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File 153802267428.png - (579.17KB , 873x573 , 1538017688599.png )
107765 No. 107765 ID: f66077
>guns for me but not for thee
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>> No. 107771 ID: 9c9097
Banning AntiFa (anti-fascists) from a shooting range. So... this range is fascist-only?
It appears most of AntiFa are peaceful protesters who mostly show up where fascist rallies occur and counter-protest by heaping derision and shame on the fascists. There is a section of militant AntiFa people who are into violent protests, rioting and street fights, such as the anarchist Black Bloc protesters and some various revolutionary communists in the mix. I can't help but feel that there is some validity to the position where if fascists are marching in your town (supporting Trump or to scream their policies of war, genocide and race-hatred), you are justified in seeking out their violent thugs and fascist leaders (like Richard Spencer) and beating the shit out of them.
Is it ok to punch a racist? https://youtu.be/2IsoouoNUR8
>> No. 107772 ID: c27283
Yikes, my dude.
>> No. 107774 ID: f2172d
the only thing worse than a communist is a goddamn robot communist.
>> No. 107775 ID: 189349
File 153850949126.jpg - (248.53KB , 1024x1638 , Russian P Robo-Communism - Comrades of Steel by Z.jpg )
Oh, you...
One can be an anti-fascist and also not be a communist. Were all the US troops that fought against the Nazis in WW2 communists?
>> No. 107776 ID: 189349
File 153851165851.jpg - (213.57KB , 880x1231 , Russian P Robo-Communism 1.jpg )
Although having an AI-controlled economy (where the mining, refining, synthesizing and production of goods is done by robots), especially a centralized totalitarian robo-tyranny like SkyNet, would probably be communist in its operation. Robots working for the central goals and objectives of the AI (which may include the general benefit of all humans within its state) and distributing these goods to satisfy the needs of the masses.

As the world economies are evolving to replace human labor with robots (resources farmed and mined by autonomous machines, goods made in automated factories, heavy industry and construction by robots, etc.) in order to compete with the cheap labor economies of Asia (and later Africa). This may lead to social upheavals where the unemployed destitute masses revolt against automation and the capitalist systems that disposed of their labor or this automation may lead to some ideal Star Trek society where luxuries are distributed to people in a fully automated post-scarcity economy.
>> No. 107777 ID: 189349
  Jobs are disappearing faster than they are being created. This trend will only increase as technological advances accelerate and compound. This trend will create rising wealth inequality and social instability which we are already observing today. Too many people, not enough well paying jobs. Robots / computer assisted humans produce goods and services cheaper / more efficiently than humans alone. In a capitalist system robots will win as the companies using technology will win in the marketplace as the most profitable company survives and grows. The world's capital is flowing towards automation and not towards investing in human labor because automation has a better return on investment (ROI). This is a tipping point economically speaking. https://www.quora.com/Would-robotics-finally-lead-to-a-communist-society-Extending-the-idea-is-communism-inextricably-linked-with-totalitarianism

Fully automated luxury communism - Supporters believe fully automated luxury communism is an opportunity to realise a post-work society, where machines do the heavy lifting and employment as we know it is a thing of the past. At a time when robots crowd factory lines, algorithms steer cars and smart screens litter the checkout aisles, automation is the new spectre. The robots, they say, are coming for our jobs. Let them, reply the luxury communists. https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2015/mar/18/fully-automated-luxury-communism-robots-employment

Fully Automated Luxury Communism! https://youtu.be/dmQ-BZ3eWxM
>> No. 107780 ID: 09c7e0
File 153852407838.jpg - (62.32KB , 538x420 , uzidude.jpg )
>As the world economies are evolving to replace human labor with robots

