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File 154394325893.jpg - (8.60KB , 500x127 , 3744137_01_windham_weaponry_ww_15_5_56mm__640.jpg )
108017 No. 108017 ID: 49babc
>Graduate OSUT
>Welcome to Fort Drum
>Biggest hobby is guns

So I'm having to leave 3 AR-15's, all my handguns, undoubtedly my suppressor and all my mags back in Montana.

What the hell should I should do for weapons? I don't really want one of those durped out NY legal AR's unless there's no better option. Saw my first one at a Gander and could only say "what the.....fuuuuuck" Other than a stupid Mini 14, is there some "okay" option I'm missing for a 5.56?

Should I focus on a precision rifle instead?

I"ve got an Ithaca 37 (20 inch) and Mossberg 500 (20 inch), so I'm good for shotguns. Just need a rifle for home defense and parties.
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>> No. 108018 ID: c3b8cf
Is the Remington 7615P NY legal? It's pump action, so its not an babby killing salt weapon, but can take 10 round AR mags.

What about the Kel-tech SU-16? It's a POS, but probably better than nothing for a few years while you're stationed in NY.
>> No. 108019 ID: e56201
At a glance, those both look like they would be legal. I have a stupid looking AR that's fully functional (except 10rd mags), and a good looking FAL that has to be loaded through the ejection port. OP, if you want practical, a dumb looking AR is the way to go IMO.
>> No. 108020 ID: 20f3d2
File 154395911198.jpg - (40.06KB , 1896x600 , antique US Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 5_56x45mm.jpg )
How about a good bolt action rifle that can load AR-15 magazines, like the Ruger American Rifle Ranch?

Ruger American Ranch Rifle - Shooting This Great Carbine in 5.56 https://youtu.be/gGZuTbh8wVc
>> No. 108021 ID: 20f3d2
File 154395915721.jpg - (1.96MB , 4608x3456 , antique US Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 5_56x45mm.jpg )
>> No. 108022 ID: 20f3d2
File 154395919952.jpg - (1.90MB , 4608x3456 , antique US Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 5_56x45mm.jpg )
>> No. 108023 ID: 20f3d2
File 154395928150.jpg - (1.16MB , 1200x900 , antique US Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 7_62x39mm.jpg )
Here's a Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 7.62x39mm.
>> No. 108024 ID: 20f3d2
File 15439593537.jpg - (626.92KB , 3650x2372 , antique US Ruger American Rifle Ranch in _300BO 1.jpg )
And here's one in .300BO with an unusual monopod.
>> No. 108025 ID: 20f3d2
File 154395949976.jpg - (970.69KB , 2912x2184 , antique US Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 5_56x45mm.jpg )
And here's a Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 5.56x45mm with a different kind of stock.
>> No. 108026 ID: 20f3d2
File 154396001032.jpg - (117.60KB , 1086x610 , balprec18-affordable-savage.jpg )
Or go for a precision rifle in 5.56, like this Savage Arms 10/110 BA Stealth
These bolt-action rifles allow you to rule the range. They feature monolithic billet aluminum chassis made by Drake Associates with M-LOK-compatible forends and Picatinny rails. Each barreled action is factory blueprinted for optimal accuracy. At the rear, a FAB Defense GL-Shock buttstock absorbs recoil and is fully adjustable. The carbon-steel barrel on the short-action 10 models is threaded while a brake is included on the long-action 110 variants. (savagearms.com)

Caliber: .223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .300 WM, .338 LM | Barrel: 16.5, 20 or 24 inches | OA Length: 35-49 inches | Weight: 9.24-11.5 pounds (empty) | Stock: FAB Defense GL-Shock | Sights: None | Action: Bolt | Finish: Matte black | Capacity: 5+1, 10+1 | MSRP: $1,209-$1,624
>> No. 108027 ID: 20f3d2
File 154396016776.jpg - (110.97KB , 1086x610 , balprec18-affordable-howa.jpg )
Or this Howa Chassis Rifle
The Howa Chassis Rifle, or HCR, features a CNC-machined, 6061-T6 aluminum billet chassis made by Accurate-Mag. The forend allows the barrel to float freely and is equipped with M-LOK attachment points. At the rear is a fully adjustable Luth-AR MBA-3 buttstock as well as a comfortable Ergo grip. The HCR is available with a standard or heavy barrel, and you can also order it as a complete kit with a Nikko Stirling 4-16x50mm Diamond Long Range scope and a 20-MOA mount. (legacysports.com)

Caliber: .223 Rem, .243 Rem, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .300 WM | Barrel: 20, 24 or 26 inches | OA Length: 39-49.25 inches | Weight: 9.9-12.2 pounds (empty) | Stock: Luth-AR MBA-3 | Sights: None | Action: Bolt | Finish: Matte black, MultiCam, Kryptek Highlander | Capacity: 5+1, 10+1 | MSRP: $1,379-$1,999
>> No. 108028 ID: 20f3d2
File 154396062191.jpg - (338.13KB , 1919x1156 , antique Belgian Browning A-bolt _223 Remington rif.jpg )
Or something nice, like this Belgian Browning A-bolt in .223 Remington.
But remember that guns chambered in 5.56mm can safely shoot .223, but not always vice-versa since 5.56 is usually a hotter round.
>> No. 108029 ID: 20f3d2
  Or how about a 5.56mm pistol that can load your AR-15 mags? Like this SiG 556 carbine shown here with a SiG-Sauer P220 Combat for scale. http://www.operatorchan.org/k/res/107317.html#107334

