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No. 107511 ID: bcc5a6
  I'm done with .22lr all together.

I originally was looking into air guns as a replacement plinker because of .22 prices being forever inflated when I discovered big bore air rifles and learned I can shoot them cheaper than .22.

I'm now more interested in these than I am with guns considering there's not a lot to get excited about in the firearm world. While airguns are experiencing leaps and bounds in tech and they're only getting better.
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>> No. 107512 ID: bcc5a6
  And when you look at custom guns, we're talking serious power.
>> No. 107513 ID: bcc5a6
  It also blew my mind to find out the first air rifles were .47 cal big bores shooting 800fps and held 22 rounds. And they made it in the 1700s.
>> No. 107514 ID: 84ba43
  HSLD OPERATOR discussing air rifles. First 15 mins is him talking about his upbringing and military history
>> No. 107516 ID: 5ec9bd
  Ted's Holdover is by far my favorite channel for airgun related stuff. Also pest removal.
>> No. 107519 ID: 5a1e0c
This guy is making a significant dent in the starling population with his lethal airgun, stable mount table, fantastic scope and impressive marksmanship.

The FX Impact airgun costs $2000 on eBay and an MTC Optics Viper Pro 5-30x50 SCB2 Reticle Illuminated scope can cost around $650.

How I set up my Air Rifle Scopes (MTC Viper Pro 5-30x + FX No Limit Mounts) https://youtu.be/97ki4F46FHI
>> No. 107520 ID: 5a1e0c
File 153178778143.jpg - (727.80KB , 3000x1971 , airgun UK Beeman-Webley Tempest pistol 2.jpg )
I have always liked airguns and sling-shots. My first contract killing was to kill two woodpeckers that were chewing up the loading dock exterior wall of the office building I was working at. My boss asked if I could do it. I had an old Webley Tempest .22 pellet gun and I pointed to a woodpecker that was 80 feet away on top of a light post in the parking lot. I aimed and fired and was amazed to see the woodpecker drop from a head-shot. Totally lucky shot, but I did not tell my contractor that. The other woodpecker was assassinated the next day and I was $20 richer.
>> No. 107521 ID: 5a1e0c
File 153178787616.jpg - (903.60KB , 3000x2250 , airgun UK Beeman-Webley Tempest pistol holster 1.jpg )
The Webley-Scott Tempest
No other airgun seems as ineffably British as the Webley Tempest. In part, this is because the Tempest has perhaps the longest history of any British gun- perhaps any airgun; it’s a direct descendant from the 1924 Webley Mark I, and functionally, it’s not all that different. Having been around longer than any of its competitors, the Tempest has traditionally been the first serious air pistol for most British shooters- the one you moved up to from the GAT.

Paradoxically enough, given its popularity, the Tempest is not a particularly accurate gun, or a particularly pleasant gun to shoot. Trigger pull is extremely high- higher than any air or powder arm I’ve ever owned; only by adding a wide trigger shoe could I make it even reasonably easy to shoot.(Newer Tempests have a factory-supplied wider trigger.) Accuracy is low, with 1-1/2″ to 2″ groups at 10 meters being common. Cocking is difficult, given the peculiar folded air path design, and getting the barrel to lock up the same way every shot is problematic.

Beeman imported these for a while and sold a few accessories for it, like the trigger shoe seen on this giun and a US-made holster:
>> No. 107522 ID: 5a1e0c
File 153178790242.jpg - (761.80KB , 3000x1981 , airgun UK Beeman-Webley Tempest pistol 3.jpg )
So why is it that the gun still sells well today, even with so many more accurate, cheaper guns around? And more curiously, why is it that I- someone who repeats Warren Page’s contention that “the only interesting guns are accurate guns” like a mantra- why is it that I continue to keep this pistol, while having bought and sold scores of better air pistols over the past few decades?

I could say, like some, that its inaccuracy, clumsiness, and reverse recoil make it a good firerarms trainer for basement practice. Of course, as I haven’t done any firearm pistol shooting in ages, that would be a bit or a stretch. Or I might argue, as others do, that it’s a good gun to introduce new shooters to the sport, which would be an even bigger lie. It’s a dreadful gun for that.

