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File 152710275694.jpg - (307.11KB , 1170x1600 , James%252BBowie_Wright2.jpg )
107373 No. 107373 ID: 8e191e
Fun fact: you can conceal any size fixed blade knife in the state of Nevada with a ccw. This recent revelation, combined with the fact the missus still won't let me have funz (you put a pistol to your head one time), has got me seriously considering buying a real noif.

Two part question: which one and how should I train with it? I'm currently thinking the Buck 619 Bowie knife and there's a martial arts studio down the road teaching Eskrima. I can be swayed otherwise.
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>> No. 107374 ID: 8e191e
File 152710317870.jpg - (7.89KB , 300x300 , 916-SP3.jpg )
Pardon me. Buck knife 916 rather. This in a shoulder sheath I reckon ought to do it.
>> No. 107375 ID: 6fe1bd
Never fought with a naif, never really had tratraining, so maximum grain of salt mode for recommendations below.


sog daggert 2?

Honestly whatever has 6" or more of cut, made from good steel, has a grippy handle and a guard.
>> No. 107376 ID: d7bd06
>SOG Daggert 2
Eeeeh. I don't doubt its effectiveness. What I worry about is its legality. It could fall into that troublingly vague category of outlawed weapon: dirk or dagger. Best I can figure, that means a fixed blade that is sharp on both sides, but the shit is iffy. Back when Nevada was just a bunch of rough little mining towns, the state banned all manner of weapons and the law remains on the books. I found this out when I tried ordering a custom ironwood billy club and found out that importation, carrying, or merely even posessing one in the state is against the law.
>> No. 107377 ID: 6fe1bd
Ah damn. What about a bayonet?

You could nofucks and carry a smallsword lol jk.

For value, the RUK knives have great steel for their like 13$ msrp but you'll have to do a full edge regrind as factory sharpens it blunt and the sheath is worse than garbage.

Another better out of the box buy is glock knives. They're tough as hell, have a good sheath, and are pretty much the knife equivalent of the pistol. No frills, no fancy handle, just steel and retard-proof plastic. The 78 model has no serrations for HSLD stabby action.

For your purpose is probably go Glock.
>> No. 107378 ID: e84516
File 152711037726.jpg - (815.11KB , 2500x1875 , CC knife Buck 120 General (circa 1981) bowie 2.jpg )
How about just a plain black micarta handled Buck 120 (circa 1981) or 124?
I had a Buck Bowie knife in the early 1980s and also an old USMC Ka-Bar and they worked great as camping knives.
>> No. 107379 ID: 6fe1bd
Hunh. Forget the RUK, seems it is completely different now. It used to be this almost-bowie thing with a plastic handle that was nearly 1/4" thick and like 8" long. Canada ammo up here sold them 12.99$,I bought like four of them. Basically sharpened prybars. I think Cheaper Than Dirt carried them in the US.

