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File 160322631496.jpg - (259.93KB , 718x238 , B&N _300h&h.jpg )
109919 No. 109919 ID: 7a5d59
Anyone had any experience with .300 H&H.

I've got a fancying for a rifle with class... the only problem is the only new .300 H&H guns I can find are eith built by Hollands or another custom rifle builder.

Pic related. shit is custom yo.
>> No. 109922 ID: 7a852d
For many years the 300 H&H was considered the premier long-range rifle cartridge. Many Palma matches were won with it. But keep in mind you will need an extra-long action to fit the cartridge.

Unless you are truly a world-class marksman, one who practices at least weekly and fires many thousands of rounds a year; a top shelf rifle build in this caliber will be more accurate than you.
>> No. 109923 ID: 7a5d59
That's what I thought.

I want it to lazer red deer and boar with but also have enough bang to take it wherever I want to in the world and zonk whatever needs zonking (and H&H is a plains game cartridge so it'll do anything short of big 5).

Also I was thinking, (and stay with me on this) .30-06 has been gaining popularity in the UK as a long range foxing cal. This is due to the emphasis on humain kills at range and also using the UK 5-0's dislike of numbers of weapons. So as a multi-use cal for hunting deer and removing foxes it's getting passed off. Well I was thinking no reason I couldn't do that with a .300 H&H and as a bonus I can get around those places that say "no military cals" (France for example).
>> No. 109929 ID: f2172d
Dumb question, but is .303 Brit still popular for hunting and sport in the UK?
>> No. 109932 ID: 7a5d59
Sport yes, hunting no. UK NRA is litterally beardy guys that just want to shoot .303 Lee Enfields, black rifles be damned.
>> No. 109957 ID: ddd160
Bearing in mind I'm approaching with this with an American mindset, and don't know how ammunition cost or availability is for you, but would a .300 Win mag save some headache? Aside from the absolute dinosaur raping 250 grainers it's in the league if not surpassing .300 H&H and here at least the ammunition is far more available.

Don't get me wrong. I'm into the goofy oddball shit like .35 Whelen and .338-06 and I think .300 H&H is a classic cartridge, I just don't know if you have reloading capability and here at least the brass is far, far more available for a .300 Win.

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