Fightlite SCR Raider 5.56 Pistol Review https://youtu.be/nam4cIS85bY
>> No. 108030 ID: 20f3d2
  Olympic OA96 Pistol: A Loophole in the Assault Weapons Ban https://youtu.be/apd6NXWgBZk
>> No. 108031 ID: 20f3d2
  Olympic Arms' OA-98 AR Pistol - A Strange Product of the AWB https://youtu.be/CcNS4JdprWc
The AR-15 does not lend itself to stock-less use, because its basic design places the recoil spring in the length of the stock, and requires that space for the bolt carrier to travel in. Olympic Arms, however, developed a way to modify the basic AR-15 design to allow for a pistol version that did not require a rear buffer tube (it was also made into a carbine with a folding stock). This was the OA-93, and it was unluckily introduced just before the implementation of the 1994 assault weapons ban in the US.

With that law in place, the OA-93 met the legal definition of "assault pistol", and Olympic wanted to find a way to avoid that designation, so they could continue to sell the gun. Their first solution was to replace its ability to use normal AR magazines with a permanently mounted 10-round magazine - but this was a commercial flop. Looking for a better solution, they developed the OA-98. This version of the gun omitted the barrel shroud and thread muzzle, thus removing two of the "assault pistol" elements. A third and final element was avoided by reducing the weigh of the gun from 71 to 48 ounces (from 2kg to 1.36kg). This was done through drastic skeletonization of several components, and removal of all excess features - and the result was a pistol which indeed avoided the legal definition of "assault pistol."
>> No. 108033 ID: 49babc
File 154403774437.png - (413.05KB , 1000x530 , Blank+_768325160bf9e97e7cd4b032ea45670f.png )
>need functional, but semi sacrificial folder, funds are low right meow and I'm pretty stranded
>Go to order the Emerson wannabe Chineses folder that Kershaw sells
>"Due to local state laws, Kershaw is currently unable to ship product within the state of New York."
wtf, over.

As much as I fully know Keltec is shitty from the few I've shot, I'm looking into the SU-16 for kicks, but I'm having a hard time determining which variants are NY legal but I'll figure it out.

This is probably one thing I'll do fo sho. I wish they were a little "nicer", but I'll take what I can get. Probably will steal an MRO off of one of my real rifles and play with that for a bit.
>> No. 108034 ID: e56201
>"Due to local state laws, Kershaw is currently unable to ship product within the state of New York."

Try a different website. The gov here likes to scare retailers about things that aren't necessarily illegal. Same thing with buying ammo online, only a few places will ship to your door even though it's legal.

Looking at the Kel-Tec site, my interpretation would be that the SU-16A and SU-16B are legal as is, and the SU-16C and SU-16CA would be legal if you pinned and welded a thread protector.
>> No. 108035 ID: e56201
Actually, I think I take it back about the 16C. It would still be illegal with a thread protector due to the folding stock. I think the others are fine since they can't be fired folded, it's more like breaking open an AR than a folding stock.
>> No. 108036 ID: c935e2
File 154423494446.jpg - (433.23KB , 900x506 , omrHnDg.jpg )
Build up a Fightlite SCR. It takes standard AR uppers (just be sure to get one without a threaded barrel), but it has a monte carlo style stock.


They look good with fuddy wood stocks too. Pic related.

That being said, an intermediate cartridge bolt action rifle or pistol caliber lever gun is a good idea too, and is even more ban proof when Cuomo drops SAFE Act 2: Electric Boogaloo
>> No. 108037 ID: e7e9a8
File 154425628336.jpg - (2.92MB , 4578x1789 , 1502898258637.jpg )
Those things are so sexy. Take standard AR handguards and uppers too, with a proprietary lower and a BCG a bit like a FAL or Auto-5 with the rat-tail extension. Which will apparently work with aftermarket Remington 1100 stocks, possibly with some light modification.
>> No. 108038 ID: e7e9a8
File 154425634718.jpg - (195.85KB , 1600x669 , 1521750363852.jpg )
Now with 100% more 'Nam.
>> No. 108039 ID: 7ba92e
File 154427507630.jpg - (123.35KB , 985x1536 , US trooper in Vietnam 1968 1.jpg )
>> No. 108040 ID: 85f7d3

*It Ain't Me* plays at half speed and off pitch softly in the background.
>> No. 108041 ID: 08af94
Yeah I was trying to order from a website I used to have working at a sporting goods store that has a military discount as well. I just need to figure out what is actually legal beagle to have on me. I bought a $20 leatherman kick off of ebay for now since my wife has no idea where my wave is back home. The knife isn't much, but it'll work for now.

Sold. Still gay, but I can make that bottom setup work.

WTF, over.
>> No. 108042 ID: f5c3ed
I like it, would look nice with wood handguards and a wood stock.
>> No. 108063 ID: 5d2235
DAT, CamoCowboy and I ended up doing this.

It's so fucking weird but stupid maneuverable
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