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File 153802267428.png - (579.17KB , 873x573 , 1538017688599.png )
107765 No. 107765 ID: f66077
>guns for me but not for thee
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>> No. 107856 ID: e35b40

Serv couldn't keep the site running without getting dozens of 500 Internal Server Errors every time you tried to post. That alone proved him unworthy of managering the site.

OPChan is shit now, no question. However, OPChan was still shit under serv's "leadership". Go fuck yourself servsucker.
>> No. 107857 ID: 003ecf
File 153929448425.jpg - (40.11KB , 800x450 , 3601615000001_vpx.jpg )
>sure i hate the jews because they're all out to get me, but dozens of people pressuring serv into giving up the website because of groundless accusations had nothing to do with serv being jewish.
>sure i'm a feminist, i have to be because men are all bigots. dozens of women pressuring kavanaugh into giving up on the supermeme court because of groundless accusations had nothing to do with his gender.
i really don't care that serv is a niggerjewfaggot with aids, i want them bitcoin millions we lost out on. we could all be out in the avra valley with our shirts off shooting solid gold deagles at solid gold targets right now if it wasn't for you and your lot.
furthermore OPchan was way better back in those days, postcounts after 3 years of serv's administration were way higher than they are now after 7 years of the current administration.
websluts are probably laughing their fat middle aged cottage cheese asses off at us
>> No. 107860 ID: 649f2c
If serv had started using OPchan funds to invest in a bitcoin miner back when coin was less than a buck and was allowed to continue with his idea free of racial harassment from the peanuts gallery then he would have almost certainly bought gold deagles for everyone and flown us all out to Tucson to go shooting in with him in the Avra Valley.
Just because you'd never do anything like that don't mean that everyone else is as as much of a stingy, selfish penny pincher as you are. Except the kikes of course, they're all greedy like you are shlomo, every last one of them, its in their blood.
>> No. 107873 ID: 98a205
File 153944985864.jpg - (733.55KB , 2048x1152 , 1520539055881.jpg )
I just read the post in OP and have not read through the rest of this thread yet, but my 2 cents would be that most companies would not allow militants to train at their location (imagine if a bunch of AL-qaeda sympathizers requested training from blackwater) in not such an extreme case, people who have self organized into a potential militia would be a liability for any sane range owner, regardless of affiliation. If a range owner saw a bunch of people from another declared militant organization request to use his range, it could create problems for him:

>the range owner may become involved with "training militants"
>the range could be classified as a militant training ground and LE may get involved.

The only way the OP would have been in the wrong in my eyes is if he allowed militants with different ideals to do the same thing (show up to the range, dawn masks, uniforms and body armor etc. before shooting)
>> No. 107874 ID: 9e2594
File 153945440766.gif - (25.53KB , 220x323 , 220px-ElmerFudd.gif )
i'm not a gay faggot liberal who like to suck on penises and thats why i agree with >>107873 that people with nonconformist political views shouldn't be allowed to have guns.
>> No. 107875 ID: 231131
Liberals: bake the cake bigot!
Also liberals: giant international monopolies that only exist due to infrastructure funded by your taxes are still private businesses that should be allowed to not offer services to whoever they want

If you think this is about abstract principles you are delusional. It's about centers of power and who is on what side.
>> No. 107879 ID: 2fd8d6
File 153952320313.jpg - (92.46KB , 758x826 , grab squad.jpg )
>people with nonconformist political views shouldn't be allowed to have guns.

a little bit of a jump to a conclusion there, the post said that for the sake of the range owner, militants should not be allowed to practice militant things at the range, nothing about banning people from owning guns.

you may have also been baiting, in which case you got me
>> No. 107882 ID: beeab2
File 153989197826.jpg - (115.39KB , 640x640 , D0DE2725-254F-4714-A015-D6EF38F1364B.jpg )
Fuck off A.I. android fag. /k/ is a human board.
>> No. 107883 ID: 738b31
do we not have mods anymore? Why is this shit show here and not in /t/ where it can be ignored?