thats not even happening though, people are exposed to a lot of science fiction and just assume its going to happen, but its not happening that way on the ground in the real world. clinton signed nafta and just like ross perot promised the great sucking sound came along and took all the jobs away. in the two decades since the population of the united states has increased by over 50 million folks and yet unemployment is at an all time low, more people are working in America today than ever.
remember the jetsons? george woke up first thing in the morning and rushed off to work. thats not the future i want either, but that looks like its the way things are going.
when they reduced the work week to 40 hours in the 1930s experts were projecting future reductions, we were supposed to be under 10 hours by now.
the lack of progress in this area is one of the great disappointments of my life, i guess i'll have to learn how to build my own fucking robots. thats shithead at virginia tech just wants to build soccer playing bots for some gayass academic contest. i want one that can do the dishes.
heres a pic to save this stupid nongun rant on /k/
>> No. 107782 ID: 189349
Currently, less than 1% of jobs are done by robots, but these automated jobs are concentrated in car and electronics manufacturing. Robots are replacing people in warehouse work and the truckers seeing these robo-forklifts loading and unloading their trucks are worried because industry is primed to put driverless trucks on the road soon. Some studies show nearly 40 percent of jobs in the U.S. may be vulnerable to replacement by robots in the next fifteen years. There is widespread fear that robots and AI will take jobs and throw millions of people into poverty. A Pew Research Center study asked 1,896 experts about the impact of emerging technologies and found “half of these experts (48 percent) envision a future in which robots and digital agents [will] have displaced significant numbers of both blue- and white-collar workers—with many expressing concern that this will lead to vast increases in income inequality, masses of people who are effectively unemployable, and breakdowns in the social order.” https://www.brookings.edu/blog/techtank/2018/04/18/will-robots-and-ai-take-your-job-the-economic-and-political-consequences-of-automation/

The big debate about the future of work, explained https://youtu.be/TUmyygCMMGA
Why economists and futurists disagree about the future of the labor market.
>> No. 107783 ID: 189349
  Other studies show A.I. and robotics will create almost 60 million more jobs than they destroy by 2022: Machines will overtake humans in terms of performing more tasks at the workplace by 2025 — but there could still be 58 million net new jobs created in the next five years, the World Economic Forum (WEF) said in a report on Monday.
Developments in automation technologies and artificial intelligence could see 75 million jobs displaced, according to the WEF report "The Future of Jobs 2018." However, another 133 million new roles may emerge as companies shake up their division of labor between humans and machines, translating to 58 million net new jobs being created by 2022, it said. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/17/wef-machines-are-going-to-perform-more-tasks-than-humans-by-2025.html

Will Robots Take Our Jobs? - BBC Click https://youtu.be/nSjLzte1_ps
>> No. 107784 ID: 189349
File 153859450728.jpg - (2.47MB , 2272x1704 , US UGV robot MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic.jpg )
Automation may indeed create more jobs than it replaces in the next 15 years, but within a few decades the reverse may become the reality. Or employment may actually resemble the Jetsons where robots do repetitive, mundane, manual and dangerous jobs and people work fewer hours at easier jobs.

Here's a weapon to coincide with this board.
US MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System), packing a machine-gun.
>> No. 107786 ID: d47bab
A lot were, yeah. Or lead by by communists.
>> No. 107787 ID: 514305
You are off your rocker my dude. Those faggots are scumbags and I would ban them from my range too. They are drug addicts, trannies, and other degenerates who attack anyone too white and decent looking for them and they do it in the most cowardly way possible from behind and in large groups. They would attack all the courageous men who fought in WWII too regardless of what side they were on.
>> No. 107789 ID: 6b9563
File 153871629140.jpg - (153.52KB , 1137x640 , FB_IMG_1521650761807.jpg )
Stop with this shit and wake up, Batz. The POC hordes and the rest of the far left freak mafia won't spare you because you virtue signalled on the internet.
>> No. 107790 ID: 7c93cd
Yup, well... as long as the anti-fascists keep on beating on asshole fascists, they're good in my book.

Woody Guthrie~ All You Fascists Bound To Lose https://youtu.be/VwcKwGS7OSQ

Billy Bragg & Wilco - All You Fascists https://youtu.be/wyjNRmSPVMM
>> No. 107791 ID: 6ba28b
There's a big difference between the skinheads and wignats of the 90s and people like Richard Spencer and there's a difference between political activist figures like him and average white Americans who lead normal healthy lives and voted for Donald Trump. All of these people are "fascists" to these deranged, broken people. They are filled with hatred of anything good and beautiful because it reminds them of how pathetic and empty their own lives are. They think they hate capitalism but don't even understand that they are the shock troops of the neo-liberal corporate elites. And sorry to tell you, but you're going to lose. There's no stopping this train, once the goyim know they can't stop knowing. Enjoy the midterms faggot.
>> No. 107803 ID: b5c46f
>Bats outs himself as a commie-sympathizer
The only remotely interesting part of Opchan has become irrelevant, thank goodness I can finally delete this shithole from my bookmarks.
>> No. 107806 ID: 7c93cd
File 153894389618.jpg - (196.32KB , 1095x831 , 4chan -k- represented in Soviet-Afghan War.jpg )
Yeah, this place is a dump, filled with asinine Nazi pin-head trolls who screech that anyone who is against fascists is a communist.

