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No. 107456 ID: f5c3ed
  Decided to test some reloads, story to follow with pics when I have the time to post later.
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>> No. 107457 ID: f5c3ed
File 153037642664.jpg - (4.04MB , 5312x2988 , 20180624_172457_noexif.jpg )
I did some 115gr XTP reloads (558 to be exact). Most functioned fine but one didn't go into battery and discharged resulting in pic relted. My extractor broke too as a result. When I got the stuck case wall out I saw that not all rounds were going into the chamber all the way. I used a Lee crimp and it said to have it as a light/half crimp for 9mm. All tested ammo went into my CZ without issue, but not my AR9. After trying a full crimp they had no issues at all. I never had any other issues with my AR9, but I've only run factory ammo though it.
>> No. 107458 ID: 9815bb
File 153041022781.jpg - (909.88KB , 2016x980 , Case head seperation_noexif.jpg )
It happened again. This time less violent and didn't break my extractor. These rounds aren't over charged, anyone have any suggestions?
>> No. 107459 ID: 6da1ca
File 153042117722.jpg - (322.33KB , 3359x837 , Spanish WW2 Destroyer Carbine in 9x23mm Largo 2.jpg )
You just might have one of those guns that are really picky about the kinds and brands of ammo she'll work with.
I have an old Marlin Camp 45 carbine, but I never ran into any problems with it.

Maybe you need to trade up for a more reliable 9mm carbine, such as this Spanish WW2 Destroyer Carbine in 9x23mm Bergman-Bayard (aka 9mm Largo), later used by the Spanish police and prison guards.
>> No. 107460 ID: 6da1ca
File 153042121993.jpg - (233.00KB , 3000x725 , Spanish WW2 Destroyer Carbine in 9x23mm Largo 3.jpg )
>> No. 107461 ID: 6da1ca
File 153042124797.jpg - (156.48KB , 1934x679 , Spanish WW2 Destroyer Carbine in 9x23mm Largo 4.jpg )
>> No. 107462 ID: 6da1ca
File 153042140189.jpg - (233.45KB , 1600x584 , Spanish WW2 Destroyer prototype _45ACP carbine by .jpg )
Even better to get an Atchisson prototype .45ACP suppressed assassin carbine version of the Spanish Destroyer. Used by US special forces in Vietnam.
>> No. 107463 ID: 6da1ca
File 153042150284.jpg - (536.51KB , 1600x1067 , Spanish WW2 Destroyer prototype _45ACP carbine by .jpg )
Not elegant, but I would trade my Camp 45 for her in a second.
>> No. 107464 ID: 758a23
File 153047120341.jpg - (5.12KB , 250x188 , KAK-9MM-BUFFER-2.jpg )
I haven't done any reloading, but what kind of buffer are you using?

A little more mass/spring will get that bitch in there.

Also, does your BCG have a firing pin shroud? Seems like the hammer should hit the shroud if it wasn't in battery.
>> No. 107465 ID: f5c3ed
File 153048787935.jpg - (34.38KB , 800x800 , 9mm_extended.jpg )
I upgraded from a 5.5oz buffer (not sure of actual brand but it came from PSA with the kit I ordered), to a 8oz KAK industries extended buffer. Bolt can still lock back but this prevents over-travel. As for the firing pin shroud, I don't know. When I pull the case wall out of the chamber tomorrow I'll post a pic.

After going over a few reloading references (Hornady Vol 1 and 7, Speer Vol 13) I'm still within safe pressure for 115gr bullets with 6.1-6.2 grs of unique powder (6.3 listed as max). I'm thinking I should back off the powder for my next reloads. I'm using a mixed batch of range pickups, but I haven't seen any indications that these were previously reloaded cases. The first issue blew out the primer, this one didn't. The intact primer wasn't bulged or flattened at the base of the case, so it sort of contradicts the too much pressure idea I have.
>> No. 107466 ID: 5ec9bd
>range pick up brass
It's possible that you picked up brass from a competition shooter doing 9mm major-power handloads in a race gun. They don't reuse their brass too many times because they're practically loading it to rifle pressure from standard 9x19 cases.