SO liberals have guns and are using time tested military tactics? looks like you proud boys are in for a rough one when you try to start your race war.

If the shifting demographics got you bummed maybe stop being an incel and out breed them?
>> No. 107884 ID: 6da2ca
File 153994739514.jpg - (383.18KB , 1500x2318 , article-3189-art5bc78ca94d78c.jpg )
Here's a handy primer.
>> No. 107895 ID: e22632
Proud Boys are r/the_donald tier politically my dude. I bet you are more edgy than they are, they are just more swole than you. I kinda hope antifa does go full Maoist red guard, no revolt is going to happen but it will be an excuse to send in the national guard. And yes you should be procreating instead of being a faggot fapping to porn. Seriously, it's messing with your mind, you'll have far more success with chicks if you quit. https://yourbrainonporn.com

Straw men are easy to knock down aren't they?
>> No. 107896 ID: 09e6a6
is this A.I. bullshit a spinoff of that "all the librulz are NPCs" cancer-tier meme I've been seeing lately?
>> No. 107898 ID: f5c3ed
NPC detected
>> No. 107900 ID: 6da2ca
Bat has been called an AI for a very very long time due to his robotic style of posting.
>> No. 107901 ID: 680a34
Yikes, the political chat itt is almost as bad as the asshat range reaction that the op posted about.
>> No. 107906 ID: d47bab
someone doesn't want enemies of the Republic training for violent insurrection on his own property... fuck what an asshat.
>> No. 107909 ID: 0030fe
>someone who thinks that a well armed populace is the antidote for creeping authoritarianism in government doesn't want enemies of the Republic training for violent insurrection on his own property... fuck what an asshat.
One day the people who believe in freedom and guns will manage to keep their eyes on the prize once they've seized the instruments of power. I hope it happens in my lifetime cause theres some shit I've been saving up for. Trump and the gang had two years so far, they could have gone totally apeshit for us and torn up all the old rules, but they didn't do shit yet.
>> No. 107913 ID: 99bdb4
File 154125807121.jpg - (51.04KB , 800x450 , notsurprisedkirk.jpg )
You mean the old money New York billionare didn't come out swinging for gun rights?
>> No. 107914 ID: 3ec302
Bruh you are on the side of the (((old money New York billionaires))). And a big part of why they hate Trump so much is he is a class traitor.

We have the SCOTUS now so I expect good things soon, especially now that all the worst Republican cucks in congress are retiring too. This was always what winning was going to look like. It will be a long slog tearing down everything these people built up. There is a lot of institutional power Trump has to overcome.
>> No. 107933 ID: 87ecbe
As pro capitalist as his platform was, I don't think that many billionaires joined me in voting for Gary Johnson.
>> No. 107934 ID: 28c8b6
Lmao ok retard.
>> No. 107935 ID: a7d62c
>We have the SCOTUS now so I expect good things soon

Supreme Court refuses to hear case challenging California conceal carry law

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of California’s concealed carry laws, which give locally elected sheriffs discretion over issuing licenses for good cause.

Sacramento County residents James Rothery and Andrea Hoffman, who were denied licenses more than 10 years ago, argue the law deprives them of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for protection outside the home and violated the clause of the Constitution that affords everyone equal protection under the law.

The law allows each city and county the power to issue a written policy setting forth the procedures for obtaining a concealed-carry license for good cause. It also allows retired police officers to obtain concealed carry permits without having to show “good cause.”

The residents argued the Sacramento County sheriff was issuing permits to friends, donors and supporters but excluding others.

But state officials said Rothery now has a concealed carry permit thanks to a new sheriff, who changed the definition of good cause after taking office in 2010. That definition required only a stated desire to have the ability to carry a weapon for purposes of self-defense, or defense of a family, to obtain a license. Hoffman has not reapplied for a permit since being denied in 2008.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court’s decision to dismiss the case. The court held the Second Amendment does not protect, in any degree, the carrying of concealed firearms by members of the general public.

