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File 152897359619.jpg - (92.81KB , 918x960 , 22279967_362829720797277_6093495040543314617_n.jpg )
107430 No. 107430 ID: f6327b
I just returned from my first IPSC Shotgun match, the Shotgun World Shoot in France where I placed atleast above last place. Anyone else here with who actually shoot matches in IPSC/USPSA/2-Gun/3-Gun or similar?
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>> No. 108061 ID: 758a23
I don't care for the pre-stage title cards. When you're competing, you have to plan your shoot. When you're watching someone else, you just want to see the shooting. Post-stage results are fine. Videos are a moving-picture visual medium, it's not really practical to have people read things.

Subtitles are fine.

One thing you could try is doing video of your dry run before the stage where you could point out the targets and go "pew pew" or talk through it. That way you could compare your plan to your execution.
>> No. 108181 ID: 0c9742
  New Years pistol match
>> No. 108183 ID: 9dcda2
Not too bad. Seems like the whole match wouldn't take too long. When we do a single stage with ~25 shooters and 3-4 runs, it's a 7 hour day including setup, lunch, and takedown.
>> No. 108225 ID: 9dcda2
Fucking ass it was cold out there. It was like 24'F (-4'C) with 10-15 mph winds. 24'F isn't too bad but the wind is just brutal. When it warmed up to freezing, it wasn't too bad.

There was also a long range rifle stage which I didn't put in the video. 6/9 of our squad par-timed out, including me. (But only 2 failure to neutralize, no failure to engage.) I shot like 70 rounds at 17 targets.
>> No. 108230 ID: c2c3ac
Good shooting, man! You keep making me want the Shadow 2 and I keep going out and buying old shit lol

Friend's taking me to a USPSA match next weekend, hope I do okay
>> No. 108233 ID: 9dcda2

Thanks man! I'm really impressed with the Shadow 2. It's like a Sig X-Five with a lower bore axis more reasonable price tag. It comes with 3x 17 round magazines, and I brought along a 16 rounder from the Bull Shadow just as a backup.

When you're dry handling the gun, you can nitpick the pre-travel on the trigger. But when the timer goes off the gun just performs. Line up the sights, squeeze the trigger, and the Shadow will not let you down. (Unless it fails to extract and you spend 8 seconds clearing it, but hey shit happens.)

The only thing I don't like about it is the extreme checkering, like I wouldn't try shooting it without gloves.
>> No. 108236 ID: 9dcda2
File 155002914686.jpg - (651.38KB , 1920x1080 , aIMG_20180923_181606.jpg )
Doooo eettttt.
>> No. 108237 ID: 9dcda2
File 155002917599.jpg - (493.26KB , 1920x1080 , aIMG_20180923_181754.jpg )
>> No. 108238 ID: f5c3ed
That's a nice sight picture. Just had to say.
>> No. 108239 ID: bbee29
Depends on the user, try before buying.

Tee hee, avgas has s o f t hands~
>> No. 108241 ID: 9dcda2
File 155006684349.jpg - (487.88KB , 1820x1024 , IMG_20190213_085929.jpg )
CZ nailed it.

I do have soft hands because I wear gloves at work, per policy. But now I'm so used to wearing gloves it's weird handling tools without gloves. Also you can get a better grip on sweaty days and get some protection from hot barrels or handguards that have been baking in the sun.
>> No. 108242 ID: c3b8cf
I got to try out a Shadow 2, P10C, and 75 compact (with Cajun Gun Works parts) side by side a few weeks ago. The Shadow 2 is quite nice, I was able to shoot around a 3 inch group at 15 yards. Its weight and front sight allowed for quicker follow up shots. I didn't do as well with the P10C at 15 yards (about 5 inch groups) since the stock trigger wasn't as nice, although still pretty good for a striker fired.
>> No. 108243 ID: 6fe1bd
I know avypoo I was just teasing ೭੧(❛〜❛✿)੭೨
>> No. 108246 ID: 9dcda2
File 155010063949.jpg - (325.66KB , 1600x904 , operator side.jpg )


And gotta take care of my love life.

This is also the reason I chose the MC Operator over the TRP Operator. The MC has the rubber wrap around grips and GI guide rod, rather than the TRP's cheese grater and full length guide rod.
>> No. 108300 ID: c2c3ac
File 155096365960.jpg - (334.57KB , 1920x1080 , CZShadow2.jpg )

You weren't kidding, this thing really does aim itself. I'm so
happy I picked this up
>> No. 108301 ID: 9dcda2
Very nice. I was blowing up sticks and rocks on the 50 yard berm last weekend.

