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File 153851651353.jpg - (270.74KB , 800x600 , arcalibers2.jpg )
107778 No. 107778 ID: 584748
Other than the cost of ammunition and having to use 6.8 magazines instead of 5.56 magazines, is there any benefit to using 5.56 over .224 Valkyrie at any range? I have to assume with a 6.5" twist barrel to stabilize the heavier 90 grain pills, Valkyrie would be a better terminal performer from every barrel length and at every range to go along with the much ballyhoo'd external ballistics it boasts. Is the lower magazine capacity the only other downside?

If the trend in 5.56 ARs over the last decade or so has been toward longer, heavier bullets for greater terminal effectiveness in shorter barrels, wouldn't a Valkyrie be better at that too?
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>> No. 107779 ID: faf462
File 153852401783.jpg - (301.03KB , 2048x1694 , ht6qte77hmq01.jpg )
I know basically nothing about .224 Valkyrie.

That said, I'm all aboard the 6.5 hype train. It cracks me up that the Swedes figured that shit out 122 years ago, and now everyone acts like it's the latest development.

I'm considering either rebarreling my RPR or building an AR-10 in 6.5 creedmoor.

Or just buy a $1200 6.5 CM barrel assy for the SCAR 17. Man that would be badass.
>> No. 107781 ID: 584748
Yeah, man. I've wanted the military/law enforcement only SSR, PR or TPR variant of a SCAR for a long time and the rise of 6.5 only makes me want one worse.
>> No. 107785 ID: 7c93cd
File 153865467846.jpg - (53.50KB , 638x768 , bullets, 6_5x50mmSR Arisaka (_25 Jap) 1.jpg )
You know what 6.5mm mags are hard to find? The ones for this pictured Japanese Type 96 (Model 96 aka 1936) 6.5x50mmSR (aka .25 Jap) light machine-gun.

These mags can sell for more than $1600:

Even the stupid plastic display mags sell for $165:
>> No. 107872 ID: 98a205
File 153944874412.jpg - (77.43KB , 900x602 , 1517626391369.jpg )
>Other than the cost of ammunition and having to use 6.8 magazines instead of 5.56 magazines, is there any benefit to using 5.56 over .224 Valkyrie at any range?

I dont know about the terminal ballistics at variable ranges for the 224, but in my opinion, the main reason for 556's preferred use is logistical.

Another thing that most shooters don't think about is weapons repair cost. There are some phenomenal performing rounds in the long range shooting arena that unfortunately require new barrels around with fairly low rounds counts.

Stopping power is also a meme that does have some basis of truth. the difference between a wound and a kill shot is significant from a tactical standpoint. NATO described the 556 as superior to the 762 on the basis that it performs roughly equally with a well trained soldier who can hit critical areas effectively.

Smaller rounds such as the 556 produce better kinetic effects because unlike the larger mass of the 762, they tend to go right through tissue and tumble unlike 762 which carries enough inertia to travel though tissue with little hindrance
>> No. 107877 ID: faf462
> Another thing that most shooters don't think about is weapons repair cost. There are some phenomenal performing rounds in the long range shooting arena that unfortunately require new barrels around with fairly low rounds counts.

I don't know how important barrel life is to the average shooter. Even with ~6 3-gun events, ~10 practice events, and fun shoots, I'd be surprised if I've shot 5000 rounds in 4 years. That's a good amount of shooting, and I'm probably only 25-50% through the barrel life on my AR. (With $1000 worth of ammo.)

Now if you're talking about 6mmBR, well you're going to replace the barrel after it stops making a ragged hole.

Basically if you're serious, you already knew you'd be buying barrels.

And if you're not serious, you'd never shoot enough rounds to cause wear, or be fine with 4 MOA.
>> No. 107880 ID: 2fd8d6
If using 556, and going to the range for practice, you could get numbers like:

>3 magazines @ 30 rounds each and a few for sighting in/plinking
so round to 100 per trip

multiply that by 1 trip a month, gives you 1200 rounds a year. in 4 years, depending on rate of fire, you will likely have shot out a barrel.

change any of the parameters (hotter loads, higher ROF) and you might get 2 or 3 years at best, and 1 year at worst dependent on the quality of your barrel
>> No. 107881 ID: 584748
What I guess I'd really like to know/see is a 10" or 8" .224 Valkyrie upper. Still going to outclass 5.56 in terms of external ballistics and got to be a better terminal performer at any range. Magazine capacity and ammunition cost seem to be the only downsides.
>> No. 107885 ID: e35b40

Out of curiosity, what are people's standards for what constitutes a shot out barrel? Obviously the standards for a precision rifle (oh noes, I went from 0.50 to 0.75 MOA!) versus a minute of man AK (rounds are of keyholing Ivan but rifle is fine) are going to be different.
>> No. 107886 ID: faf462
Ah, now that's the $300 question. For my competition AR, probably 3 MOA. I feel like any more than that and I'm fighting the rifle's random number generator.

For my 116 year old Swede Mauser, doesn't matter.

For a precision bolt action, 1 MOA.
>> No. 107887 ID: 584748

I don't shoot enough to get there but I imagine there are those who treat that like I would an oil change rather than acting based on the performance of the rifle. XX,XXX rounds? Time for a new barrel.
>> No. 107897 ID: 2c9a4e
Poor availability of ammunition under any but ideal circumstances.

Let's imagine that when you wake up tomorrow, the power and water are out and the nearest city to you is in flames. All your local Wal-Marts got looted down to the bare floors overnight. When you drive to the local police department the doors are open and "WE QUIT" is spray-painted on the walls, the armory has been stripped down to the last cartridge and even the fridge is empty. There's no cell phone signal, no dial tone when you pick up the landline phone, but a fellow /k/omrade in town has called you up on a cheap hand-held two-way radio to let you know that a mob of several thousand cannibals are on their way to your neighborhood, and they are killing and eating everyone they catch.

But look over there, what luck! A wrecked National Guard deuce-and-a-half full of boxes, right across the street from your driveway! There are dead guys in the seats up front and they've still got their M16s and web gear full of loaded mags! Do you want to lay odds on how many rounds of .224 Valkyrie you're gonna find when you crack open those crates? Double or nothing if there's one single compatible mag on that truck.

If the firearm is just a range toy to you, then there's no problem with using obscure boutique ammo and experimenting with wildcat cartridge designs as a hobby. If you've already laid in a few cases of good ammo and mags, likewise, you may not need to worry about it. On the other hand, if Mad Max time is in the offing, anything that isn't NATO standard just might prove to have been a bad choice.
>> No. 107899 ID: a090f7
Yeah. 5.56 is more plentiful.
>> No. 107960 ID: 6b2b62
File 154204843566.jpg - (12.06KB , 349x286 , 277-Wolverine-compared.jpg )
I want 277 Wolverine to gain some traction. Supposedly close to 6.8 SPC in terms of performance with only a barrel change required. No special brass or mags, easily formed from .223 unlike the more difficult to form 300 BO.
>> No. 107961 ID: 6b2b62
  Second bullet is good bullet.
>> No. 107962 ID: 6b2b62
File 154204894438.png - (357.68KB , 600x315 , 1e015d138b9efc7f27124b176a2036fd.png )
>> No. 107963 ID: 6b2b62
  Only 8" barrel.
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