The decision by the Supreme Court not to hear the case keeps that ruling in place.
>> No. 107942 ID: 514305
Well that is annoying. I bet it is Roberts. RBG pls die already.
>> No. 107943 ID: 158371
File 154157016455.jpg - (26.00KB , 347x432 , otoya yamaguchi b.jpg )
Only good commie is a dead commmie.
>> No. 107944 ID: 03b12a
no, it was kavanaugh
it turns out the guy is pretty much a liberal, nobody heard about it today because of all the election brouhaha, but at the supreme court today kavanaugh was arguing about the immorality of capital punishment.
it kinda figures he'd be some kinda entitled, buttclenching upper class know-it-all since the guy grew up inside the beltway instead of in America. its almost like they made shrillary a judge.
>> No. 107945 ID: 3ec302
Lol that's just because he's Catholic. Sanctity of life and all that. Need to have another inquisition.
>> No. 107947 ID: c4b465
File 154170358283.png - (1.09MB , 1752x1224 , 937cc5ed945b55702e4d949c8adf9fa291328e6e1ea64d2079.png )
>its 9001D chess!
>> No. 107949 ID: e48a17
It's because he is a faggot on the death penalty, I am explaining why this is so. Kavanaugh is not anti-gun, he is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. If someone is being super cucked on this it's definitely Roberts. Stop being a faggot.
>> No. 107951 ID: 738b31
oh no, your strong white god fearing republicans aren't going to stand up for gun rights!
What are the odds you have been lied to all this time and the main course of action by the ruling party is to make more money for the large corporations that fund them?
That's assuming your just not another russian shill. God knows we've had many over the years which is weird since Opchan is dead and only has a handful of regulars anyway. I guess /k/ would have banned this trash long ago since they practically use commie cosmoline for anal lube.
>> No. 107953 ID: 07d3c2
I've been here since day one, if you don't remember me you're the newfag lol. I have haven't posted with the trip in years though because tripfags are gay. I do think we should become allies with Russia, we have a lot in common and the commies are now those in power in the EU and the coastal cities of America. I think we should make friends explicitly with guys like Orban and Salvini too.

Big corporations is indeed what the GOP-e is about, that and wars for Israel and pretending to be for right wing social positions while always (intentionally) gracefully losing on them. We're taking the GOP from them and making it about right wing populism instead. Democrats were also the party of big corporations and already they have become the only party of big corporations as all the big donors flee the new GOP. Trump is stealing all their populist positions one by one until they're gonna be left with a platfom of Google plus infinity shitholers and nothing else. This past election has been quite excellent in replacing GOP-e with hard right people on board with the Trump agenda. Maybe your deal is just to wallow in self pity and moan about how you can do nothing to change anything.
>> No. 107954 ID: 738b31
I sincerely hope Trump and his supporters continue to swell the ranks of the GOP till it reaches a breaking point. The two party system is garbage, and the sooner one (or both) of the parties break in two the sooner I can vote for someone that will fuck off about my guns and where gay people stick their dick.
Your own words make that to be true, since big corps have big money, and as long corporations get to throw millions into the political process they will have an oversized influence. If they aren't lining up with Trump's new GOP they will go else where, and I pray that will be the seed for a viable third party.
Now that the House has flipped not much of anything important will pass, and we can all sit back and watch the shit show of hypocrisy that is the Muller investigation. Time will pass, and even if your vision of a white national voting bloc emerges, it's days are numbered as the country gets more and more diverse.
>> No. 107956 ID: d47bab
Yeah because coalition governments are so great...

