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File 158023456645.png - (371.36KB , 640x515 , 2gsjgna1uruvUuS7ndh9YqVwYGPLVszbFLwwpAYXZ5x7QDQs7u.png )
109443 No. 109443 ID: 6affc4
I've bought my first gun illegally off some hippie guy.
It's a .38 Colt Detective Special with black rubber grips. I wanted to check out the year it was produced in but the serial number doesn't match up. Mine has two letters "SA" and four digits. I looked it up on Colt's website and it says the gun should be Single Action Army. Wat means?
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>> No. 109444 ID: 6affc4
Oh, I guess I jumped the gun making the thread.
Here's my answer after a bit of searching https://www.coltforum.com/forums/colt-revolvers/41695-colt-detective-unique-serial-number.html
>> No. 109445 ID: 79cf2b
Well good to know.

Just don't go "Fitz Special" on it.

The Fitz Special: Art of the Gunfighter, Circa 1926
>> No. 109446 ID: 6affc4
Yeah, I've seen it while researching the gun. I would have creamed my pants if it was one of those, lul.
>> No. 109449 ID: 58727a
File 158063758021.gif - (1.62MB , 387x248 , giphy.gif )
>I've bought my first gun illegally off some hippie guy.
Based. Congratulations!
>> No. 109450 ID: 61e76a
>> No. 109453 ID: 6affc4
I'm going to get more from him, I think. How much would you pay for a Colt Government Mark IV series 70 in a questionable condition? I wanna know if he's trying to rip me off.
>> No. 109455 ID: f2172d
about tree-fiddy
>> No. 109456 ID: 6affc4
>> No. 109457 ID: 7db4d4
$1200-1500 in good condition. Questionable I wouldn't go above $700 personally.

If he tries to sell you any NFA items, RUN! Hopefully you didn't use your real name when meeting him. Or let him see your licence plate.
>> No. 109458 ID: 6affc4
I'm not in US, so no worries. He's asking for 800$. I figure if the barrel is good I'll get it anyway. Maybe try to get a discount since I'm also getting what appears to be a S&W model 14-2 and hopefully a Glock off him.
>> No. 109461 ID: 6affc4
Damn, he already sold it. But I got a S&W Target Masterpiece instead. Single action trigger on that thing is so light.
>> No. 109539 ID: 6affc4
File 158246670259.png - (1.00MB , 1265x709 , Wew.png )
Ok, he did me a solid here. Not the best condition but still.
Basically am Ian McCollum now.
>> No. 109540 ID: 6affc4
Forgot about the time zone difference because I'm a retard though.
>> No. 109553 ID: c444a4
File 158312430899.png - (392.98KB , 610x457 , scruffy.png )
can't this hard enough
>> No. 109556 ID: 6affc4
Fuck my first gun. Never in my life have I imagined that I'll come across L.A.R. Grizzly in this shithole.
>> No. 109566 ID: 557f7c
I'm jelly.
>> No. 109567 ID: 6affc4
Well, it has a no-comp barrel with a disassembly baffle that you have to hit with something plastic to get to turn and I still paid $1800. It does come with two mags but no caliber kits.
>> No. 109585 ID: bc1daf
go home reddit, you're drunk
>> No. 109590 ID: 7db4d4
File 15833960973.jpg - (29.81KB , 428x428 , 736ea13c479cf78597905145a669fefb.jpg )
>> No. 109594 ID: 6affc4
Do you guys get these autists often?
Also, still haven't found a place to test-fire any of these guns. The grizzly has developed surface rust over the finish for some reason (my sweaty hands, I bet). What do? Do I just rub it inside and out with gearbox oil and wipe the excess or is there some trick?
>> No. 109595 ID: f2172d
If you live in a humid environment, always bring a rag or cleaning cloth with you and wipe down all your guns before returning home. Also, buy a can of rust protection spray. I've been using Royal Purple for years, works well for me.
>> No. 109596 ID: b67841
Yeah theres the spambots 3 or 4 times a week on /n/ and now /z/. Guess they hit /k/ too lol
>> No. 109597 ID: 6affc4
How did they even find this place?
>> No. 109598 ID: b67841
>How did they even find this place?
Hell if I know. I've been handing out range bans for the affected boards left and right and the volume has dropped off quite a bit.
I don't think normal users will have any trouble, but lemme know if you do. Email's in the field.
>> No. 109599 ID: 6affc4
Also, tested all three guns today. They work great and recoil on the Grizzly is much milder than I expected. Very fun gun to shoot. They should definitely resume production in the US. The company is still live, right?
>> No. 109600 ID: f2172d
No, LAR went out of business.
>> No. 109601 ID: 6affc4

>> No. 109617 ID: 6affc4
Got an Ithaca 1911 A1 for $1600. Was I ripped off?
>> No. 109618 ID: f2172d

What year and condition?
>> No. 109619 ID: 6affc4
1945 judging by the serial number, good condition from what I can understand, finish is nice, barrel has rifling, lul. But the barrel is a regular one, not a high-standard. Also 2 mags and a neat pouch for it.
>> No. 109620 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158560513299.jpg - (424.57KB , 5083x3165 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 made by Ithaca Gun Co_ .jpg )
Here's a US WW2 Colt M1911A1 made by Ithaca Gun Co. in 1943.
>> No. 109621 ID: 6ebd1f
File 15856051894.jpg - (444.34KB , 5012x3167 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 made by Ithaca Gun Co_ .jpg )
>> No. 109622 ID: f2172d

I'm not knowledgeable about wartime 1911 prices but I think $1600 is reasonable from quick google searches. But 1911 pricing from that era is all over the map.
>> No. 109623 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158561755386.png - (838.06KB , 1600x764 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Singer Manufacturing Co.png )
No doubt!
Remington-Rand, Ithaca, Singer... the prices of WW2 are all over the place. The WW1 models can be astronomical, especially the ones made in 1911. And the ones made by the Singer Sewing Machine Co. in WW2 can command over $100,000! Such as this one described as fine condition, but it looks pretty rough:
Rare World War II Singer Manufacturing Company U.S. Army Model 1911A1 Semi-Automatic Pistol
Estimate Price: $70,000 - $100,000
>> No. 109624 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158561759277.png - (875.80KB , 1600x764 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Singer Manufacturing Co.png )
>> No. 109625 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158561810323.jpg - (104.96KB , 941x621 , pistol US WW2 Colt 1911A1 Ithaca manufacture compa.jpg )
This excellent quality WW2 Colt M1911A1 made by the Singer Manufacturing Co. in 1940 sold for $414,000.

