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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 153342195624.png - (11.66KB , 229x187 , Executive_Outcomes_logo.png )
107584 No. 107584 ID: 33302c
Finally looking into buying an AR. Been fine with a cc pistol and a shotgun in the house. Money is no object. Everyone IRL says just buy the DD AR. The jew in me says there's a better option, no?
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>> No. 107585 ID: de533c
File 153342836090.jpg - (908.58KB , 3056x2292 , US M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System with a suppre.jpg )
> Money is no object.
Then get an HK PSG1, or a Springfield M1A Super Match (aka M21 Sniper Weapon System), or a Knight’s Armament Company SR-25 or their M110 SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System).

I have heard good things about the Daniel Defense AR-15, but it's pricey. But you're Mister Moneybags.
>> No. 107586 ID: c27283
The first two things you listed aren't ARs.
>> No. 107587 ID: 5ec9bd
JP, KAC, Noveske, LMT, or build your own out of the absolute gucciest parts.

There are also boutique shops that will do the last option for you, Colion Noir posted some reviews of such rifles.
>> No. 107588 ID: 9dcda2
File 153343634873.png - (266.07KB , 1200x446 , ST916556BFFH_1200xN.png )
Building your own out of high grade parts is the way to get the best gun for the least money. More importantly you get exactly what you want. Choosing parts depends on the intended use and how you want to optimize your rifle.

I would configure rifles differently for:
- 3-gun style action shooting competition
- Prairie dog plinking / Tack driving accuracy
- Lightweight backpacking
- Straight up combat / fighting space aliens

Which determines your barrel length and profile, muzzle device, optic, and handguard type. For the trigger, just get at Geissele SSA or SDC. Lower and upper of your choice. Stock and pistol grip of your choice.

If you want to just buy one, Daniel Defense or BCM. Or wait for the InRange TV "What Would Stoner Do" complete ARs. (They announced it on part 2 of the most recent Q&A, coming in a month or so. Probably assembled by KE Arms or Dixie Waste Services.)

Springfield Armory Saint with Free Float is a good choice. I like M-Lok.

FN 15® Tactical Carbine FDE P-LOK
>> No. 107591 ID: de533c
File 153347824664.png - (137.84KB , 1697x536 , US M110 K1 Carbine 7_62x51 16 inch barrel 3.png )
Providing options, buckaroo.
If I was going to get a semi-auto rifle where "money is no object," I would probably go for a KAC M110 K1 Carbine in 7.62x51mm with a 16 inch barrel. Over the rifle model with the longer, heavier barrel.
Looks sweet.
>> No. 107592 ID: de533c
File 153347874411.jpg - (932.11KB , 2710x1853 , Belgian US FN SCAR 16S 5_56x45mm semi-auto 4.jpg )
The FN SCAR series may also be a good alternate choice.
>> No. 107593 ID: c27283
He was asking specifically for ARs.
>> No. 107594 ID: de533c
File 153354638586.png - (135.07KB , 1691x533 , US M110 K1 Carbine 7_62x51 16 inch barrel 2.png )
Too bad.
>> No. 107595 ID: de533c
File 153354705938.jpg - (108.09KB , 980x600 , US M16 double slave rifle.jpg )
But if you are looking for the best AR, how about a double AR?
>> No. 107596 ID: de533c
File 153354824335.jpg - (276.71KB , 1126x1599 , US AR-15 double Gilboa 'Snake' double-ba.jpg )
The Israeli company Silver Shadow recently attracted attention for its double-barreled AR-type rifle, the Gilboa DBR Snake. For the most part, it’s an AR, uses AR parts and fires the 5.56-millimeter AR round. Except that it has two separate barrels, two magazines and two ejection ports — with two triggers as if two AR rifles had smashed into each other.

The two triggers are to make the Snake legal for civilian use in the United States, as We Are the Mighty‘s Blake Stilwell noted , citing ATF regulations for machine guns. But it’s easy enough to pull both, firing two rounds at once.

... The Snake’s unloaded weight comes to 11.8 pounds. It’s difficult to compare the weight to a modern AR rifle given the wide variety of variants and their accessories, but the Salvo is a few pounds heavier than an “average” AR.
>> No. 107597 ID: de533c
File 153354825888.jpg - (107.33KB , 1486x1087 , US AR-15 double Gilboa 'Snake' double-ba.jpg )
>> No. 107598 ID: de533c
File 153354846363.jpg - (76.18KB , 1280x720 , US AR-15 double Gilboa 'Snake' double-ba.jpg )
>> No. 107601 ID: f6e0f7

>> No. 107602 ID: 9dcda2
> Complete Rifle Weight: 4.95 lbs

Damn that's light.

> Each rifle will be individually test fired & tuned at the factory with Federal American Eagle 55gr 5.56 Nato ammunition.

Finally a manufacturer that tunes guns for regular ass ammo, not some 199gr depleted uranium buffalo bore high explosive anti-muton load.
>> No. 107603 ID: 9dcda2
>> No. 107605 ID: 33302c

Gonna go look at the FN tomorrow, may also look at their SCAR 16.

Another fren was sucking X-95 dick. So not an AR but very interesting in theory. Might like, IDK.
>> No. 107606 ID: 9dcda2
File 15337773119.jpg - (497.46KB , 1356x1600 , arscarhcar.jpg )
I'm a big fan of the SCAR 16. It's a great shooter and the only problems I've ever had with the gun were short stroking when I put the gas regulator on suppressed, and when I managed to jam a round in the chamber backwards while trying to admin unload the gun. (Rolled snake eyes, critical miss.)

A Gesissele Super SCAR trigger is a must and I recommend some kind of rail extension. (PWS or KDG)

But, in reality, I hardly shoot mine anymore after building an AR for competition with an adjustable gas block and lightweight recoiling parts. The SCAR is heavier and has a huge amount of reciprocating mass. It's like the gun just pushes you around. A muzzle brake doesn't help much, since the brake works immediately as you fire, then some milliseconds later the bolt hits the back of the receiver and you get a thump.

Another note about the SCAR, gen 2 pmags do not drop free and need to be modified just slightly to prevent the bolt stop from riding up. Gen 3 pmags work great.

However, if I needed a straight up combat gun to fight space aliens, the SCAR would be my go-to. But if the threat consists of robots, dinosaurs, or robot dinosaurs, I grab the HCAR.
>> No. 107608 ID: 815268
Didn't Tromix do that like over a decade ago?
>> No. 107615 ID: 33302c
The FN was nice.

Whereas, I like the SCAR, I'm more familiar with the AR/M4 platform.

And the X95 felt oddly natural, and nice and short.
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