I'm glad i can get my political analysis at a high school level here.
>> No. 107958 ID: e22632
The demographic changes happening are not natural, they are caused by policy designed to do exactly this. Policy can be reversed.
>> No. 107959 ID: 20f3d2
  No, this racial demographic change is the result of natural immigration trends and patterns, in that it is natural and most common for neighbors to move in and out of adjacent and nearby countries. Canadians, Americans, Mexicans, and Caribbeans are placed in the most convenient and close areas to migrate in North America. People in remote places like Asia, Europe and Africa have the most difficult time immigrating to America because of the tremendous distances involved and large oceans to cross, but they did come and have changed the demographics of the American melting pot in their way as well.

Nice to see how so many different people around the world want to come to the USA, even if they are met with race hatred and vicious discrimination by nativist nincompoops and neo-Nazi neanderthals.

But how do you "genetic determinists" hope to reverse this demographic change in the USA? Throw out all the illegal aliens? Estimates in 2015 put the number of unauthorized immigrants in the USA at 11 million, representing 3.4% of the total U.S. population. But the other 96.6% of the population are US citizens. You going to strip the 58 million Hispanic and Latino people of their US citizenship in order to make your white ethno-state? And what of the 19.4 million Asian Americans, comprising 6.0% of the US population? Surely you are going to throw out the 42 million non-Hispanic blacks which comprise 14% of the population when including Multiracial African Americans. Yeah, they violated your racial purity laws, so they got to go, too, right? Too bad these people have civil rights as US citizens that fascist assholes can't take away without tearing apart the Constitution.

The fractured politics of a browning America https://youtu.be/SbjciJvacXY
>> No. 107965 ID: d47bab
I don't see any white people lining up to move to mexico or the caribbean... definitely not in the numbers that they are lining up to get here

>But how do you "genetic determinists" hope to reverse this demographic change in the USA? Throw out all the illegal aliens?

Yes. We can start here.
>> No. 107971 ID: 3ec302
What causes the trend? If these third worlders were told they can't come here instead of being told they are gonna get free gibs and nice jobs and all they have to do is pretend to be a refugee there would not be this "trend."
>Throw out all the illegal aliens? Estimates in 2015 put the number of unauthorized immigrants in the USA at 11 million
Yep, they have to go back. It's probably more like 20 million too. We can also encourage self deportation by making gibs impossible for immigrants to get, making it impossible to chain migrate all your tios and tias here so they'll want to go to be with their families, and maybe even someday paying people to leave. It would be a lot cheaper in the long run. We can also encourage white immigration and most importantly of all encourage white birth rates. Right now it is stupidly difficult for middle class people to have kids, that has to change. All the anti-family homosexual agenda has to end as well. Lots of things can be done to start shifting America back to the way it is supposed to be.
>> No. 107972 ID: 738b31
OK i gota hear what ideas you have to increase 'white birth rates'and 'White immigration'. Being middle class and having kids is not hard. Fuck, being poor and having kids in this country is not hard. The only thing i can think of that makes having kids a challenge is the terrible state of health care. Pretty much if you aren't a government worker or dirt poor to begin with, your hospital bill will make you dirt poor.

As for white immigration, why would abunch of Europeans want to leave their cush socialist, antigun utopia? IN fact wouldn't that hasten the spread of more liberal politics? Unless you are advocating the express subsidizing of new immigrants from awesome places like Czech-Republic, i doubt these new citizens would support many of your political stances.

Also they all think we are retards because Trump is even more laughable in public speaking than Bush was.
>> No. 107973 ID: 3ec302
How many people do you know that have decided to postpone having kids because of the costs? How many that decided to just live "child-free?" How many guys do you know that don't want to get married at all because they are terrified of divorce courts? How many girls do you know that have been memed into spending their prime child bearing years working a desk job instead? How many guys do you know that are full on incels? Many issues are plaguing our people right now and driving our birth rates into the toilet. A lot of it is stuff pushed by the same people driving third world immigration.