Glock knife is still better budget option for the sheath when you want to carry it. I throw RUKs in the car or in the workshop, if it gets lost or rusts or gets abused, whatever, that's what they're for.
>> No. 107380 ID: e84516
File 152711046580.jpg - (1.90MB , 3264x1836 , CC knife Buck 124 bowie 1.jpg )
>> No. 107381 ID: e84516
File 15271107399.jpg - (1.30MB , 4000x2675 , CC knife Buck 110 folding 1.jpg )
Or how about a folding pocket knife?
>> No. 107382 ID: e84516
File 152711123176.jpg - (913.77KB , 4000x2657 , CC knife Buck folding Hunter 1.jpg )
These are nice, although dated and old-fashioned.
>> No. 107383 ID: e84516
File 152711131390.jpg - (291.30KB , 1600x1200 , CC knife Buck Spitfire folding 1.jpg )
A more contemporary-looking Buck folder.
>> No. 107384 ID: e84516
File 152711212591.jpg - (143.67KB , 1226x816 , CC medieval sword with hand guard.jpg )
Or go for something bugger, although less concealable?
>> No. 107385 ID: e84516
File 152711219991.jpg - (32.25KB , 402x587 , CC sword baby 1.jpg )
En garde!
>> No. 107386 ID: bec165
pull the trigger next time.
>> No. 107387 ID: e84516
File 152711384880.jpg - (852.51KB , 3000x1803 , CC knife Al Mar 1.jpg )
Oh, you!
>> No. 107388 ID: 3cdff9
I got my 110 for Christmas when I was 13. I love it. My favorite gift to date. Carry it everywhere I can. Even got pretty good at flicking it open. While it'll certainly do in a pinch, it wouldn't be my first choice for a primary weapon.
>> No. 107389 ID: e84516
File 152712988778.jpg - (51.40KB , 1024x927 , pistol Italian Tanfoglio Witness compact 10mm 7.jpg )
Sure, it's no 10mm compact.
- Picture related (but mine's all stainless).
>> No. 107390 ID: b201fb
What I mean is, if I carry a knife as a primary weapon, it should be more substantial than a folding knife with sub-6" blade. Classy as fuck carry piece, btw.
>> No. 107391 ID: e84516
File 152716590563.jpg - (214.50KB , 1500x696 , CC bayonet Finnish folding M-60 bayonet 1.jpg )
Back in the late '80s, I picked up a gigantic Parker folding knife with a 7-inch blade engraved with "I Surpass" on the side of the blade. I sold it to a friend when I realized that the cops would crucify me if they found it in my pocket.
>> No. 107392 ID: e84516
File 152716635971.jpg - (253.99KB , 1080x847 , CC Damascus pattern weld folder 2.jpg )
People should feel honored to be stabbed with such a beautiful knife.
>> No. 107393 ID: e2aa25
Am I reading that right? M60 bayonet? Fucking christ, could you imagine?
>> No. 107394 ID: e84516
File 152720765052.jpg - (3.55MB , 4472x2097 , Finnish Valmet M60 7_62mm model 60 with bayonet 1.jpg )
Finnish M-60 bayonet. For their Valmet M-60 rifle (an AK clone), not the US M60 machine-gun.
Folding bayonet with grey-green painted narrow single-edged blade with a double-edged spear-shaped point. The blade pivots around a sprung press stud that extends through the hilt near the blade. The press stud allows the blade to slide forward and pivot through 180⁰, after which it can be slid back to lock it in the new position. When retracted, half of the blade is contained within a slot in the hilt with the point extending from the pommel end. The top guard is formed into a full muzzle ring but there is only a vestigial lower guard. The grips are wood and each is secured with two screw bolts. The right grip is recessed around a long sprung metal lever which operates a catch inside the small T-shaped attachment slot in the pommel. Scabbard: brown leather scabbard that is folded and riveted down the left side. A short row of stiches near the top of the scabbard helps to retain its shape. A narrow integral belt loop is attached to the back of the scabbard by to metal rivets. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/30001821
- Finnish 7,62 mm model 60 assault rifle with bayonet. This was the model 62 pre-series.
>> No. 107395 ID: e84516
File 152720777683.jpg - (4.06MB , 4788x2319 , Finnish Valmet M60 7_62mm model 62 pre-series 1.jpg )
>> No. 107396 ID: e84516
  Valmet M62/S: The AK in Finland https://youtu.be/Ohnvp16-ab0
After the Winter War and Continuation War, Finland settled a peace treaty with the Soviet Union, and started looking to modernize its infantry rifles - something semiautomatic was needed to replace the Mosin Nagants it was still using. A variety of rifles were tested, including the AR-10, Sig AM-55 (predecessor to the Stgw 57), and Madsen LAR. The Kalashnikov was really the clear choice, though, and the Finns received their first batch of Russian AKs in 1954. Sako and Valmet began working with AK designs in 1957, and by 1960 the Russian Type III milled receiver pattern was chosen as the basis for the new Finnish rifle.

That rifle would be formally adopted in 1962 as the Rk62, with full scale production beginning in 1965. It was mechanically a copy of the Kalashnikov, but with an assortment of external changes chosen by the Finns. Most significantly, the sights were dramatically improved. The front sight was given precise windage adjustment screws (as opposed to the Russian drift adjustments) and combined with the gas block. The rear sight was changed to an aperture type and moved to the rear of the receiver cover, which was also made with a much more precise fit than on Russian rifles.

