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File 154730295918.jpg - (1.25MB , 3008x3004 , 1547102040516.jpg )
108123 No. 108123 ID: b6e91c
I wish guns didn't cost so damn much as a hobby.
My city is being gentrified so jobs are getting shittyer and rent is going up. And since gentrification means your comunity gets replaced with well off liberals, all these new voters are making voting to make all kinds of new fees and taxes on anything gun related.

Post guns you wish you could afford.
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>> No. 108124 ID: bbee29
File 154731471373.jpg - (1.36MB , 2976x1674 , SUVuurwapen.jpg )
>can't afford
L-39 but an S-18 would be fine too
>> No. 108125 ID: bbee29
File 154731506347.jpg - (1.67MB , 4863x2672 , _MG_5523-2.jpg )
Most nice rifles chambered in 450 Rigby are going to be out of my budget for a while.
>> No. 108126 ID: bbee29
File 15473153734.jpg - (1.20MB , 3264x2448 , wm_3125312.jpg )
Valmets are pretty.
>> No. 108127 ID: bbee29
File 154731639520.jpg - (103.76KB , 800x510 , 800px-HN-Bofors-40mm-2-2.jpg )
Last but not least, a Bofors.

honorable mentions
>gucci AR15 builds
>gucci AR10 builds
>double rifles
>quality SXS
>S&W performance center revolvers
>> No. 108128 ID: e56201
File 154732388433.jpg - (255.68KB , 1956x966 , VSS-Vintorez-2.jpg )
Yes, it's because of SOC.
>> No. 108129 ID: e56201
File 154732404076.jpg - (1.06MB , 1500x1124 , P1030168.jpg )
Also because of SOC. I hear it's not really that great of a gun but I love the look.
>> No. 108130 ID: 9dcda2
File svd.webm - (4.26MB )
I'd love to have a SVD. Especially if they made a ~18" barrel version with a 20 round magazine. My buddy has a standard Tigr in 7.62x54R and it's really nice. It's actually a lot lighter than you'd expect.
>> No. 108131 ID: 9dcda2
File svd_pistol_4.webm - (2.96MB , svd pistol_4.webm )
> Hey man, you wanna shoot it like a pistol?
> Yes I do.
>> No. 108132 ID: 9dcda2
  Probably my dream gun would be a MP5SD.

In fact, if someone made a semi-auto clone with a 16" barrel and mock suppressor, I'd buy the fuck out of it and use it for a PCC.
>> No. 108134 ID: e56201
File 154735682475.jpg - (101.15KB , 1600x650 , rus2.jpg )
Also, do airguns count? I've wanted one of these for years, and technically I COULD afford it, but I can't quite bring myself to drop ~2500 on the gun+glass+filling method just to pop starlings and english sparrows.
>> No. 108136 ID: fe0cf7
File 154743149416.jpg - (291.65KB , 1800x1450 , US trooper in Vietnam sniper Carlos 'White Fe.jpg )
Would love to have a Vietnam War era Remington 700 or Winchester Model 70 sniper rifle with a Hi-Lux or Unertl scope, but they are crazy-expensive.
Yeah, I know there are plenty of modern scopes far better than the old and obsolete Unertl scopes, but I like these old optics.
>> No. 108137 ID: 9dcda2
Only $16,100 at auction. My dream BAR would be an Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR with a deep blued finish, full-auto closed bolt trigger mech, and chambered in some lighter caliber in the 6.5 to 7mm range.

I've got a HCAR and it's fucking awesome. It's incredibly loud with the surefire muzzle brake, but hardly recoils. With a lighter cartridge, it would be even better.
>> No. 108138 ID: 9dcda2
  Ian is living the dream.
>> No. 108139 ID: 9dcda2
  I don't know about the walking fire tho.
>> No. 108140 ID: 9dcda2
>> No. 108166 ID: 5c87e8
File 154779174437.jpg - (74.65KB , 400x388 , smells-bad-man_knowyourmeme_com via 9gag and inspi.jpg )
I'll never be able to afford the kind of large mobilized artillery I fetishize. I'll never let off all eight 0.50 barrels at the same from my P-47. I will never BBBBRRRRRTTTTTT out of a gun barrel. I'll never be in the conning tower of a battleship when it fires a full broadside at that other battleship halfway hidden under the horizon. I will never turn the polished brass crank of a gattling gun and listen to it not quite drowning out the war cries and thundering hooves of a surprise attack by indians on horseback.
I will never never
>> No. 108218 ID: dec0ec
File 154943492778.jpg - (48.31KB , 600x249 , 600px-Ka-mk153-3.jpg )
I really wish I could fire the SMAW again. It was just to much fun letting a rocket fly out. Although the 5-6k per rocket would suck. Also A Guestav would be fun to own and operate too even though I have no clue how to use it.
>> No. 108219 ID: 9d5275
File 154947581223.jpg - (180.35KB , 1148x844 , Swedish Carl Gustav M2 84mm recoilless rifle.jpg )
You could probably figure it out.
Hopefully the instructions are not printed in Swedish.
>> No. 108220 ID: 9dcda2
File 154950792658.png - (158.73KB , 1100x737 , screen_shot_2014-08-18_at_2_45_22_pm.png )
>>108218 >>108219
The Swedish are well known for their easy to understand instructions.
>> No. 108221 ID: dec0ec
File 154951042124.jpg - (136.46KB , 1024x768 , wm_5270941.jpg )

Well luckily most single use and multi-use rocket launchers have "dumb" proof direction on the launcher or on the rocket.
Although I have see too many people try and use them backwards.The only thing i wish the put on things in bold letters is that it is recoiless so they don't anticipate the shot and put the rocket in the ground.
>> No. 108265 ID: 0adccc
File 155035485879.jpg - (615.64KB , 2560x1920 , Mitrailleuse-p1000723.jpg )
An LMG-25, or honestly, any of Adolph Furrer's designs. Parts are unobtanium to even attempt building a semi, and its really the last big piece missing from my Swiss guns collection, but itll never happen.

Any of the protoype Swiss semi-autos like the Sk-46 or Ak-44 where they jammed a semi-auto action into a K31.

And of course, the VSS.

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