We need a culture shift in the schools and media away from all the anti-family propaganda. We need to allow freedom of association again so parents don't have to move to horribly expensive neighborhoods and send their kids to private school to escape diversity. One thing Trump should do right away is both straight up student loan forgiveness so people trapped right now can get their lives started and then completely end all federal student loans to discourage people from becoming debt slaves while universities use their money to subsidize programs in worthless leftist ideologies.
>> No. 107974 ID: 738b31
The people I know that have chosen not to have kids did so not for financial reasons, but because they didn't want to have kids. It was not a money thing but a shift in how they would live their life they didn't want to make. People like having self determination over their life and kids reduce that to an extent.
This would also apply to why young women may chose to get an advanced education and career instead of pumping out a few kids. If they have kids young their choices are a) stay home and raise them till they are school age or b) pay someone else to raise them till they are school age or c) have grandparents provide child care.
If they get an education and a career first they have a greater ability to determine their own future and are not dependent on another person's earnings.
As for Incels- fuck man i got no clue how to correct them since most of their problems seem to be lack of exercise and learning how to chill when talking to females. I chock most of their short comings, and the trend to not want kids, to a form of self-centeredness that precludes them from doing anything they think would be an inconvenience to their time

How ever. I think there is a point we can all agree on. Education in this country is fucked up. Most of your arguments center around people being financially insecure in their early 20s thus pushing back anything that requires commitment like kids. I see two problems-
1. Higher education is seen as mandatory for even shitty jobs
2. 12 years of public school doesn't give you any fucking life skills

I agree we should have a debt forgiveness program. The past decade of graduates have been screwed. I believe we should shift cultural norms to promote trade work, job skills, and understanding of the legal and civil systems that people have to deal with. It's fucked up, but you could take most high school grads, legal god damn adults, put them out on their own, and they would struggle to function in life because no one sat them down and explained how compound interest works in relation to their long term finances. Or how to properly interact with law enforcement and a basic understanding of their rights. Or how to fill out a basic tax form.
In short if the public school system did a good job, higher education would be an option rather than a necessity. Ideally it would also make higher ed more diverse in terms of trade programs that would give student better paying jobs for less investment.

I don't have much faith in debt relief from republicans, but I also don't hear them talking much about it. The only good thing I've seen so far is the Tax Free Death and Disability Discharge. Other proposals, on their own, seem counter productive, but would be admissible if a bigger reform was in the works.
>> No. 107976 ID: 109429
>Unless you are advocating the express subsidizing of new immigrants from awesome places like Czech-Republic
>breweries pop up thick as taco shops
>kolache everywhere
>"you gun hating Americans can't even buy and conceal submachine guns for protection!"
Yes, please.
>> No. 107982 ID: e56201
>breweries pop up thick as taco shops
I don't know where you're based, but here in upstate NY I think there're already more breweries than taco shops...
>> No. 107983 ID: 09c7e0
>eurofag immigrants
even if you ignore the obvious, which is that most immigrants with europeon passports will be named hassan or mohammed, the rest of eurofagistan has done nothing but fail and fail and fail for the past half dozen or so generations. if you buy the concept that whites conquered the world because of superior genetics then you can't ignore the glaringly obvious fact that whatever superior genetics once populated europe is no longer there. just check the scoreboard, euroshits have been getting their asses kicked and have been slaves to superior external nations for well over a century, even as long ago as the establishment of the monroe doctrine, which was 200 years ago already, european "powers" were voluntarily ceding influence to more powerful outside forces.
>> No. 107984 ID: d47bab
Debt relief for what?
>> No. 107985 ID: 738b31
debt relief for people with student loans. Pretty much if you got a degree in anything other than STEM, you paid to much and got to little. I think Trump talked about some form of student loan forgiveness program back in 2017, but so far the only positive has been Tax Free Death and Disability Discharge, which means the IRS won't tax you on the 'income' of having your debt forgiven.
>> No. 107988 ID: d47bab
Who's going to pay for that? Are the banks just going to take a hit? I mean all those loans are federally guaranteed, that's why a bank would loan an 18 year old with no credit $100k.
>> No. 107989 ID: 6da2ca
File 154276972570.jpg - (67.45KB , 622x562 , laughing faces.jpg )
>the banks just going to take a hit
>> No. 107990 ID: 738b31
Don't know. That's probably why we don't hear anything about it outside of campaigns for elections. My personal thought is that if we could somehow de-fuck how expensive medical care is in this country, there would be plenty of money freed up to at least think about tackling other problems.
I had to have blood work for allergies done not to long ago. One blood draw, one 15 minute doctor visit, and one lab analysis is costing me just shy of $1k, and that is with health insurance. It's not even cheap health insurance.
>> No. 107991 ID: 78adc8
Wow. I have bloodwork done every 6 months for my thyroid medication, but they also test 4 other things. It only costs me like $41, and that's with no insurance... God damn dude, you might want to talk to another doc.
>> No. 107992 ID: 20f3d2
File 154282843166.jpg - (232.96KB , 1920x1080 , US M60 7_62x51mm machine-gun in Colombia 2.jpg )
When going to get tests, make sure that your insurance covers them (in-network labs)!
How A Urine Test After Back Surgery Triggered A $17,850 Bill
Urine drug testing has exploded over the past decade amid alarm over rising opioid overdose deaths. Many doctors who prescribe the pills rely on the urine tests to help reduce drug abuse and keep patients with chronic pain safe. Yet the tests have become a cash cow for a burgeoning testing industry, and critics charge that unneeded and often expensive ones are sometimes ordered for profit rather than patient care. Doctors can decide whether to test patients who take opioids for short periods, such as after an operation. Moreno's surgeon would not discuss her urine test — why he ordered it and why the sample was tested for so many substances.

