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File 158441218633.png - (117.76KB , 500x302 , rhino 50ds.png )
109604 No. 109604 ID: 6f36a7
I have a question for any gunsmiths.
the roll pins circled on that picture, keep backing out on my Rhino.
what is the best solution for this problem long term?
I saw a post something similar happening with a S&W M&P 45 that said use blue loctite.
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>> No. 109605 ID: bc1daf

Saw something recently with a Ruger GP100. Gunsmith just tapped the pin back in and used loctite.
>> No. 109606 ID: 270452
Shit, that's a cool design

>(low bore axis, never seen that before)
>> No. 109607 ID: f2172d
See the Mateba, which is from the same designer.
>> No. 109608 ID: 79cf2b
File 158450626971.jpg - (15.43KB , 618x263 , O3L2XSHFPU4ISCT3GCL5NEXDYA.jpg )
Everyone's favorite space revolver. I picked one up but the (adjustable) sights are WAY the fuck off. And it broke from dry firing.

(So if you dry fire, use snap caps.)
>> No. 109927 ID: 98e297
what movie is that
>> No. 109928 ID: 3efc75
File 160341809687.jpg - (83.32KB , 378x599 , 378px-Total-Recall-2012-Poster.jpg )
Total Recall (2012)
>> No. 109930 ID: d29ef3
Agreed, loctite should do the trick. Maybe you should try banging it against something until it deforms slightly if it keeps happening
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