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File 160323385025.jpg - (132.43KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20201001_04_09_57_Pro.jpg )
109921 No. 109921 ID: e8a7af
Theroy of a lucritive transpireing uprise caused by mass contractive control system is makeing a comback here in my system. Causeing a trickling reward system following flaws
ans fakes... as of a drop of blood is to the ocean my souls
know nothing only insticual action. The messengers the caregivers the athority as well as all points that allow any leway headroom or shift of controll is shut by liers labels seeming to hide what we all know is true even the cooperation of the congentinal being and proven factors wich would cause distictive demeanors are cast aside even with a sytematic approch interveaning contructivly and with precise exposition is bound to cause disruption discord and unproductivly creates and childish loop to keep us from experencing our true self achiveing our goals and leads us to a live of simplicity never achiveing a true sence of freedom. showing just how to subside upon belevelent ways of life. no respect no true fathems or admoratiions of a creation with a base to withstand a detremental aproch action placed upon the people to actas one. makeing it flawed is manevalent and overall humility is benign demeaning the ways that make a path worth traveling your whole life only to be presented to what has caused and cost everything that soon will mean nothing without a sence of humor without the proper intervention it fails. We KNOW THE ANSWERS WE ARE THE SOLUTION THERE IS NOTHING HOLDING US BACK. Act as one and freedom once again can be achived
>> No. 109924 ID: 89cfdf
man whatever the fuck you're smoking i want some

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