Pic: US WW2 Colt 1911A1 Ithaca manufacture compared to a Colt M1911.
>> No. 109626 ID: 6affc4

And yeah Singers look rough and unassuming but the quality of them is supposed to be top-tier and with 500 made the prices aren't a surprise. There are a lot of forgeries too I bet. Ithacas from what I hear are the reverse, there are a lot of them and the quality of the early models is shit and they get better after 1943, so I got a nicer one probably.
Something about these old 1911A1 just feels and looks nice, tbh, like they have nothing extra. Not to mention the design itself is really pleasant to handle.
>> No. 109627 ID: 6affc4
  Apparently there's a Union Switch & Signal version too, does anybody have one of those?
>> No. 109628 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586886449.jpg - (1.54MB , 2626x2268 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
No, just some pictures.
>> No. 109629 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586889875.jpg - (770.14KB , 1250x945 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
>> No. 109630 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586896993.jpg - (2.98MB , 4032x2268 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
>> No. 109631 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586900842.jpg - (2.13MB , 2869x2268 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
>> No. 109632 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586903296.jpg - (546.06KB , 1250x703 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
>> No. 109633 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586909396.jpg - (0.95MB , 2000x1243 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
>> No. 109634 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586916348.jpg - (1.09MB , 2000x1250 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
>> No. 109635 ID: 6ebd1f
File 158586933720.jpg - (849.06KB , 3347x1867 , pistol US WW2 Colt M1911A1 Union Switch & Sign.jpg )
Colt frame and Union Switch & Signal slide
>> No. 109637 ID: 6affc4
>> No. 109720 ID: 0d01d8
Not trying to hijack, but I was just looking around the Fusion Firearms 1911 page and saw that they offer 1911 barrels in .380 ACP. They're listed with other fullsize 1911 barrels so I do not think they are intended for the little Browning semi-miniatures, but then again I don't know for certain.

The more I ponder the mental image of a full-size 5" 1911 in .380, the more it boggles my tiny, childlike little mind. What kind of magazines would you use? Just load them in 9mm mags and hope for the best? Try to make some kind of spacer inside the mag to hold them about 3/16" further forward? Would a 9mm extractor work? The extractor groove dimensions are similar but not identical. The case diameter is a few thousandths smaller than 9mm and not tapered, so it'd sit at a higher angle in the mag, all else being equal, and that might even help feeding a little. What kind of recoil spring would you use? A fullsize 5" 1911 in 9mm usually has a 10 or 12 pound spring. 7 pounds? 8 pounds? Is that even going to be enough to strip the top round out of the mag and chamber it?

I am mindboggled that someone wanted to do this. Well, okay, it's different, and yeah, it'll make holes in paper, yeah, it could be an amusing range toy for a couple of mags, but "cheap" .380 ball ammo is as expensive as .45 ACP in most stores around here. And all of this is presuming you could get it to run, which is not a foregone conclusion.

I guess it'd be easy to rack the slide, but when I consider the class of end user who wants or desires a slide that can be racked with very little force, the mental image I am getting is of people who aren't going to train and who don't know about keeping their booger hooks off the bang switch until they want to shoot, so something with a crisp four pound trigger is gonna be Right Out. This is a class of end user who is going to have considerable difficulty holding three pounds of metal at arms' length anyway.
>> No. 109724 ID: 8e2391
.380 calibres is the diameter, dipshit. It's a full-size 9mm barrel.
>> No. 109726 ID: 7232db
File 15889998353.png - (334.73KB , 1448x886 , how about no.png )
you sure, anon?
>> No. 109727 ID: bbee29
Just me guessing here. They 380 ACP barrel probably requires caliber specific mags with spacers and the barrel itself might not have any locking lugs, using the weight of the slide as a straight blowback and the normal recoil spring. I really haven't seen any in the wild so this post is mere speculation.
>> No. 109731 ID: 6affc4
Hijack away. I stopped compulsively buying illegal firearms I have no real use for anyway. The itch has been scratched, so to say.
>> No. 109898 ID: 6affc4
Ok, so I've got a cleaning kit and finally cleaned the sucker, turns out the barrel had a lot of shit inside it. Also the disassembly and reassembly is a nightmare with that barrel bushing, what do?
>> No. 109900 ID: f2172d
Is disassembly of a Grizzly any different than a regular 1911?
>> No. 109901 ID: ddf784
No, it's exactly the same but the barrel bushing on this one is particularly stiff to rote. I have to hit it with something plastic to make it move.
>> No. 109902 ID: ddf784
>> No. 109903 ID: f2172d
Do you try to remove the plug/recoil spring first before removing the slide, or the other way around?
>> No. 109904 ID: ddf784
Plug and spring before the slide. But even when the plug and spring is out and the slide is removed when I try to take the barrel out and need to rotate the bushing to the other side it's still stiff in the slide. I dunno, maybe I have very weak fingers but I think the bushing is probably not OEM and is too tight in the slide or something.
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