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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 152467901564.jpg - (216.45KB , 1242x2208 , F243BDC1-F86C-4F82-A623-C392BE7247BF.jpg )
107270 No. 107270 ID: ad2a44
Can anyone authenticate this? I’ve heard of people making fakes.

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>> No. 107271 ID: 16093f
File 152468224425.jpg - (1.57MB , 1148x2041 , 1B47A6BD-3F3B-40B0-AD7F-BC1620B0A44C.jpg )
>> No. 107272 ID: 3f6978
Not entirely sure what you're confused about here? Remington Rand made over 875k 1911s during WWII, they're not a particularly rare item.
>> No. 107274 ID: 8c968b
It looks like it was left to rust for awhile, and then refinished later. If so, this negatively affects the collector's value. And it seems like a lot to spend on just a shooter.
>> No. 107275 ID: ad2a44

He wants to trade for my Glock 19. I read a forum about guys shaving off RIA markings and stamping on Rand US Gov’t ones.
Any idea what a refinished shooter grade would go for? Gunbroker is all over the place.
>> No. 107276 ID: ad2a44
File 152470290116.jpg - (776.92KB , 1536x2048 , D932AA38-8043-46A0-A9D8-9597D878C3F5.jpg )
Better shot of the 18c
>> No. 107277 ID: e35b40

What's the story on the 18C? I assume it's the store's dealer sample? Putting the trijicon with a price tag next to it is such a tease.
>> No. 107278 ID: 16093f

Dealer was showing it off at a gun show in Arkansas. He has a wall of select fire SMGs.
>> No. 107279 ID: bd9939
File 152479910296.jpg - (613.85KB , 1600x900 , remrand.jpg )
Postwar arsenal reparked/refinished pistols are the norm in my experience. That one is pretty obvious with the faded stamps. Very rarely do you see a true bring back with original worn finish. The last one I saw was a "dad died and I'm not really a gun person" scenario.

While in my opinion it being a refinished gun with a fairly prominent idiot scratch diminishes the value well below 90%, blue book is just a general guideline and I think $1,500 for a US property marked gun is most definitely not outside the norm, but certainly not a steal.

I'm assuming he wants cash as well, because I would trade my 19 for that in an instant. (despite being a total glockfag that has zero interest in 1911's other than historically significant examples).
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