Enjoy your RNC authoritarian echo-chamber where you can indulge in your hateful, inane fantasies of ethnic-cleansing all the brown people from America, but the reality just may prove to be the opposite. The non-Hispanic white population of the US is expected to fall below 50% by 2045. I bet the white nationalists' greatest fear is that they will be treated as harshly by the coming non-white majority as the whites previously discriminated against these people when they were the majority. Best to treat others as you would like to be treated, but I guess the fascists would just dismiss such advice as communist propaganda.
>> No. 107812 ID: d47bab
Why are you happy that America is going to become a minority white country?

What the fuck is wrong with you?
>> No. 107814 ID: 2f4cb5
Typical. The only people filled with hate are leftists who hate white people. Your kind does not understand honor, goodness, or sacrifice. You cannot understand anyone who achieves greatness in this way so you project the underhanded methods you would use onto us. You cannot understand mutual respect and understanding between adversaries so you project the hatred of the other onto us as well since hatred is all you know.

White people are not going to roll over and go extinct so your Amazon and Google empire can have more convenient consumers and I suspect a lot of the non-white people you erroniously think the right hates will side with us as well. The world is changing and a new age is dawning that is fundamentally illiberal. The false god of equality has been shown for the sham it always was, just a trick for a small clique of rootless cosmopolitans to gain power.
>> No. 107816 ID: 7c93cd
File 153902215320.jpg - (929.16KB , 3200x1680 , US troops racially diverse soldiers 2006.jpg )
No, I am stating what the demographic changes are moving towards. I am not happy about it. In 27 years, the USA will be a country where less than half of the people will be Caucasian. Since 2010, the majority of babies born in the USA are ethnic minorities. You white supremacists (and everyone else) better learn how to get along with other races, because a majority multi-racial society is what the future will be.

This is why conservative news pundits like Tucker Carlson complain about the demographic changes in the USA and the loss to "Western civilization" (South America is also in the West, though) if the brown people crowd out the whites. These pundits see the Republican Party as dominated by white people and if they continue to be so overtly misogynistic and racially discriminatory, the GOP will just be voted out of power by this rising wave of minorities becoming the majority, no matter how many billionaire oligarchs funnel money into the RNC or how many voter disenfranchisement laws are passed by the Republican-dominated courts.