Somewhat related safety note; it's also why you shouldn't pick up loaded rounds off the range floor and put them in a regular gun, sometimes you drop rounds when clearing the gun at the end of a match. It's not healthy to fire those from whatever 9x19 you happen to have, although your PCC might fare better than most pistols.
>> No. 107468 ID: bf318f
Very few people reload at my club. When I see ~150 pieces of Federal brass on the ground and 3 empty boxes in the garbage bin, I can take an educated guess that they were factory new. It's when I see mixed brass brands in with random nickle plated brass I usually just put that in the scrap bin. I also immediately scrap any stepped brass I find. I've been picking up .45 auto brass and have had zero issues with those reloads.
>> No. 107469 ID: 5ec9bd
Oh I see, that's a little strange then.

It might be surface finish of your chamber. If it is, you could run a flex-hone for a few seconds or cover a patch with jeweler's rouge on a jag with a power drill to give the chamber a smoother finish. It'll have to be a polishing and not a "remove lots of material" kinda deal, as polishing the chamber too much might oversize it and might overwork the brass.
>> No. 107470 ID: bf318f
That's actually not a bad idea. It also brings up an interesting point, is it possible that my chamber can get too dirty to have the carbine function properly after ~250 rounds? I shot 100 on Friday and another <150 on Saturday, with luckily the last mag having the case head separation occur. I could see this after say 500+ rounds where a case could extract slower than it should causing it to jam. But has anyone experienced case head separations with mildly dirty chambers?
>> No. 107471 ID: 5ec9bd
File 153055934421.jpg - (30.05KB , 480x397 , Bushing_starrett_829_gauges.jpg )
>separation from dirty chamber
I can't say I've seen that happen too often. If the chamber does have a good surface finish, it's possible (but unlikely) that the chamber reamer might've run out if the pilot was a little small relatively, giving you a chamber that could be a little larger near the throat, and a little narrower at the chamber opening.

You'd kinda need to get pic related (cheaper ones would be okay, like Asimeto or whatever) and a micrometer to measure that kind of chamber taper though, and it's very unlikely that your chamber is like that.
>> No. 107473 ID: f5c3ed
>it's very unlikely that your chamber is like that.
Definitely a stretch for that to be the issue. It's a PSA upper, OEM by New Frontier Armory.

Removing this stuck case wall required less force this time, probably because it wasn't as bad of a detonation. I'm not going to test further until I finish some .45 auto reloads I'm getting ready for the 4th.
>> No. 107479 ID: 6ca38e
File 153062626545.gif - (2.43MB , 363x269 , giphy.gif )
>PSA upper, OEM by New Frontier Armory

I have nothing constructive to add, so polite sage, but...gif related.
>> No. 107481 ID: e96fc3
What's wrong with New Frontier Armory? I know PSA has had chronic customer service issues, but I've seen only good things aside from this thread about their 9mm ARs.
>> No. 107482 ID: e96fc3
What's wrong with New Frontier Armory? I know PSA has had chronic customer service issues, but I've seen only good things aside from this thread about their 9mm ARs.
>> No. 107483 ID: f5c3ed
Had the opportunity to test my reloads in an M9 this morning. The primers bulged a little indicating my reloads are too hot. I have 250 rounds left, I may still run them in my carbine and lesson learned load lighter next time. Anyone know if a CZ 75b can handle +P loads?
>> No. 107484 ID: 6ca38e
I used to have to push their polymer lowers when I worked in a gun shop. Chinciest shit ever. Cheap and lightweight, but very little aftermarket worked in it and they'd often crack at the pivot pin.

I just have a visceral reaction to their name now, especially when coupled with PSA.
>> No. 107485 ID: e35b40
This. Our shop got a ton in after Sandy Hook and once the panic died down we couldn't give them away.
>> No. 107491 ID: f5c3ed
File 153102320174.png - (511.67KB , 826x364 , Capture.png )
I just noticed this about 0:37 in to my video when showing it to a friend. Appears to be a flash in the hand guards. Is this normal for PPC ARs? It makes sense that there could be unburned powder burning every so often out of the unused gas port, but how typical should this be?
>> No. 108818 ID: b774b1
I figured this out last year but I forgot to post (like I do for a lot of things). My cartridge overall length was too short, bullet was pressed in too far causing the pressure to be excessive. Simple as that. I handloaded another 500 rounds of 125gr LRN with a COAL closer to the specs in my Speer Vol. 13 book. Zero issues in my carbine, no bulged primers in my dad's M9. Also ran in my CZ without issue. I want another 9mm handgun. That is all.
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