I keep having holster difficulties with mine. I got a C&G Customs holster and I'm having a hard time adjusting the retention. Too loose and the gun goes flying and I get DQ'ed. Too tight and my gun, holster, belt, and pants come up as a unit. Also there's no way to mount it to a QLS fork... so I'm working on it.

>> No. 108302 ID: e11172
File 155098787040.jpg - (4.24MB , 4032x2268 , EDC glawk.jpg )
Can't say I've had any issues adjusting the retention on mine. Granted mine is for IWB carry, but I'm pleased with the one I got from C&G.
>> No. 108303 ID: 9dcda2
File 155105046927.jpg - (749.54KB , 1536x2731 , IMG_20190224_181123-1.jpg )
Ah, looks like I had the adjustment wrong. I spent probably an hour trying different settings and found a good amount of retention that still releases well. I can hold the holster upside-down and shake it and the gun stays put. With a loaded mag (with snap cap on top and chamber empty) it stays in until you really get violent with it.

Also I figured out how to get the QLS fork on there. It worked with a slight cant forward and only 2 screws. Once it was on the fork, the whole platform was much more stable.
>> No. 108304 ID: 9dcda2
File 155105055368.jpg - (351.31KB , 1536x864 , IMG_20190224_181246.jpg )
Also installed the ratchet thing. I'm going to give up on the Velcro inner belt and just put the whole thing over my shirt or jacket.
>> No. 108305 ID: bbee29
File 155105963159.jpg - (42.81KB , 800x450 , magnets_c.jpg )
I was thinking about it and would magnets help? You might be able to epoxy or otherwise affix a good magnet somewhere, it could help the pistol stay in place without having to tighten everything too much. As magnetic field intensity follows the inverse square law, it would retain well when contacting the magnet but let go easily after you've pulled it away just half an inch.
>> No. 108306 ID: 9dcda2
File 155106187141.jpg - (403.03KB , 1536x864 , IMG_20190224_204807.jpg )
Somebody has to have tried this...


> A few of our guys tried them several years ago when they were all the rage. I haven't seen one on the line since then.

> I got one when they first came out for a 1911. It was okay for standing starts like shooting steel with no movement at all but felt real loose if moving. It's pretty easy to hit the locking lever when drawing and give yourself a speed wedgie in the process. I even bought the revolver insert for it and tried it with an N frame S&W but in the end just went back to Safariland holsters for everything I shoot. The buddy I gave it too almost dropped his glock at a match when he went to open a door and the holster didn't hold the gun. I would never recommend this holster to anyone but that is just my $.02. YMMV.

I picked up a Safariland ALS holster for my VP9 and really like it. It has a thumb operated lever that locks into the ejection port. The only detail is that it won't secure a gun where the slide is locked back.


But they don't make it for the Shadow. I had a bladetech standard kydex holster for my VP9 and dropped the gun twice while running and had the whole holster fall off once. The more recent time the gun liberated itself, it was hot as fuck that day. Basically with these, you have to check and adjust the retention... tension... pretty frequently. (And all the attachment screws.)
>> No. 108307 ID: bbee29
I mean more supplementing your current holster with a magnet of some sort, not getting a magnetic holster.

>Basically with these, you have to check and adjust the retention... tension... pretty frequently. (And all the attachment screws.)
This is why I think adding magnets might help. It might keep the gun secure even if the adjustment isn't perfect.
>> No. 108313 ID: f5c3ed
Cleveland Kydex now has custom options for the Shadow 2. I have one of their OWB holsters for my M&P .45 for range use and it's a solid holster. Let me know if you want some pics of mine.
>> No. 108332 ID: f58119
When can I officially say Im a competitive shooter?
>> No. 108333 ID: f58119
When can I officially say Im a competitive shooter?
>> No. 108334 ID: 66d4e9
File 15526882953.jpg - (433.13KB , 2912x4368 , bow crossbow hunting.jpg )
I think you just said it twice, PanamaJack.
>> No. 108339 ID: c2c3ac
  Had my first USPSA match last week. Learned a lot about my shooting and there's much room for improvement. That said, it was a ton of fun and everyone was incredibly nice and helpful. Now it's all I can really think about, haha
>> No. 108340 ID: c2c3ac
File SteyrTimer2.webm - (1.20MB )
Also, think I should bring my Steyr-Hahn to the next one? :P
>> No. 108341 ID: c2c3ac
File CZs.webm - (976.02KB )
4 fun
>> No. 108342 ID: 9dcda2
File 155286146360.jpg - (41.74KB , 201x355 , derp and offset.jpg )
> Had my first USPSA match last week. Learned a lot about my shooting and there's much room for improvement. That said, it was a ton of fun and everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

Great job dude. I thought you shot pretty well. You'll get faster. Just work on safe and smooth for now.

