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File 158301725185.jpg - (755.78KB , 1125x2000 , edgelord.jpg )
109541 No. 109541 ID: ee0ef7
Y'all like S Words and shit? Post em. I've still gotta wall-mount that kriegsmesser and arming sword.
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>> No. 109542 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302554969.jpg - (788.21KB , 4820x1050 , CC UK Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre & Pruss.jpg )
The Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre is a sword that was used primarily by British Light Dragoons and hussars, and King's German Legion light cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars. It was adopted by the Prussians (as the 1811 pattern or "Bl├╝cher sabre") and used by Portuguese and Spanish cavalry.
>> No. 109543 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302598721.jpg - (205.24KB , 1790x1075 , CC UK Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre 2016 anti-b.jpg )
That saber is confirmed combat capable against burglars in 2016:
>> No. 109544 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302659164.jpg - (49.37KB , 1200x675 , CC Japanese katana ninjato against burglar 2015 1.jpg )
Cheap modern ninja swords will do in a clutch.
Indianapolis woman stops intruder with large sword and medieval combat skills
>> No. 109545 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302718965.jpg - (3.00MB , 3264x2448 , CC Roman Gladius Cold Steel Gladius Machete 1.jpg )
But for a home defense sword, I would recommend a Roman Gladius,
Short enough to be used in tight hallways.
- Roman Gladius by Cold Steel. They were selling these things for around $20, years ago. Needed a proper sharpening, but it was good to go for pocket change.
>> No. 109546 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302797149.jpg - (103.56KB , 2817x569 , Belgian FN 49 Egyptian FN Model 1949 7_92mm semi-a.jpg )
For personal experience, I challenged some burglars who let themselves in my house through the back door. I was using an FN49 bayonet. Attached to the end of an Egyptian model FN49 in 8mm Mauser, loaded and chambered. The burglars were some stupid people looking for a stupid person I was sharing rent with. They left without further incident.

- Belgian FN 49, Egyptian contract, 7.92x57mmmm semi-auto rifle, 23-inch barrel and bayonet.
Nice, but heavy and it tore the rims on the brass she ejected.
>> No. 109547 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302818212.jpg - (1.43MB , 4608x3456 , Belgian FN 49 bayonet 4.jpg )
The bayonet is a thick dagger-style, sharpened on both sides.
>> No. 109548 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302851839.jpg - (175.31KB , 1600x1200 , antique UK Martini-Enfield MkI 1881-1895 with SMLE.jpg )
Although, for bayonets, I like the long British models.
- Drake's UK Martini-Enfield MkI (1881-1895) with a WW1 SMLE No1 MkIII.
>> No. 109549 ID: c3cbd5
File 158302886586.jpg - (44.77KB , 640x478 , CC gunblade Czech CZ-75B with bayonet attachment.jpg )
>> No. 109550 ID: f2172d
but neat collection, none the less
>> No. 109551 ID: c3cbd5
File 158308857184.jpg - (614.06KB , 2464x1572 , CC club monkey pipe wrench or Stillson by Daniel C.jpg )
No pipe wrench, though.
I knew people who got in trouble with the cops because they kept clubs or knives in their cars, but one kept an old and heavy pipe wrench for a cudgel under the seat and the cops (routinely searching young men's cars) couldn't really object.
- An assortment of pipe wrenches, aka Stillson wrenches, designed by Daniel C. Stillson in 1869.
>> No. 109552 ID: c3cbd5
File 158308904843.jpg - (102.51KB , 1600x1019 , CC club monkey pipe wrench, Sears heavy-duty 18-in.jpg )
Sears heavy-duty 18-inch pipe wrench.
Some jerk is coming at you with a knife? Brain him with a hundred year-old pipe wrench.
>> No. 109555 ID: 793056
My old man used to carry a "lead mallet" because he was in the roofing trade.

In fact it was a chunk of bannister for similar reasons.
>> No. 109616 ID: bbee29
I've always been curious about the difference in cerebral trauma between a deadblow hammer and a regular hammer. If the total mass of the hammer heads were the same, swung at the same speed, would a deadblow be more dangerous or less dangerous than a regular hammer?
>> No. 109747 ID: e13ce4
If I had to guess, I'd think if there was a difference it would be negligible.
>> No. 109748 ID: f2172d

Impact area also plays a factor, so equal mass and velocity but spread out over different areas would make a difference in effectiveness.
>> No. 109749 ID: 6c3ca3
File 159097597584.jpg - (44.86KB , 991x972 , The Club Monojoy car steering wheel lock 3_1 lbs 1.jpg )
Remember The Club anti-theft steering wheel lock from the 1980s?
Here's one touted to double as a weapon:
"The car lock make of Hardened steel, Weighing 3.1 pounds. When you are in danger, is a good self-defense weapons."
One end has a spike for breaking car windows in an emergency.
>> No. 109752 ID: ddd160
File 159122385122.jpg - (84.14KB , 768x873 , s-l1000.jpg )
Found one of these in the disorganized shitpile of a second arms room I'm taking over at work. So fucking stupid, but next time I end up in the field this stupid ho is getting hand receipted out and coming strapped on my IOTV obviously.
>> No. 109753 ID: 58727a
Those were actually issued?
>> No. 109794 ID: 751d6a
Yes I can confirm this.
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