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File 16100476248.png - (10.92KB , 700x750 , mould.png )
109972 No. 109972 ID: 70607b
ok guys i've had this floating in my head for a while; I wanted to make them but have never been able to get the capital to do it. so throwing it into the public domain.
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>> No. 109973 ID: bde540
so...what is it?
>> No. 109976 ID: 336324

>> No. 109977 ID: d6b805
Looks like a 12ga slug design with a hollow cavity for... Things.
>> No. 109979 ID: 3f355b
that's where the minnows and cum go
>> No. 109985 ID: cce38e
File 161113976650.png - (29.68KB , 700x750 , 16100476248.png )
>> No. 110024 ID: 20aad9
Canon cannot be undone. At some point in this timeline, this prophecy like all other memes will come true, and one of our own prophets will sling cum into a terrorist.

Now do we look at like we do all scripture and take the allegory from it?

Like, Maybe the Minnows and Semen, Chairboy puts into the terrorist...

Are him Dumping a fat mulatto boy load, into a smokin' hot arab chick, who smells like tuna fish? and poppin' out a baby boy before their catholic shotgun wedding?

Or will he legit shoot a haji with minnows and semen....

We'll see. But he'll do one of the 2?

How is he these days? Is he married to an arab? does he have chitlins? does he still work for Eisner?

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