With your stage two poppers, you got excited and blew your wad, then slowed down and recovered. Good work there.

When you hit, speed up. When you miss, slow down. All too often when someone's shooting and they miss, they try to speed up to make up for the miss, and miss more.

> Now it's all I can really think about, haha

Yer fuckin' hooked.


Did not see that coming, very nice. One thing though, I have a personal objection to drop and offset mounts for pistol holsters. I noticed for the USPSA match you did not have it, but I just want to air my grievance that I think they're dangerous because the gun is pointing directly at your leg. I actually shimmed up my holster mount to get it pointing straight down.
>> No. 108345 ID: 9dcda2
File 155286397881.jpg - (236.72KB , 972x1024 , mike haggar belt.jpg )
And how do you people have so much room on your belts? I added a baldric (the "Mike Haggar" belt) to mine to help with the weight. It was fine till I got the shadow. That thing is a tank.

Thinking about rigging up some suspenders, rather than the luggage strap I zip tied on.
>> No. 108346 ID: c2c3ac
File 155286999635.jpg - (294.07KB , 1068x886 , belt.jpg )
Thanks for the kind words man
>derp and oofset
Very good point. I'll have to do the same to my holster

>Haggar belt

I'm not sure about the belt real estate. I bought this under and over belt combo from Stormrider Gear some years ago and it uses MOLLE on the outside portion of the belt. I don't know if it helps, but I guess the accessories were designed not to take much space
>> No. 108803 ID: 9dcda2
Shot decent. Dumpster fired on one stage, so I left that one out of the video.
>> No. 108804 ID: 9dcda2
File 155901254460.jpg - (106.97KB , 1000x1000 , remington 1187 ND.jpg )
Two important things happened this match:

1. My buddies waited till stage 3 to tell me my shirt had come up and I was plumbers cracking everyone.

2. One of the first time 3-gun shooters had a Negligent Discharge while going to clear his shotgun. This guy says he'd shot 2-gun before but we were helping him out. I was the main Range Safety Officer for our squad and my buddy was the #2.

The stage was to shoot rifle, pistol, then shotgun. The new shooter completes his stage and unloads his handgun, no problem. He reaches into the barrel and apparently booger hooks the bang switch. The shotgun discharges through the barrel into the dirt.

> Me: "Hmm. Well you're done for the day."
> #2 RSO: AAAHHHHHHH. *Jumps back*
> Shooter: AAHHHHHHHHHH. (And shaking.)

The shooter is freaking out and immediately goes to reach for the shotgun again. I grab him by the shoulders and stop him, to calm him down. I check myself, #2, and the shooter to see if anyone was hit. Everyone appears to be fine, just a 3" diameter crater under the dump barrel. I tell the shooter to stand there while WE clear the guns, and then help him over to his gun storage bags.

The other detail is that he did not activate the safety before dumping the gun. Thinking back, I'm not sure why he dumped the shotgun, since it should have been in his hands at the end of the stage, but I'm sure it was when it reached back into the barrel. Memory is one of those fuzzy things.

I think a contributing factor is the location of the cross bolt safety on the Remington 1100/1187 he was using, RIGHT behind the trigger. Pretty easy to hit the trigger instead of the safety. On my Beretta 1301, the safety is in front of the trigger guard. Which I feel is a much better spot.

Just a heads up.
>> No. 108805 ID: f5c3ed
Appreciate the vids man.
>> No. 108810 ID: 9dcda2
Thanks man. I do it for all dozen of my viewers.
>> No. 108813 ID: c2c3ac
Good shootin man! I need to get in that there 3 gun stuff
>> No. 108814 ID: 51b0a9
It's a terrible habit, that will consume your soul, and your wallet.

Even handloading will not save you.