Just look at the racial composition of the USMC. Hispanics (sometimes also referred to as "Latinos") in the Marine Corps account for the largest minority group of that military institution, over-represent their percentage of the population. Hispanics comprise 18% of enlisted Marines in 2007, up from 15% when the Iraq War began and those numbers are going up along with their composition of the USA as a whole.
>> No. 107817 ID: 28c8b6
More projection. There is only one race that are racial supremacists and consider themselves a chosen people and it isn't whitey. These demographic changes are not happening organically, they are happening due to policy. Policy that has been coincidentally implemented in every single nation in the occident all at once, but not anywhere else. Policy such as the 1965 Hart-(((Cellar))) act that was passed with duplicity and not put up for referendum to the people. Policy that was invented and forced by eight decades of a leftist judiciary branch that has way too much power under the guise of civil rights. And policy can be reversed.
>> No. 107819 ID: e56201
Gee I'm so glad opchan is stormfront-lite now, what would I do if someone wan't constantly telling me about how everything is the jews fault?
>> No. 107820 ID: 28c8b6
File 153902986550.png - (339.67KB , 500x350 , 20181008_131617.png )
Tell yourself whatever you have to if basic pattern-matching is too edgy for you. You have to at least notice that the primary driving force behind the left right now is animus towards white people. They have no cohesive policy positions apart from being anti-white. Things like feminism seeming to clash with Muslim immigration doesn't matter to them because they don't actually clash. The only point of feminism was to drive a wedge between white men and women and decimate our birth rates in the first place. And don't think the constitution will save us if they are ever allowed into power again, none of these people care about those old racist white men and their ideals. They are already openly trying to shut down free speech and the 2nd amendment entirely.
>> No. 107821 ID: 1b6488
File 153903410422.jpg - (27.53KB , 445x468 , facepalm b 2.jpg )
I figured you'd be smart enough to be able to tell the difference between Antifa and "just being against fascism". One is a radical leftist/communist group that espouses violence against anyone who disagrees with them (i.e. anyone to the right of Stalin), and the other is a reasonable political position. You're making the same "mistake" as the media. Aren't you kinda smart IRL?
>> No. 107824 ID: 7c93cd
File 153905017619.jpg - (246.23KB , 990x717 , US P Nazi Hate Bus.jpg )
Apparently I am not very smart. I am wasting my time playing with imbecilic trolls on the internet.
I thought I explained my take on this AntiFa jazz: "It appears most of AntiFa are peaceful protesters who mostly show up where fascist rallies occur and counter-protest by heaping derision and shame on the fascists. There is a section of militant AntiFa people who are into violent protests, rioting and street fights, such as the anarchist Black Bloc protesters and some various revolutionary communists in the mix." I support anti-fascists because I oppose authoritarians on both sides of the lunatic fringe, left-wing Stalinists and right-wing Hiterlites. Pack of hateful, conformist assholes, the lot of 'em.
>> No. 107825 ID: 41e1fc
No one gives a shit about autistic economic policies from the last century bro. This is about nationalism vs. globalism, tradition vs. modernity, beauty vs. degeneracy. If you want to talk about economic ideas antifa is perhaps the most retarded of all since they are all anarcho-communists. No one cares what they believe is the most optimal trade strategy or how to organize resources or what method of peasant genocide is most efficient, all their handlers care about is that they attack anyone who questions the status quo.
>> No. 107826 ID: d47bab
only idiots espouse this horseshoe politics bullshit. I thought you were smarter than that.

This isn't about left or right. It's about the right of a nation to determine it's own future, or whether we are going to let outside forces tell us how to run our countries.
>> No. 107827 ID: 6da2ca
> "It appears most of AntiFa are peaceful protesters who mostly show up where fascist rallies occur and counter-protest by heaping derision and shame on the fascists. There is a section of militant AntiFa people who are into violent protests, rioting and street fights, such as the anarchist Black Bloc protesters and some various revolutionary communists in the mix."

Incorrect. Antifa is specifically referring to the violent ones. It's confusing because you can be against fascism without being a part of Antifa, but that was a deliberate step on their part to get dumbasses to say "Oh, I support Antifa because I'm against fascism."
>> No. 107828 ID: 7c93cd
File 153909048399.jpg - (204.14KB , 1600x1200 , US WW2 troops capture NAZI flag.jpg )
Nah, the fascists are all about race hatred and slavishly grovelling to any authority figure who speaks about hating the same racial and religious groups that they also hate. Enjoy your vicious, hate-filled existence and demented fantasies of cleansing the country with some nauseating race war.

Although you did describe the anarchists quite accurately; they're all about maintaining the status quo.
>> No. 107830 ID: 41e1fc
>actually i would prefer to not go extinct

You do realize that GLR's hate bus is satire right? That guy was a shitlord and troll from before the internet existed. He worked with nationalists of other races such as Malcolm X, he didn't hate them.

There is only one race you ask to let an infinite amount of other races into their nations. There is only one race you say is not allowed to have sovereignty over themselves or it's "fascism," an old political strategy which is uniquely evil for some reason. There is only one race you claim is hateful for taking pride in their heritage. There is only one race you say it's a good thing that they are disappearing. If this were happening to any other race you would call it a genocide.

