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File 160298853853.jpg - (191.10KB , 816x544 , Evo%209%20components.jpg )
109918 No. 109918 ID: bb86e7
I have been reading about suppressors and suitable hosts. The question that I am having trouble with is do recoil / muzzle / nielsen device boosters negate some of the performance of the silencer?

As for hosts, there does not seem to be a current production locking action handgun that has a both a fixed barrel and available threaded barrels. Remington R51 threaded barrels are no longer in production, and the Walther CCP does not seem to have threaded barrels available.
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>> No. 109933 ID: b09df8
Strictly speaking yes, but it's negligible compared to the action of the host gun. Really a non-concern.

In case this is you: One thing a lot of guys do when first getting into silencers is seeking the MOST QUIET, MINIMUM dB. Then they get their can and realize 130dB is still pretty loud and realize they can only take their ear protection off when they're shooting alone and outdoors, so they go for something shorter, lighter and a smidge louder. Or maybe something more versatile but less super-duper quiet on the one intended caliber.
>> No. 109942 ID: bb86e7
File 160479270851.jpg - (12.78KB , 705x54 , dead2.jpg )
That is just one of the many reasons the Dead Air Odessa 9 is my favorite so far.

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