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File 153090268375.jpg - (345.30KB , 2010x1338 , Laugo-Alien-Pistol.jpg )
107486 No. 107486 ID: afa433
What's this? A fixed barrel, split slide pistol with swappable top rail? Supposedly gas operated?

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>> No. 107487 ID: afa433
  Here's what I mean with swappable top rail.
>> No. 107490 ID: 758a23
Hmm, that's interesting. That's about as low as you can make the bore axis, but you still have some recipricating mass above the shooter's hand. So, we'll see how it works out. Like 3 years from now.
>> No. 107492 ID: a3b2e7
looks heavy
>> No. 107499 ID: f0fb5d
Looks super neat. I hope it catches on but gas operated pistols haven't so far, so...

Before I knew it was gas operated, I imagined it being some sort of on-its-head tilting action, like your typical short-recoil pistol action but turned upside down somehow so that the rear of the barrel is pivoted up instead of down during unlocking.
>> No. 107500 ID: 758a23
File 153150916696.jpg - (66.80KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I wonder if they could use a rotating barrel system like the Beretta PX4.

I shot a PX4 and found it unremarkable. Pretty much identical to any other polymer frame hammer fired gun.
>> No. 107501 ID: afa433
File 153155902944.jpg - (44.49KB , 675x450 , 36376893_1018558884960393_1282255777481883648_o-67.jpg )

Plenty of options for the action, but it's a testament to Browning's prowess that most guns use a derivative of his system. From delayed blowback like the Avenger was (https://www.m1911.org/hogueavenger.htm) to the roller locked Korth PRS (https://kortharms.com/de/pistol-prs-5.html), there were plenty of options for fixed barrels.
I find it odd that they'd go for gas operated, but I'm curious about it anyway.

>I wonder if they could use a rotating barrel system like the Beretta PX4

It's a fixed barrel. A rotating barrel would ruin that idea.
>> No. 107502 ID: f2172d

I have never had a good experience with the PX4. I played with one that when you engaged the safety, half the time the hammer did not decock (although the concept of carrying a cocked and locked Beretta was amusing). The last time I fired one (about 3 months ago) I had several stoppages, mainly failure to extract.
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