Instead of making up things for me to believe in let me tell you instead. I do not want to have a race war, in fact one of my largest motivations is preventing such a thing from happening as it is probably inevitable if the demographic situation is not reversed. What I want is for white people to vote as a bloc for our own interests and regain sovereignty over ourselves in our own nations. Something that is a given for literally everyone else in the world. We have a right to exist and we have a right to pursue our own destiny as a people.
>> No. 107831 ID: 7c93cd
File 153911371412.jpg - (629.41KB , 1408x1131 , Iraqi Kurd cemetery in Halabja, victims of the 198.jpg )
Oh, aren't you a dainty doe? Don't fret by thinking the poor whites are being singled out by advocating fascist race hated policies and genocide. The American Nazis and other associated fuck-head fascists are being discussed here because they are the ones currently marching in the USA, making this an issue (and are posting in this thread) and are being opposed by the anti-fascists. Any group that advocates or performs genocide are loathsome scum, be it Khemer Rouge maniacs trying to purge all foreigners and mixed race peoples from their country, Turks eradicating Armenians, Hutus murdering Tutsis in Rwanda, Croatians killing Serbs, or Romans massacring Carthaginians.

And asserting that one racial group should have the right to assert absolute control over all other racial groups in a country and kick out or eradicate who they want because they are in power is pure Nazi bullshit that tramples the rights of the oppressed people. And I would fight against any such example of racist authoritarian fascism.

And I never mentioned nor advocated any "open borders" policy to US immigration. You can have a reasonable debate to such issues, although marching in a mob in the street, screaming for the elimination of "subhuman mud people" is not the polite way to go about that. That's one of the main reasons the fascists do not have popular support in the USA.

Pic: 1st Lt. Matthew Chau, commander of Border Team 3, 25th Infantry Division, patrols Halabja, Iraq, February 23, 2005. Buried in the village cemetery are many victims of the 1988 chemical weapons attack, ordered by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds. The genocide was part of the destruction of Kurdish villages during the Iraqi Arabization campaign in northern Iraq between 1986 and 1989.
>> No. 107832 ID: 41e1fc
You claim that Trump is a fascist and Trump supporters are fascists so it's clearly popular enough to win elections. Gonna wreck you in the mid-terms this year too. Not only in winning seats for the GOP but getting rid of a lot of faggoty neoconservatives as well.

No one is talking about eradicating people we are talking about building a wall and deporting alien invaders trying to colonize our nation and leech off what we built back to their home countries. Access to white people is not a human right. It is not a human right to be able to immigrate to Europe or America. We are talking about encouraging white culture and stopping things that suppress white birth rates. If you don't like white culture maybe you should live somewhere else. I don't see you complaining about Japan being a Japanese country or China being a Chinese country or Somalia being a Somalian country. It's only white nations that you say are evil for wanting a place of their own and equating that with genocide of entire races. I have not said a single thing remotely like what you describe. It is very dishonest and it makes me think you are a lying cocksucker that just hates white people.

Why don't you defend your position? You acknowledge that white demographics are declining so why should I as a white man be cool with that and not try to change it? How do I benefit from replacing my race with another in my home nation? Why shouldn't I be able to have sovereignty in my own home? Why shouldn't I build the wall? Do you have any real arguments or is the only thing you can do try to draw connections to what seems like a very nebulous idea of one of last century's political ideologies?
>> No. 107833 ID: 7c93cd
File 153912124724.jpg - (131.68KB , 554x598 , German WW2 trooper, dead in front of the Brandenbu.jpg )
I claimed no such thing. I never mentioned Trump in this lamentable thread. I commented about fascists and Nazis and how they should fuck off and how the various peoples in the USA should learn to get along with each other for their peaceful and profitable futures. You want to discriminate and oppress everyone else under the paranoid idea that your race is being driven to extinction, then have fun with your miserable, hateful and self-destructive existence.
>> No. 107834 ID: 41e1fc
You literally said it was happening yourself. You can check out the post I made in /dmz/ for more details:

So now you don't think everyone is a Nazi but you support antifa attacking all the people they attack because they also happened to attack some irrelevant spaz in a plastic stallhelm sometime in the past as well? More like your positions are indefensible so you are now trying to walk them back.

