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File 155232506639.png - (3.39MB , 2729x1792 , Tavor-7-ODG-angled-left-RW-No-Path-1-in-12.png )
108322 No. 108322 ID: ceb044
Tavor in 7.62x51 seriously considering one, not sure if it's even available yet. Seems like the perfect rifle, though I'm a bit out of the loop, any thoughts?
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>> No. 108323 ID: 9dcda2
File 155233035119.jpg - (155.27KB , 1200x1200 , super_sabra_gen2.jpg )
Shoot one before you buy. I was all hot to get a 5.56 Tavor until I shot one.

They're heavy. Supposedly they weigh 7.9 pounds but somehow they're heavier than that. For comparison, a SCAR 16 weighs 7.25 lbs, and a M4gery weights 6.6 lbs.


The trigger sucks. Bad. The Geissele trigger cleans it up dramatically, but it's another $350.
>> No. 108324 ID: 9dcda2
File 155233060069.gif - (2.99MB , 452x254 , 137184750667.gif )
Being a bullpup, if you switch shoulders, you're getting brass in the face. You can swap out some parts to shoot it left handed, but same problem with the right shoulder.

And then you can get into stuff like ergonomics of reloading and clearing jams, but that's stuff you can work around.
>> No. 108325 ID: 9dcda2
  But I guess it depends on what you want to use it for. 7.62x51 has quite a lot of recoil, cost, and muzzle blast....
>> No. 108326 ID: 9dcda2
File 15523322604.jpg - (443.23KB , 1272x945 , 65ammo.jpg )
6.5 creedmoor is my choice of rounds these days. My next project is going to be a 6.5 AR-10 of some kind.
>> No. 108327 ID: 9dcda2
>> No. 108328 ID: 9dcda2
  Correction, on the Tavor 7 the ejection can be swapped without changing any parts.

However you're still not switching shoulders on the fly.
>> No. 108331 ID: 949ac1
File 155262047386.jpg - (152.74KB , 1026x684 , i3097990377.jpg )
Been looking at the keltech RFB as well, seems comparable and so much cheaper. Actually starting to look like the best choice.
>> No. 108347 ID: d3cbb0
I too was drooling of the Tavor until... I held one. Felt cheap and the trigger sucked (bullpup I know but still)
I had an RFB for a time and it was surprisingly reliable even with Brown Bear garbage ammo and alternating brass nato and wolf. It did fine. Eventually it ended up in my friend's possession and he put a suppressor on it and it broke the ?slide?operating plate? spring retainer piece? The company sent him a Gen 2 part which was beefier and that did the job. It was actually a decent gun. Good luck checking the chamber though...
>> No. 108349 ID: bbee29
File eb_recoil_impulse.webm - (351.75KB )
Having owned a Tavor for a few years, I don't think the T7 will change my thoughts on Tavors in general.

>bullpup (this being a pro is up to you, but I do find the same OAL with less short-barrel-muzzle-blast is good along with the other commonly mentioned stuff)
>quick mag changes, shot-to-shot on timer of 2.5 seconds average after a few hours of practice, better shooters could get sub2 pretty easily
>overall a good firearm
>can be shot both shoulders because brass deflector

>inaccurate, especially for the price
>heavier than what they say it weighs
>rear heavy, with reciprocating mass well above the shooter's firing hand making the gun teeter-totter in recoil impulse. The shooter's firing hand becomes a bit of a pivot point where the rifle can rock muzzle up as the BCG travels rear and muzzle down as the BCG goes home (for me anyway, other shooters might not have this issue)
>this rocky recoil impulse could be slightly improved with a muzzle device
>fore-end is chunky as fuck just for aesthetics when it would handle better with a slimmer front end
>fore-end can be fixed with money, making the expensive rifle even more expensive
>bad trigger
>bad trigger can be fixed with money, making the expensive rifle even more expensive

Video related for the recoil impulse, it's not a huge deal as it could be mitigated a little bit by a muzzle device. Still, especially shooting with an optic, the crosshair flies up then nosedives. It's pretty jarring compared to all my other semi-autos, even when bigger rifle calibers are involved.

I finally sold Eva Braun because a much better rifle could be assembled for much less money, that's before the aftermarket shit to fix the handguard, muzzle device, and trigger, and it'll still be inaccurate and heavy. I think anyone considering any Tavor model should consider many things before buying.
>> No. 108350 ID: bbee29
File ar_recoil_impulse.webm - (304.97KB )
AR-15 impulse by comparison. This particular AR has a 14.5" barrel, FA BCG, carbine gas, and a regular birdcage. The difference is more dramatic when shooting them side by side versus watching a potatocam video.
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