The real attraction of the Tempest is precisely that it is such a difficult, fussy, and eccentric gun- in other words, and quintissentially English gun, brought to you by the makers of the Webley-Fosberry Automatic Revolver, and, for that matter, the same nation that gave us Monty Python, Cricket, and great eccentrics like Lord Rokeby, who endevored to spend his entire life floating in water. Every time I pick up my Tempest, I am reminded of Great Britain, and all her eccentricities, and her many charms. Long may she prosper.

Update: The Tempest was discontinued, owing to costs of production in the UK, but it was brought back as a gun manufactured by Hatsan in Turkey. Not quite the same same gun, but unless you can find a used one, the only way to get one today.
>> No. 107523 ID: 5a1e0c
File 153179005569.jpg - (0.97MB , 4188x3410 , pistol Russian Baikal MC 55-1 (aka VOSTOK 55-1) Ol.jpg )
Too bad that the price of .22LR drove you away from shooting.
It used to be the cheapest and most plentifully available fodder, but now I go to gun stores and see there isn't any .22LR on the shelf or what they have is outrageously expensive. I remember seeing .22LR costing more per round than .45ACP. Back in the '80s, you spent a few bucks for a hundred rounds of .22LR.

- Russian Baikal MC 55-1 (aka VOSTOK 55-1) Olympic Free Pistol in .22LR, made in 1979.
>> No. 107524 ID: 5a1e0c
  How about squirrels?
Squirrel "Eye Smoke" - Headshot with FX Impact .25 https://youtu.be/0vhfG3yGvR4
>> No. 107525 ID: 5a1e0c
  Pigeon Pie https://youtu.be/Vq0xQQ5oUpw
>> No. 107526 ID: cd6a75
File 153180509598.jpg - (1.13MB , 1411x1058 , 670321b7d100d36d9fe9133f21d0b64f.jpg )
.58 cal Quackenbush air pistol. This guy makes good shit.
>> No. 107527 ID: cd6a75
File 153180536342.jpg - (110.36KB , 650x487 , 1 (3).jpg )
Muthafuckin Caselman.

I'm not done with shooting, I've just given up on the .22lr.

While that's a shame, it open me up to a brand new shooting world. Big bore airguns are the coolest thing in the world to me now.
>> No. 107528 ID: 11855e
File 15318188765.jpg - (42.67KB , 800x800 , air-rifle-bullpup-vulcan.jpg )
I have been lusting over this thing for over a year at this point. I just can't quite bring myself to buy it.
>> No. 107537 ID: 5a1e0c
File 153186308440.png - (281.47KB , 1014x636 , airgun Vulcan bullpup USD 1600 1.png )
Yeah, that airgun costs around $1600.
>> No. 107538 ID: 5a1e0c
File 153186351722.png - (299.02KB , 1060x620 , airgun Vulcan bullpup USD 1600 2.png )
>> No. 107539 ID: 738b31
i too have a hard on for air rifles fellow operators
Mostly i like designing them and never taking any steps to actually build them.
>> No. 107540 ID: 11855e
It's only $1421 here:
or $1296 for the previous generation:

I would have bought it already if filling the tank were easier. Don't wanna buy a scuba tank and drive a couple hours every time I need to fill it, don't wanna pump it by hand.
>> No. 107541 ID: 8c8421
  Top 10 Best and Cheapest .22 Hunting Air Rifles April 2017 https://youtu.be/uyP6HEwiB7w
>> No. 107542 ID: 40c99b
File 153196018657.jpg - (38.24KB , 1024x768 , PY-4050_Evanix-Rex-P-Air_1459172438_1024x1024.jpg )
It's kind of like the Welrod
>> No. 107543 ID: 8c8421
  Top 5 best Air rifles in world For hunting |most useful air guns/2017 ||2018 https://youtu.be/3uFGoBb3YMY
>> No. 107544 ID: 8c8421
  How Far Will an Air Rifle Kill? Part 1 https://youtu.be/hT8JYjWitz0

The Airforce Texan is rated as a very powerful .45 air rifle.
>> No. 107546 ID: a6fc11
Bruh, I gotchu. This is all over the air gun world and has good reviews.