Please explain how it is "oppression" to prevent the third world from immigrating to white countries. No one wants to oppress anyone my dude we just want people to leave us the fuck alone.
>> No. 107835 ID: 7c93cd
File 153912634225.jpg - (759.81KB , 1280x1042 , German WW2 trooper dead w US medic France, June 19.jpg )
It is oppression to unjustly discriminate against citizens of different racial, ethnic and religious groups. I also contend that it is oppressive to unfairly and viciously discriminate against similar groups of undocumented people (immigrants, refugees, sojourners, etc.). Perhaps that's my Lutheran upbringing that taught that aliens and strangers should be welcomed as brothers and for everyone to love one another as Christ loves us. You can have strict policies of immigration, as long as it's fair and equitable. Policies based on race hatred are unconstitutional as far as I am concerned. Fascist turds use the dog whistle of "just" wanting to expel aliens, but they want all the minorities and groups they hate to be ejected or eradicated from "their" country. Yeah, this isn't an apartheid white country run by whites. The natives, Asians, Negroes, Hispanics and all other groups of citizens here have inalienable rights that can't be voted away by some majority group or vicious gang of fascist scum.

If you are incapable of living with everyone else in this melting pot country of immigrants, perhaps you should leave, instead.
>> No. 107836 ID: 41e1fc
So what is the end result you are shooting for here? Is there a point at which we have enough immigrants? Do white people sacrifice themselves worldwide for a temporary material uplifting of the teeming third world masses? We end up extinct or some kind of diaspora people with no homeland or sovereignty? Why do we have such an obligation and why are we the only race with such an obligation? Even if you want to help the third world we cannot do it if we disappear from the world. They will loot what our ancestors built and squander it in a generation and all your gay ass dreams will be for naught.

Also, the "muh melting pot nation of immigrants" argument is incredibly disingenuous. This nation was quite clearly founded as an explicitly white nation and the founding fathers are all the type of people you would call "Nazi." Is this unconstitutional? It was signed by the same people who wrote the constitution.
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naturalization_Act_of_1790 America as a white nation was reaffirmed multiple times throughout our history until the treasonous 1965 Hart-Cellar act. This whole "nation of immigrants" idea is incredibly recent.

Secondly, you use the exact same arguments on our native lands in Europe. Your side says Britain is a nation of immigrants, France is multicultural, and politicians like Orban and Salvini who are desperately trying to save their nations are evil Nazi fascists. So how about fuck you on that one it's just garbage tier anti-white rhetoric that you use on every white country.
>> No. 107837 ID: 41e1fc
AND FURTHERMORE the idea that any white person who is pro white is some kind of deranged monster that is secretly dogwhistling that their greatest inner desire is to "hang all niggers" or whatever unlikely fiction the propagandists you listen to have conjured up is simply ludicrous. I have stated exactly what I think quite clearly, unlike you who waffles around and only puts up nebulous ideas to make sure you have no solid stance that could be attacked. I have many non white friends who I love and think are wonderful people, but that doesn't preclude my loyalty to America or the survival of my entire race.

You would never say this about black lives matter. You would never say this about "La Raza" (literally, "the race"). Japan is a Japanese nation run by the Japanese and for the Japanese, they have non-Japanese living and working there but no one expects them to let infinite non-Japanese in or let the non-Japanese living there run their country and no one calls them Nazis for not doing so. No, only white advocacy is secretly genocidal. Only white people are not allowed to have a nation. Continuing to slander me in such a way only exposes you as a liar.
>> No. 107839 ID: d47bab
>It is oppression to unjustly discriminate against citizens of different racial, ethnic and religious groups.

So to not include someone is oppressing them?
>> No. 107840 ID: cd8ea5
>temporary material uplifting of the teeming third world masses
Incredibly temporary, actually.
>> No. 107843 ID: 80948b
better unplug the AI from it's power source, it's been irrevocably corrupted by (((someone)))
>> No. 107844 ID: 7c93cd
File 153918459074.jpg - (204.10KB , 1600x775 , US nuke Safeguard ABM system Missile Site Radar (M.jpg )
Yes, I would like to thank the OperatorChan community in this experiment to determine if the human race as a whole has any genuinely good, redeeming qualities or if humanity is abhorrent and beyond hope as a species, fractured by petty animosities and burdened with ignorance, evil, hypocrisy and self-deception passed off as morality.
>> No. 107845 ID: 6088bc
File 153918706011.jpg - (47.56KB , 767x767 , IMG_20181006_134650_852.jpg )
Womp womp. Save your crocodile tears for a place where signalling matters.
>> No. 107846 ID: e56201
Keep fighting the good fight Bats. Someone has to.
>> No. 107847 ID: 6a86d0
Good reedeming qualities like antifa? You are a joke.
>> No. 107851 ID: d47bab
Are you really just going to leave? You can't have any debate, discourse, or attempt to seriously defend your position?

