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No. 108799 ID: 9dcda2
  Good shit.
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>> No. 109282 ID: fec7a2
  Ian (aka Gun Jesus) from Forgotten Weapons is partnering with some pals to make an AR using the best modern components in a project called "What Would Stoner DO?" As if Eugene Stoner was developing his jet age rifle today.

WWSD2020 - Project Launch & Mk3 Lower Announcement https://youtu.be/G6Rd6BKaJDo
>> No. 109283 ID: fec7a2
File 157446188977.jpg - (223.99KB , 1001x1024 , US AR-10 Euene Stoner with his AR-10 prototypes in.jpg )
InRangeTV launched the What Would Stoner Do (WWSD) project in 2017 with the goal of revisiting the intentions of Eugene Stoner when he developed the AR10, ultimately scaled down to the AR15 with Jim Sullivan, wherein Stoner leveraged aerospace technologies, concepts and materials in regards to designing the world's most modern rifle. He succeeded in these goals but he was initially ahead of his time - an inline design composed of aluminum and fiberglass was something foreign & weird, certainly not a fighting man's rifle, right?

Ultimately the AR15 became the world's best, most reliable, handy and capable fighting rifle against all odds of existing bias and even sabotage. However, over time, the AR15 has gradually be modified by "one good idea at a time" and the AR/M16 of today has dramatically deviated from the original vision of Eugene Stoner. We aimed to bring the AR15 back to its roots, but with modern materials and concepts in 2017, and feel that we succeeded well beyond our expectations. The 2017 WWSD rifle turned into a wonderfully well balanced, accurate and durable gun that did indeed capture the spirit of those goals from the late 1950's.

Unfortunately, the only good and viable polymer lower on the market become nearly inaccessible. The company that manufactured them went dark and the remaining inventory of those on the market went up in value and became difficult to obtain. This lower was one of the most quintessential elements of what made the WWSD rifle what it is.

We are *very* excited to announce today that we're launching WWSD2020 in which we're going to revisit all of what we did in 2017, but now with a brand new Mk3 Lower that is being manufactured by KE Arms, under the watchful eye of Russell Phagan (Sinistral Rifleman), who has a superb and institutional knowledge of the previous lowers and can incorporate lessons learned into the manufacture of this new MK3 and WWSD2020 rifle.

Ultimately this effort will culminate in not only having a truly improved Mk3 version of this polymer lower on the market, but with also with *complete WWSD rifles* available through a partnership with Brownells!

Brownells has provided a landing page for this project and we plan to provide videos all the nitty gritty of the revisit of WWSD in 2020 on that page, including content that can't be published to YouTube.

You can find more information here: http://www.inrange.tv/wwsd2020
>> No. 109284 ID: fec7a2
File 157447417952.jpg - (172.43KB , 2045x1293 , US AR-15 XAR1501 ArmaLite’s first AR-15 prototyp.jpg )
What kind of materials and design changes would you want to a 2020 AR-15 design?
Carbon fiber furniture? Titanium alloys?

Pic: XAR1501 - This is the first AR-15 ever made. We’ll repeat that — this is the very first AR-15, ever. Patient zero. The granddaddy of them all. Built by Armalite before 1958, this is Experimental AR-15 Number 1, prior to Colt’s involvement in the AR-15 program. On the orders of General Willard Wyman, Commanding General of the U.S. Continental Army Command, approximately 15 to 20 guns were built for initial testing. https://www.recoilweb.com/americas-rifle-the-ar-15-117770.html
>> No. 109285 ID: fec7a2
File 157447431359.jpg - (79.17KB , 2048x1360 , US AR-15 XAR1501 ArmaLite’s first AR-15 prototyp.jpg )
From the report titled "Fifty-Seventh Report on Ordnance Project No. TS2-2015," dated 19 December 1958, as it was used extensively to put this guide together.

It is unknown the exact number of AR-15 prototypes that were produced for testing in the late 1950s, but it can be assumed that at least 28 were made. The Black Rifle cites L. James Sullivan on page 61 that 40 receiver sets were ordered in a run of 40 sets in 1959 (It seems that the timeline might be off, but I am also not going to go against the word of the man who literally made the AR-15 what it is). Does this mean that there could be closer to 68 rifles out there? I find it unlikely. The highest known serial number is SN 000027. Combining this fact with the information given by L. James Sullivan, I conclude that the total number of AR-15 prototypes produced probably lies somewhere between 28 and 40.

Below is a compilation of known pictures, current locations, configurations and test data on each rifle.

XAR1501 - In Reed Knight’s collection. ArmaLite’s first AR-15 prototype. Has non-adjustable rear sight and is missing M1/M14 style front sight. Has type 2 flash hider. Retains original 1-piece conical forearm, trigger charging handle, type 1 safety selector and fire control positions, and square-side bolt carrier with forward-pointed gas holes. Forearm and stock are painted in the same speckle paint as found on Hollywood AR-10s. According to the March 1996 issue of "Machine Gun News," both the upper and lower receiver are milled from billet aluminum. https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/The-Complete-ArmaLite-AR-15-Prototype-Guide/123-743191/
>> No. 109286 ID: fec7a2
File 157447477049.jpg - (101.25KB , 2048x1360 , US AR-15 Colt Model 601 Serial Number 000112 1.jpg )
Colt AR-15 (Model 601) Serial Number 000112

This Model 601, serial number 000112, features absolutely beautiful, unpainted bakelite furniture. This is very unusual, and the fact that this rifle is the 14th Colt AR-15 Model 601 ever made just adds to the appeal. When it comes to aesthetics, Vickers considers this rifle to be at the top of the list for ARs. https://www.recoilweb.com/americas-rifle-the-ar-15-117770.html
>> No. 109287 ID: 751d6a
Agreed. I personally prefer a simple, handy and sleek AR over the new age ones with all the bolt on shit. Even though that shit has its purpose don't get me wrong. Still working on my suppressed SP1 dissipator build.
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