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File 156422532556.jpg - (743.04KB , 1130x1500 , 1564199739894.jpg )
109147 No. 109147 ID: b6e91c
Well do you?
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>> No. 109148 ID: 48ddd0
File 156423935561.png - (1.15MB , 1280x850 , pistol US Hi-Point C9 YEET CANNON G1 9mm, 3_5-inch.png )
Looks like a Hi-Point. Wait, it IS a Hi-point! Feh!
Don't much care for zinc alloy pot metal in my guns. And I have three guns that have brass barrels (a .60 smooth-barrel flintlock pistol, a 10 gauge flintlock blunderbuss and a 63mm flintlock grenade launcher).
- Hi-Point C9 YEET CANNON G1 9mm, 3.5" Barrel, 8rd.
>> No. 109157 ID: b2b3ad
If I ever get to buy a handgun and get to choose which one, I'll buy a Hi-Point, for sure.
>> No. 109173 ID: 18b136
I'm probably going to get it simply because it's funny. Also, Hi-Point's policy of "An affordable working gun for every American." is something I support.

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