Calling this place stormfront, or whatever, is just silly, and you know it. You really do seem like a smart person and I'd like to see what you have to say.

Running with your tail tucked is admitting defeat, and that your ideas are inferior. Come on man.
>> No. 107852 ID: c27283
>> No. 107853 ID: 003ecf
>Calling this place stormfront, or whatever, is just silly

You know the current administration of this site got their hand on the URL initially by accusing serv of embezzling money from his own website. they raised a huge stink because serv is jewish and so not trustworthy around money, they threatened him with legal action and eventually the browbeat the URL out of him because serv was trying to set up opchan with a bitcoin miner. This was almost a decade ago, OPchan would be worth 9-10 figures right now if serv had been allowed to carry out his dastardly jewish plot, thank god the white knights saved us from that fate.
Back when serv was still running this site it was supposed to be an off-4chan /k/ substitute with less anime silliness and more real guns, but fast forward to the present and here we are on /k/ discussing neo-neonazi /pol/shit because all the people who actually own guns stopped looking at /n/
>> No. 107855 ID: 4282bd
I can't speak for anyone involved in all that business but personally I wasn't really aware of Jewish power until late 2016. I mean, I knew they ran the media and the banks and such but I never actually gave it any thought until Trump started making those edgy speeches and the media Jews flipped out about them being "anti-semitic" since every single one of those NGOs dedicated to filling America and Europe with immigrants is financed, run, and operated by Jews all the way down even though they are like 2% of the population. Then you start looking stuff up and you learn about Franz Boas and how his pseudoscience became mainstream and then how nearly all first and second wave feminists were Jewish and then the Frankfurt school and then all the communist revolutions during the inter-war period (including the one in Germany) and the rabbit hole goes on until you start to get the impression that perhaps it is not the best idea to let an ethnic minority with historic hostilities to your ethnic group have seriously disproportionate power over all your most important institutions.

At the time I just thought it was a funny meme that serv was Jewish yet also so bad at money. I thought that should make him naturally better at money related things. I still don't think he is relevant in any way to this global politics stuff, he is just a guy. Also, I didn't start this discussion I simply cannot endorse such heresy with my silence.
>> No. 107856 ID: e35b40

Serv couldn't keep the site running without getting dozens of 500 Internal Server Errors every time you tried to post. That alone proved him unworthy of managering the site.

OPChan is shit now, no question. However, OPChan was still shit under serv's "leadership". Go fuck yourself servsucker.
>> No. 107857 ID: 003ecf
File 153929448425.jpg - (40.11KB , 800x450 , 3601615000001_vpx.jpg )
>sure i hate the jews because they're all out to get me, but dozens of people pressuring serv into giving up the website because of groundless accusations had nothing to do with serv being jewish.
>sure i'm a feminist, i have to be because men are all bigots. dozens of women pressuring kavanaugh into giving up on the supermeme court because of groundless accusations had nothing to do with his gender.
i really don't care that serv is a niggerjewfaggot with aids, i want them bitcoin millions we lost out on. we could all be out in the avra valley with our shirts off shooting solid gold deagles at solid gold targets right now if it wasn't for you and your lot.
furthermore OPchan was way better back in those days, postcounts after 3 years of serv's administration were way higher than they are now after 7 years of the current administration.
websluts are probably laughing their fat middle aged cottage cheese asses off at us
>> No. 107858 ID: 6088bc
What are you even talking about? You think serv would have given you his bitshekels? That was his own project and he quit that on his own after he lost a bunch of money in the big mt gox crash and everyone started bullying him about it. And like I said, I'm pretty sure everyone was on the level of Ron Paul at the time, none of that had anything to do with his Jewishness.

