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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 157911616813.jpg - (285.57KB , 1843x1769 , 1ei0lreght841.jpg )
109329 No. 109329 ID: b6e91c
Poor /k/ unite! Post the stuff you wish you could buy, but can't.
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>> No. 109330 ID: 38aaac
File 157913538716.jpg - (2.50MB , 3000x2363 , antique US Sharps 1874 sporter with a universal sh.jpg )
I can afford a reproduction Shiloh Sharps 1874 bison-blaster, but don't want to fork over the ridiculous prices they are asking.
...Could've got a good used one in .45-70, back in the mid-'90s for $500, but I bought a Marlin 1895G Guide Gun in .45-70 instead.

- US Sharps 1874 sporter with a universal short-range Creedmore sight by Uberti.
>> No. 109331 ID: 79cf2b
File 15791431278.png - (290.16KB , 1800x750 , FN_Scar_20s_Rotators_blk_3-1800x750.png )

Those F'N sons of bitches released a version of the SCAR 20 in 6.5 Creedmoor. I woulda bought it last year when I still had somewhere to shoot.
>> No. 109332 ID: 38aaac
File 157922601932.jpg - (229.33KB , 1792x1200 , pistol Swiss SIG P210 (Pistole 49 Armee) 9x19mm ca.jpg )
Well, good thing you did not buy it as you would have nowhere to shoot it.
Wait... can't you go out and shoot the prairie dogs or some place in the wilderness to shoot targets?

Here's an older thread of too poor to have guns:

- Swiss SIG P210 (Pistole 49 Armee) in 9x19mm, ca. 1966.
>> No. 109333 ID: 38aaac
File 157922637020.jpg - (242.28KB , 1792x1200 , pistol Swiss SIG P210 (Pistole 49 Armee) 9x19mm ca.jpg )
Nice service pistol.
Ridiculously expensive.
2400 to 9700 Euros at
>> No. 109334 ID: 79cf2b
File 157923056678.jpg - (842.46KB , 1920x1322 , sig210.jpg )

Sure if you wanted to be logical about it.

> Sig 210

The new production ones from Sig are ridiculously well made. I put a thick grease on the slide rails and it slowed the action down. I mentioned it on reddit and a guy who works / worked at Sig USA said the guys on the production line spend a shitload of time on them. Very tight tolerances.

I only wish they had 10 round extended magazines, and that mine had the original heel release... which then wouldn't work with wish #1...
>> No. 109440 ID: 382cb1
>good build quality

2020 is off to a good start.
>> No. 109441 ID: ddd160
File 157983247269.jpg - (297.91KB , 900x675 , IMG_8099-900x675.jpg )
Fudd tiem

Kimber Adirondack in .308 Win. Obviously there's "better" rounds in a short action like 7mm-08 however I'm starting to desire something with EASY ammo to find locally in a pinch despite being a hand loader.

Load this hoe up with some spicy Swift A Frames or nosler partitions etc and set up with a Leupold 2-7 or so and you have a fucking sweet back country heavy timber rifle.

I have it's big brother, the Subalpine in .280 AI, but that was a freakishly cheap miracle I picked up while working at the gun counter.

Kimber handguns are indeed mostly dildos but their rifles are a fucking dream for the non-custom ultralight hunter. You have to screen them as well though.

The "budget" Montana is the way to go for value, but it's still about a grand.

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