Eventually you will insist on "bayonet" protocols, just to save ammo, as you will have broken your MEC shotshell loader, and your RCBS "Green Machine" Linear Progressive.
>> No. 108915 ID: 3642d9
  I'll admit it, I suck at checking this place in general, but I'm happy to see that this thread has lived on for a year. Have a silly I made from a few matches ago as tribute:
>> No. 108958 ID: 9dcda2
  Woo second place. Mainly because the really good shooters didn't show up. This time I did really well at the 300 yard stage. The bonus was to shoot the 300 yard plate standing unsupported. It was a 30 second bonus that took 20 seconds to do, so that's a win. (With a RTT CQB man speed reload, good to go.)
>> No. 108959 ID: c2c3ac
Fantastic work man!
>> No. 108964 ID: f5c3ed
How did you mount the Contour camera on your earpro?
>> No. 108976 ID: 540040
File 156104610722.jpg - (118.27KB , 834x768 , IMG_20190619_072829_1.jpg )
With safety wire, of course. The black plastic mount is I think the contour handlebar mount. Usually has a rubber strap.
>> No. 109126 ID: 9dcda2
  The good:
- Pistol shooting was on point
- Shootan with the homies, having a good time
- I was RSO with a pretty good squad
- No penalties

The bad:
- Forget how to hold-over for the rifle (derped on the rifle-clay part by holding low... should be holding high inside of 50 yards)

The ugly:
- My nemesis: The Roof Prop

The night before I was deciding if I should wear shorts or pants. The "feels like temperature" ended up being 97'F, so I brought shorts. After my encounter with the roof prop, I was walking around wondering why my leg hurt a little. Minor road rash.
>> No. 109129 ID: cd18d9
You may have fumbled with the rifle clays, but you sure made it up with the poppers on the next stage. Good job mayne
>> No. 109130 ID: 9dcda2
Thanks dude. I did a bunch of pistol dry fire practice the day before, and it really paid off. One thing, on that last stage with the steel shooting gallery, I could actually feel the difference in weight and recoil as my magazines emptied. I basically counted off the last 3 rounds before the slide locked back. Never noticed that before. Shit happens when you're in "the zone".

Regarding dry practice, when I was practicing with the pistol I was focusing on my grip and trigger pull... to the microscopic level.

- More tension on the ring and pinky fingers
- Get the beavertail centered into the web of the hand
- The force from the trigger pull is between the first knuckle of the finger and the middle of the web of the hand...

One other thing I practiced the day before was left shoulder rifle handling, including loading the rifle, and reaching behind my back to get the magazine on my left hip. That went so well at 1:28 in the video it's hardly noticeable.

If you've got a long drive, check out the Primary and Secondary modcast on Tactical Gamers. They're a bunch of MIL/LEO guys who got into competitive shooting to grow as shooters. One of the things they discuss is that competitive shooting does wonders for your "processing speed", and how instinctual handling of the gun frees your mind to process your situation and surroundings.

Ernest Langdon is on the modcast and describes his first USPSA grand master win. He said it was the slowest run he's ever had. Then when they read the time, he beat everyone. But in his mind, everything was in slow motion.

Same thing happens for me. I'll shoot a stage, think it was slow as fuck, and have a smokin' time. Like "Ffffuuuckkkk, why does it take sooooo long to get the pistol sights back on target after recoil..."

I've identified 2 things I need to work on.
- Mental game
- Roof prop

By mental game, it's really easy to get distracted when you're RSO'ing and talking to your buddies and shooting video for yourself and others. At the stage briefing, you need to take a little time and walk the stage and to visualize yourself running it. Then, before your run, go back and mentally run the stage so that when it's time to go, you're just in playback mode, not in problem solving and discovery mode.

The roof prop and other awkward shooting positions. I've just got to practice getting in and out of these positions, and how best to shoot them. Also considering gun stability versus time to get in/out.
>> No. 109180 ID: 9dcda2
File 156631543973.jpg - (258.01KB , 971x544 , vp9 jam.jpg )
Piece of shit magazine "VP9 20 2". I cleaned it thoroughly afterward and it worked.
>> No. 109181 ID: 9dcda2
  Second! Also, golf-cart drive by.
>> No. 109182 ID: 9dcda2
  Fifth, so pretty good. I think I lost a shitload of time on the death star. The stage brief said we had to shoot at it at least two times before going to the shotgun. Also stoppage on the VP9 >>109180
>> No. 109208 ID: 5d2235
I'm fucking proud of everyone
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