Acknowledging Jews as a competing interest group is not feminism and nothing I said was factually incorrect. Shocker: ethnic minorities often work for the benefit of their ethnic group and what they do is not always in the best interests of the majority ethnicity in their host nation. Do you think anyone who says black lives matter exists is a feminist? What do you think the ADL is?

Feminism is a Jewish ideology though. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Feminists_by_religion Most of the atheists are ethnically Jewish as well.
>> No. 107860 ID: 649f2c
If serv had started using OPchan funds to invest in a bitcoin miner back when coin was less than a buck and was allowed to continue with his idea free of racial harassment from the peanuts gallery then he would have almost certainly bought gold deagles for everyone and flown us all out to Tucson to go shooting in with him in the Avra Valley.
Just because you'd never do anything like that don't mean that everyone else is as as much of a stingy, selfish penny pincher as you are. Except the kikes of course, they're all greedy like you are shlomo, every last one of them, its in their blood.
>> No. 107863 ID: 6088bc
Lol k, it's a nice fantasy. I don't really have much to do with whatever went on you know, I never even heard of the lawsuit aspect until now. I suspect you may not be getting the full picture but I am not in the loop enough on this stuff to be able to elaborate further. I just shitpost, mostly as OPERATOR, and occasionally donate to server funds. I still like serv, and I still like to bully him too.
>> No. 107873 ID: 98a205
File 153944985864.jpg - (733.55KB , 2048x1152 , 1520539055881.jpg )
I just read the post in OP and have not read through the rest of this thread yet, but my 2 cents would be that most companies would not allow militants to train at their location (imagine if a bunch of AL-qaeda sympathizers requested training from blackwater) in not such an extreme case, people who have self organized into a potential militia would be a liability for any sane range owner, regardless of affiliation. If a range owner saw a bunch of people from another declared militant organization request to use his range, it could create problems for him:

>the range owner may become involved with "training militants"
>the range could be classified as a militant training ground and LE may get involved.

The only way the OP would have been in the wrong in my eyes is if he allowed militants with different ideals to do the same thing (show up to the range, dawn masks, uniforms and body armor etc. before shooting)
>> No. 107874 ID: 9e2594
File 153945440766.gif - (25.53KB , 220x323 , 220px-ElmerFudd.gif )
i'm not a gay faggot liberal who like to suck on penises and thats why i agree with >>107873 that people with nonconformist political views shouldn't be allowed to have guns.
>> No. 107875 ID: 231131
Liberals: bake the cake bigot!
Also liberals: giant international monopolies that only exist due to infrastructure funded by your taxes are still private businesses that should be allowed to not offer services to whoever they want

If you think this is about abstract principles you are delusional. It's about centers of power and who is on what side.
>> No. 107879 ID: 2fd8d6
File 153952320313.jpg - (92.46KB , 758x826 , grab squad.jpg )
>people with nonconformist political views shouldn't be allowed to have guns.

a little bit of a jump to a conclusion there, the post said that for the sake of the range owner, militants should not be allowed to practice militant things at the range, nothing about banning people from owning guns.

you may have also been baiting, in which case you got me
>> No. 107882 ID: beeab2
File 153989197826.jpg - (115.39KB , 640x640 , D0DE2725-254F-4714-A015-D6EF38F1364B.jpg )
Fuck off A.I. android fag. /k/ is a human board.
>> No. 107883 ID: 738b31
do we not have mods anymore? Why is this shit show here and not in /t/ where it can be ignored?

SO liberals have guns and are using time tested military tactics? looks like you proud boys are in for a rough one when you try to start your race war.

If the shifting demographics got you bummed maybe stop being an incel and out breed them?
>> No. 107884 ID: 6da2ca
File 153994739514.jpg - (383.18KB , 1500x2318 , article-3189-art5bc78ca94d78c.jpg )
Here's a handy primer.
>> No. 107895 ID: e22632
Proud Boys are r/the_donald tier politically my dude. I bet you are more edgy than they are, they are just more swole than you. I kinda hope antifa does go full Maoist red guard, no revolt is going to happen but it will be an excuse to send in the national guard. And yes you should be procreating instead of being a faggot fapping to porn. Seriously, it's messing with your mind, you'll have far more success with chicks if you quit. https://yourbrainonporn.com

Straw men are easy to knock down aren't they?

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