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File 154328804578.jpg - (100.75KB , 980x551 , dfec29baeefae3ab9093dca8b2d8fa2bf5ef54f244509e41ac.jpg )
107998 No. 107998 ID: 667334
when is trump going to legalize machineguns?
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>> No. 107999 ID: ae2824
Do you unironically believe trump is pro gun?
>> No. 108000 ID: 20f3d2
Do you think that such a patrician aristocrat like Trump would ever want the violent proles in the USA to have ready access to machine-guns?

Remember when Trump scoffed at the NRA and the gun lobby and threatened to confiscate guns before any due process legal procedures? That the police should take people's guns away whether the police have the right to or not?
Trump stuns lawmakers with gun control demands https://youtu.be/8bVT3TnBt2Q
Trump clashes with Republicans in gun control meeting https://youtu.be/z4J8iJwXqWo

Back in 2000, Trump, in his book "The America We Deserve," said he supported the 1994 federal assault weapons ban. (The law expired in 2004 and was not renewed by Congress.) "I generally oppose gun control," he wrote then, "but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today's internet technology we should be able to tell within 72 hours if a potential gun owner has a record."

After 17 people were killed by a teenager at the Florida school (Feb 16, 2018), Trump said that assault rifles should be kept out of the hands of anyone under 21. He endorsed more stringent background checks for gun buyers, and ordered his Justice Department to work toward banning rapid-fire “bump stock” devices.
>> No. 108001 ID: e56201
Don't bother, they're all in denial.
>> No. 108002 ID: 20f3d2
File 154335118591.jpg - (180.99KB , 1021x1023 , US P Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms 1934 N.jpg )
Just showing what Trump's statements on gun control have been.
On the bright side, Trump routinely reverses and flops on his positions to an amazing extent, so he may endorse the repeal of the National Firearms Act (48 Stat. 1236, currently codified as amended as I.R.C. ch. 53) of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968.
Not likely, though.
>> No. 108009 ID: c3b8cf

considering the ban on bump stocks is going into effect soon, what makes you think Trump will legalize new full autos?
>> No. 108014 ID: 09c7e0
>what makes you think Trump will legalize new full autos?
bump stocks are dangerous nigger-rigged garbage, people who need high firepower weapons to defend themselves and their property should have purpose built weapons that can be operated safely, not slapped together aftermarket plastic bullshit.
>> No. 108052 ID: d0c708
>> No. 108053 ID: d0c708
>> No. 108055 ID: 7ba92e
  Trump banned bump stocks by executive order on Dec 18, 2018. “A 90 period now begins which persons in possession of bump stock type devices must turn those devices to an ATF field office, or destroy them by March 21.”
Now, if you're not familiar with what a bump stock is, here is the description of these things from the 157 page finalized rule from the US Department of Justice: "These devices convert and otherwise semiautomatic firearm into a machine gun by functioning as a self acting or self regulating mechanism that harnesses the recoil energy of the semiautomatic firearm in a manner that allows the trigger to reset and continue firing without additional physical manipulation by the trigger or of the trigger by the shooter."

It is impossible to know just how many bump stocks Americans own because the devices aren’t traceable, but ATF has estimated that between 280,000 and about 520,000 have been sold since 2010. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said President Donald Trump was “once again fulfilling a promise he made to the American people.” Trump had promised the ban in March, saying the devices “turn legal weapons into illegal machines.” https://www.apnews.com/6c1af80fb290472c89fb930e223505af
President Donald Trump Administration Bans Bump Stocks | NBC Nightly News https://youtu.be/XgI3pRID_bM
>> No. 108062 ID: 5d2235
There's no more reason to restrict this than anything else people home brew or other dumb shit of dubious quality.
Go fuck yourself.
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