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File 152079983867.jpg - (1.93MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_2048.jpg )
107088 No. 107088 ID: d7e6b8
Range report for the Taurus PT-111 G2c

All good. Shoots a little low out of the box, sights are adjustable. Will adjust next go around.

250 rounds down range, no issues.

CCW/EDC/Truck Gun.

The G3 is coming out soon and if they adjust the trigger I will own that as well. Never thought I would own one much less potentially two Taurus pistols.
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>> No. 107089 ID: d7e6b8
File 152079994415.jpg - (0.99MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_2044.jpg )
15 yards first mag through.

I will reiterate that you need to shoot this weapon to get used to the trigger.
>> No. 107090 ID: d7e6b8
File 152079997534.jpg - (908.68KB , 4032x3024 , IMG_2040.jpg )
This is at 10.
>> No. 107091 ID: d7e6b8
File 152080009839.gif - (3.82MB , 420x262 , 8yOlqXe.gif )
Preemptive haters reply.

When spouting off, please see.
>> No. 107092 ID: d7e6b8
On a more serious note this weapon has everything that I desire in a concealed carry weapon.

I carry with one in the chamber. Just how I roll. This for me in my mind requires that I must have a manual safety on the weapon as I do not have full control of the weapon while it is holstered.

I know it may be weird to some. Just my requirement.

Bonus, it comes with a trigger safety as well.

12+1 standard, comes with 2 mags.

Very happy with this gun.

The G2c version comes without the Taurus security locking system.

Even the tiny rail mods (lasers) are not bad looking.
>> No. 107093 ID: 9dcda2
> 12+1 standard

What's the size like? I'm guessing as wide as a glock 19, but shorter barrel and grip?

On a scale of 1 to staple gun, how's the trigger?
>> No. 107094 ID: d7e6b8
>What's the size like?
Fits my hand perfectly. Could see this being a little small on the grip for the 6'+ crowd until a more firmed up aftermarket version of the extended pinky rest mag comes out.

Beyond the troughs in the front the entire slide is tapered slightly, the gun is extremely easy to draw.

>On a scale of 1 to staple gun, how's the trigger?
Hmm... What to say here.

First, you can and should totally ride the trigger bar on reset. It is firm and the reset is very short. See the video.

I plan on dumping a lot of rounds through this gun to get it down.

You may also hear about it being "gritty". That was resolved on the g2c by removing the Taurus security locking system. There was not grit for me, only a firm bar and short reset. There is an aftermarket for non C models that disengages the key safety and removes the grit as well. I don't own the earlier models so I do not have any issues here.
>> No. 107095 ID: c959ea
  Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 https://youtu.be/MH3tJrK2ma4
>> No. 109982 ID: 2c9a5f
Hi I have a taurus pt111 g2 its a great pistol but I need some high capacity mag.
I read the pt24/7 gen 1 mag works but iff you can tell me Ill be to gratefull.

PS:english isn't my first languaje sorry for that...
>> No. 109984 ID: 74f607
is that even legal in your country lmao
>> No. 109990 ID: 953e1c
I have the g2c with chrome slide. Overpaid a little but was supporting my local range/shop. Honestly amazed at how much I actually like the little thing. OP forgot to mention it has double strike capability, which is pretty sweet.
>> No. 110001 ID: 0d01d8
File 161265161339.jpg - (14.50KB , 546x546 , 774523-Taurus_TX22_Full_22lr_Pistol_Flat_Dark_Eart.jpg )
I have heard good things about the TX22, to the point where I would be sort of tempted if they were available, and .22 LR ammo were available, where I am.
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