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File 152263585962.jpg - (2.34MB , 3500x1946 , congress006-1.jpg )
107158 No. 107158 ID: f41284
Don't say this shit can't happen. This Bill has 174 cosponsors.

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>> No. 107162 ID: 738b31
oh look, the ride never ends
>> No. 107164 ID: f4cb56
Everyone, EVERYONE, from non-free states just needs to move to Maine/Wyoming/Arizona/Illinois so that they can forever be freedom country and the liberals will get exactly the liberal utopia they want and deserve while we watch them decay.
>> No. 107165 ID: ca7720
Aren't cops and military the number one perpetrators of gun violence? Why doesn't this bill take their guns from them?
>> No. 107167 ID: 41441c
Cue whining in the next election cycle about all the Californians who moved to Montana and are voting for gay marriage and legal weed and so on.
>> No. 107199 ID: 780eaa
concentration of firepower is the key to winning military battles, but in the american electoral process you do better by having your influence distributed more evenly - 50.0001% per district. the people who are fleeing liberal areas because they're afraid of being charged with weapons crimes are the real sissies.
just do what you want illegal or not and don't be afraid of the consequences. also i disagree with the characterization of AZ as free, the cops there are as numerous and aggressive as the worst east coast hellholes.
>> No. 107210 ID: a8533b
>I'm a sissy because I left my home state, which is gerrymandered against republicans and ruled wholly by a megacity which should be it's own census designated autonomous region

>afraid of being charged with weapons crimes
No I was afraid of my tax dollars, which were unjustly high, going towards illegitimate corrupt state government

Why should I fight a losing battle and become a target for an illegitimate state government when I can vote with my feet? Let my state rely wholly on its megacity while the rest of the state looks more and more like West Virginia or Arkansas, and the middle class flees in droves
>> No. 107220 ID: 360fc6
Literally wrong. If you have a bunch of voters in one place voting pro-gun, then you get to keep your guns there. If you have just one person in each area voting to keep your guns while everyone else in each area votes to take guns, then you get your guns taken. That's how it works.
Also your taxes will be feeding the people taking your guns from you for the entire time that you are there.
>> No. 107234 ID: 09c7e0
never put this guy in charge of gerrymandering except as an act of sabotage
>> No. 107266 ID: d0cfe2
I just hope I am around to witness the Balkanization of the US and what follows.

As for an Assault Weapons "Ban", I will just have to break the law. I'm not obeying anymore shitlib laws.
>> No. 107269 ID: 89948a
File 152452527727.jpg - (1.00MB , 1209x3307 , 1403645512105.jpg )
>getting bulldozed into a mass grave by the national guard to own the libs
>> No. 107407 ID: 3eed6b
holy fuck keep gore images out, dang it.
>> No. 107566 ID: 8603a5
File 153284826599.jpg - (41.15KB , 347x638 , william_pierce_rope.jpg )

Unlikely, and besides; death is preferable to living under another AWB.

If the AWB returns, we really have nothing else to lose at that point.

Anyways, why are we letting anti-gun shills and lefties shit all over the board?
>> No. 107599 ID: e488a3
You sure showed him!
>> No. 107604 ID: 907967
>weak stomach
>on /k/
lmao someone show this noob the avra valley shoot video
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