manipulating a WML with it sitting so far low.
I was given the response that the toggle switch can be actuated with the middle finger and yeah I guess that would work with ample training.

My biggest concern is how well holsters with WMLs would work, because it wouldn't exactly be solid for retention unless you had a groove over the trigger on the kydex or whatever.

But it would probably wear faster.
>> No. 106879 ID: 1dec8f
Oh, quirk I guess is that like the Gen 2 Glocks (not sure about newer ones) if you send the mag in hard enough, it drops the slide.

Which was kind of a neat trick when I started getting used to it.

Not gonna lie, the gun grew on me.
I love it.

But it's like that weird alt chick you kinda dig.
You wanna fool around with it, but you kind of know better than to fuck yourself up like that in front of other people.

Mostly because she has gauges in her nose and tries to wrangle you into MMF shit too much.
>> No. 106958 ID: a083c4

My SP-01 will do that. Is fast.
>> No. 107013 ID: 9dcda2
Now in aluminum.
>> No. 107025 ID: f4cb56
I'll never be able to afford one...
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