The Finns also chose their own furniture style, including the distinctive tubular stock. While folding versions of this stock were sold commercially, the military pattern Rk62 used a fixed type, as does this M62/S semiautomatic version of the rifle. This example also has the early type of corrugated tubular pistol grip and “cheese grater” hand guard, both of which would be updated and improved after some time in Finnish military service.
>> No. 107397 ID: d18a2b
My 110 is at a wine & cheese shop. They sharpen cutlery, but I had to leave it overnight... I feel naked.
>> No. 107398 ID: 5ec9bd
Might be wise to learn how to sharpen your own knives. A couple of stones go a long way, you can practice with a cheap Mora or something.
>> No. 107401 ID: 18dd15
Due to their steel, Bucks hold a fine edge, but they are notoriously difficult to sharpen. In the words of an old Okie I know "They're harder 'n a preacher's dick in a calf's butt."
>> No. 107402 ID: 738b31
then use a diamond hone.
go here
(wow that's long)

get grits 150, 320, 600, 1000, 2000, 3000 (total $24 + shipping)
make a little work station with some scrap wood and 1/4 plate glass. Sharp enough for any pig sticking you might be up too.

As for knife fighting, get something small, fixed, super easy to access on your person, and with a grip that will keep your hand from slipping forward if you stab and hit hard stuff like bone. Cheapy punch daggers are a good option.

Knife fighting is more attempted assassination. If you are to the point where killing someone is the thing you think you should be doing, then don't let them see it coming, don't give them time to react, and don't stop until you know you are going to be safe if you do. Research how prisoners kill each other for practical real world info.
>> No. 107403 ID: c27283
>Buck's 420HC
>hard to sharpen
Man, I'd hate to see those guys try to sharpen a steel that's ACTUALLY hard to sharpen like ZDP-189.
>> No. 107406 ID: 3eed6b
to be frank, I hope you have some background in martial arts. it's really fun and games if you start this as a hobby and such.

but it's really depends how much good your instructor is
and how much effort you willing to give.

to be realistic here, an experienced Eskrima instructor can probably show you all them flashy moves of disarming a guy with a knife.

it's always good things to think if what you learn at course you can apply in self defense and not some sport class you do for fun.

just go there and try ,it is always a good thing to learn new stuff, but as I remember from my krav maga days you will probably start with the basics and spear with plastic knives and start from zero like everyone else.
>> No. 107408 ID: ce584a
File 152789505999.jpg - (37.43KB , 500x281 , jeb bush and his guns.jpg )
>> No. 107411 ID: bd9939
File 152791636644.jpg - (102.29KB , 970x647 , 4348_970x0.jpg )
Out in the world I would literally rather carry pepper spray than just a knife for defensive use. You still have to get in way too close to use that big dumb knife.

However, due to work being as corporatey as corporate big box stores get and not letting us carry guns or spray while we sell guns, often to customers open carrying guns I've taken a couple small precautions because of some total psychos I've gotten into it with over the years.

In addition to an every day folder, I've started carrying a Cold Steel counter tac II boot knife zip tied to an ankle wrap meant for a Gerber ghost strike off of ebay. It's an inexpensive dorky little knife with average but useable steel that is more than adequate for this role and not a huge loss if it gets lost or has to be ditched.This is about bottom of my list of what I want for defensive use besides harsh words and clawing at the eyes, but it conceals well and is weightless while providing a very last ditch avenue.

Also, I bought some British police surplus covert II soft armor that's also level 1 stab protection off of ebay. It makes my shoulder blades look funny, but several months in I still wear it every day under a dorky tucked in uniform shirt. I am the mall ninja of the night.

While I disagree with Revived's full sentiment, it is probably time to stop being a drunk weirdo and carry a real, effective weapon responsibly as in that dumb revolver instead of something as ineffective and dangerous as a knife though. Time to man up there, dad.
>> No. 107422 ID: e62225
You are absolutely right.
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