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File 156125580172.png - (394.34KB , 780x488 , repair.png )
108996 No. 108996 ID: 37393a
Sup, I'm going to be repairing this lower which had a third hole drilled for an illegal sear conversion. I need it to be able to survive an ATF inspection. It's a classic Colt lower, so trashing it is out of the question. I've watched many videos showing how to repair the hole, and I think I've got a workable solution.
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>> No. 108997 ID: ae593f
Since it's aluminum receiver what about aluminum welding to fill the hole then mill/grind the area flush? The re-apply the finish?
>> No. 108998 ID: 751d6a
>> No. 109000 ID: b430d1
Have you tried pointing out that they're not legally permitted to infringe on your right to own weapons of any sort?
>> No. 109001 ID: 5ddd04
File 156138471843.jpg - (123.49KB , 1050x788 , US chemical 155mm shells containing HD mustard gas.jpg )
Nah, those guys don't listen to that argument.
Friend got his mustard gas artillery shells confiscated.
How's he supposed to get rid of those prairie dogs now?
>> No. 109010 ID: 8e4d38
I might be missing something, but isn't "Once a machine gun, always a machine gun" a thing?
>> No. 109011 ID: e56201
Yes. Hence:
>I need it to be able to survive an ATF inspection.

Personally I don't see why a Colt lower is so special it's worth the risk, but whatever.
>> No. 109026 ID: bbee29
Honestly, I'd measure the hole with gage pins to get a good idea of exactly how big it is, then turn an aluminum pin 0.001" bigger than the hole, press fit it in, file/sand it flush, and alumablack it (brownells).

It shouldn't be visible if you sand it down carefully.
>> No. 109027 ID: c3b8cf
>"Once a machine gun, always a machine gun"
But in this case, the lower wasn't created as a MG from Colt.
>> No. 109028 ID: 218cb4
File 156176423633.jpg - (434.05KB , 2000x1125 , US M16 selector switch 2.jpg )
What, someone installed the fun switch setting?
>> No. 109029 ID: 7bc924
File 156176802028.jpg - (63.75KB , 1280x800 , US M16 selector switch.jpg )
Is there a hole at the top (semi-auto) setting?
Is there a Full or Burst setting?
>> No. 109030 ID: bbee29
Read OP's post?
>> No. 109031 ID: 218cb4
File 156177533040.jpg - (448.79KB , 1624x1349 , US AR-15 Colt Model 601 1959-1963 11.jpg )
Was wondering if something was hidden behind the bang-switch in the OP's picture (the third position).
>> No. 109032 ID: f2172d
Yes, there is. It was illegally drilled there by someone else prior to him obtaining it. OP obscured it because he doesn't want his doggos shot. He is now asking how to fill in the no-no hole and make it like it was never there.
>> No. 109151 ID: 51b0a9
Tig, and paitence.
>> No. 109160 ID: 6f2264
Meplat, I'm doing a deal for a transferable AM-180. Super clean, guy has owned it since the mid 80s just prior to the ban. Comes with 9" and 16" barrels. One metal mag, two plastics. I've handled the gun briefly. Any suggestions or recommendations regarding maintenance or sourcing spare parts if needed?
>> No. 109168 ID: 51b0a9
Not really, been out of the business too long.
I'd suggest walking it through a SAR West show, and asking the folks at Lone Mountain, or looking for "Kenton Tucker", he helps run the Big Sandy and might know a solid source.
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