Three experts contacted by Kaiser Health News questioned the need for such extensive testing and were shocked to hear of the lab's prices. They said these tests rarely cost more than $200, and typically much less, depending on the complexity and the technology used. Some doctors' offices use a simple cup test, which can detect several classes of drugs on the spot and could be purchased for about $10. Bills can climb higher when labs run tests to detect the quantity of specific drugs and bill for each one, as the lab did here.

The experts said the lab's prices for individual tests were excessive, such as charging $1,700 to check for amphetamines or $425 to identify phencyclidine, an illegal hallucinogenic drug also known as PCP. They also criticized a charge of $850 for two tests to verify that her urine sample had not been adulterated or tampered with.

Moreno's insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, refused to pay any of the bill, arguing that the lab was out of network and thus not covered. Had it chipped in, it would have covered the service at $100.92, according to an explanation of benefits the insurance company sent to Moreno.

Sunset Labs says its list prices were "in line" with its competitors in the area. It also said doctors treating pain agree extensive urine testing is "the best course of action" and that a lab "is not in the position" to question tests ordered by a doctor.

Resolution: Fearing damage to his daughter's credit rating, Moreno's father, Dr. Paul Davis, paid the lab $5,000 to settle the bill in April 2017. A retired doctor, he also has filed a formal complaint about the bill with the Texas attorney general's office, accusing the lab of "price gouging of staggering proportions." The lab's attorney said he was not aware of the complaint. A Texas attorney general's spokesperson confirmed to KHN that the office had received complaints about the lab but declined further comment.

The takeaway: When a physician asks for a urine or blood sample, always ask what it's for. Insist that it be sent to a lab in your insurance network. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/02/16/584296663/how-a-urine-test-after-back-surgery-triggered-a-17-800-bill
>> No. 108003 ID: 764560
they weren't, but you certainly are. If I owned a range these dirtbags, blac bloc, Klansmen, NatSoc, and any other loonies sure as shit wouldn't be allowed. I don't care about your politics but I'm not letting hate groups of either left or right stripe on my range. The last fucking thing any owner needs is two opposing groups of these chuckle fucks to show up at the same time and change the range from one directional to omni-directional due to /pol/ tier retardation about which system of oppression is better.
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