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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 159306617421.jpg - (154.31KB , 755x619 , aaa.jpg )
109839 No. 109839 ID: 0e29c2
Are there any other online stores that sell AR15 kits and uppers cheaper than PSA? This isn't cheap anymore at all, fucking hell. I should've bought a whole bunch when they were only $299 a few months ago!
>> No. 109841 ID: f2172d
Not really, no. Supply still hasn't caught up with the demand of two panics back to back.

My LGS is using Geiselle BCGs in their AR builds, simply because they can't find anything else that's less expensive right now.
>> No. 109852 ID: a4d0ec
>cheaper than PSA
Why would you want to do that? I understand building a budget AR and all, but don't go bottom of the bargain barrel. You'll spend more time trying to fix QC issues than shooting reliably. At least go PSA CHF barrel with a carpenter steel MPI bolt.
>> No. 109856 ID: b09df8
PSA is tough to beat on price and in my experience they're definitely good enough.

When I bought the PBE AR Mk1 lower years ago, I went with a PSA lower parts kit. I very specifically recall the kit missing (or me losing, to be honest. It was my first AR and I was building it in my living room) one of the very small springs, either a trigger spring or the bolt release spring. I emailed them about it saying it was missing from the kit and they immediately emailed me a replacement, no questions asked. They paid 48 cents or whatever for a stamp to send me a part worth a penny without question. I felt pretty good about it and them and they've had my business ever since.
>> No. 109874 ID: 20aad9
Delta Team Tactical out of Utah usually has atleast one kit in the $300 range, but for the prices PSA has now, Delta Team has kits that are fairly impressive.

I've built at least 20 guns between DTT and PSA.
>> No. 109916 ID: 0d01d8
You occasionally find AR parts marked "American Tactical," the importer of lots of dubious Turkish stuff. God only knows where they're made or what kind of Chinesium they're made from. PSA gets their BCGs from Toolcraft, which are good to go.

I've got a PSA AR upper I picked up last year as a blem that was on sale. At a couple thousand rounds through it, about 25% of that being assorted steelcase, including a hundred rounds or so of old lacquered steelcase, it has run 100% so far. I haven't bench-rested it or mounted an optic on it yet, but that's next. I can't find the blem. I rattlecanned it with two shades of olive drab camo paint. It's fugly.

The rifle does have a nitrided barrel, which supposedly helps reliable extraction under adverse conditions. I haven't dunked it in mud but I've done mag dumps one after the other with lacquered steel case ammo and it's run like a sewing machines, 100%, no malfunctions yet. I use D&H, NHTMG, Okay Industries, and Magpul mags in it, no problems with any of them.

I will probably end up sticking a Primary Arms poorfag scope on it, on one of their one-thumbscrew poorfag mounts.

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