Vid unrelated, but awesome.
>> No. 107549 ID: 05acfc
Our boy with South Africans and air guns
>> No. 107550 ID: 3c6d35
  FX Impact - Full Review and Accuracy Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji0GfAY7bAA
>> No. 107551 ID: 4b5381
I found one you may like, Mr Guano.
>> No. 107552 ID: 3db750
File 153235597611.jpg - (37.41KB , 640x480 , airgun pellet pistol squirrel eradicator.jpg )
Got squirrel killin' innit?
>> No. 107553 ID: 9cd908
Nice. But, that rolling block can down medium sized game :). Though you're making me want a Webley.

I love that I don't have to worry about the inhalation hazards with primers and powders with air guns.

We making shooting green, son.
>> No. 107554 ID: 3db750
File 153237542341.jpg - (373.11KB , 2100x1000 , antique US Remington Rolling Block Swedish rifle m.jpg )
An interesting design to take a Remington Rolling Block (a design first made at the end of the American Civil War in 1865) and chamber a single-shot air bottle cartridge fitted with a .357 bullet.

- Swedish rifle m/1867, Remington rolling block. Made by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori (a Swedish state arsenal), Eskilstuna, Sweden. From the collection of Armémuseum (The Swedish Army Museum), Stockholm.
Sweden, Norway and Denmark bought 1867 Remington Rolling Blocks chambered to their 12.7mm bullets from their military percussion rifles but incorporated into rimfire and later centerfire metallic cartridges.
>> No. 107555 ID: 085ae0
Yeah, this shit is so interesting to me. Way to make reloading super cheap.
>> No. 107556 ID: 688889
More info.

>> No. 107563 ID: dfe818
File 153257820664.jpg - (156.59KB , 959x387 , crop.jpg )
>> No. 107564 ID: 6ca38e
Like, I'm 100 percent behind taking up air guns. They're pretty cool and you can do a lot with them, even a lot of stuff you can't do with an actual firearm.

But...I get all my 22lr for 4 cents a round or less just by paying attention to /r/gundeals. Not even waxed rounds, good copper washed stuff. Not really inflated much at all if you're a smart shopper.
>> No. 107567 ID: 871bb2
I remember getting a box of 5000 for $10 at Wal-Mart.

The biggest thing that pisses me off is the constant fluctuation of prices and limited availability because of idiots panicking over something entirely unrelated.

"Oh no! Donald says he supports an AWB! BUY UP ALL THE 10/22 FOOD BECAUSE .22LR IS TOTALLY THE FOCUS!"

Granted, it has died down a little. But, at this point, I just want lead and air.

It was also the realization that I can shoot .50 cal slugs cheaper than .22lr that sold me.
>> No. 107572 ID: 11855e
>box of 5000 for $10

When the fuck was this?
>> No. 107573 ID: 600a50
Back in like 2002, 2003.

That was when I mostly shot .22.
>> No. 107574 ID: 11855e
Well, I didn't get into guns until around 2009, when it was $20 for 525, but I find it somewhat hard to believe that .22 was .2 cents a round 6 years before that.
>> No. 107575 ID: e47582
Yeah, I'm sensing some rose tinted glasses. Even if it were that cheap at that time, the dollar doesn't go as far for anything as it did back then. 5 cents per round is absolutely a reasonable price right now.

Meanwhile, where are you getting 50 caliber pellets for less than 22lr prices? Best I'm seeing on them is like 20 cents per.
>> No. 107576 ID: 274941

In 2006 I grabbed a bulk deal that was less than 1 cpr. Hardly the norm, though.

For air slugs being less than .22, he has to be talking about casting, which doesn’t take into account time gathering range scrap, smelting cost, tools, and electricity/propane cost. Hardly less than 6 cpr.
>> No. 107577 ID: e35b40
In 2008, I typically paid $20 for a 525 round box of Remington Golden Bullets. .22lr is easy to find again in stores in my area, but the price has stayed up at the 8 to 11 cpr range.
>> No. 107578 ID: 81886a
Well, it's been a long time, I think it was actually the 1000rd bricks. Still cheap as fuck.

I am talking about casting. I've spent plenty of time casting boolits for muzzleloaders, I don't see my time spent on it as a monetary expense if it's simply supporting my hobby. And tools are one time expenses.

Definitely cheaper than a powder burner.
>> No. 107583 ID: 3b76e9
File 153337544919.jpg - (16.54KB , 560x199 , 08-24-15-02-Giffard-pistol.jpg )
The original CO2 guns looked good.
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