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File 161260488449.jpg - (530.56KB , 1280x1347 , 150810004337.jpg )
110000 No. 110000 ID: 3762a8
Even 420chan has more traffic than us lmao.
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>> No. 110005 ID: 7a5d59
Actually post a link to visit on the facebook page?
>> No. 110006 ID: 7db4d4
We have a facebook page? Why? That seems to defeat the entire point of this imageboard....
>> No. 110007 ID: 3efc75
And discord server. That's where all the action went.
>> No. 110008 ID: 65533e
Wow. Fuck Discord too. I'm out!
>> No. 110009 ID: 3b73e3

And idk, I pop in here once every couple of days, see that no one else has posted anything, and then leave. Maybe I should post...something.
>> No. 110011 ID: 1c6978
I'm posting here. Posting is fun.
>> No. 110012 ID: 0b41a9
File 161319417465.jpg - (101.61KB , 768x503 , image1-768x503.jpg )
Maybe in 3 years when guns become available again I'll do a new CA rifle.

Anyone checked out a Kel-Tec RBD-S?

Was also thinking of a Fightlight SCR with some tasteful wood.

>> No. 110013 ID: e11c74
I wouldn't mind an SCR here in NY, but last I checked they were basivally unobtainable, or very very expensive.
>> No. 110015 ID: c3c6d7
File 161323799911.png - (375.63KB , 600x3748 , 1592572907256.png )
>> No. 110016 ID: c3c6d7
File 161323804428.png - (66.34KB , 1260x264 , kirt is gay.png )
this is what you admire?
>> No. 110017 ID: c3c6d7
File 161323824994.jpg - (288.53KB , 1488x1488 , kirt's beachball.jpg )
this is what you want to be like?
>> No. 110018 ID: 84d56e
File 161324444522.jpg - (22.81KB , 431x415 , dbe9524ce77d70f95452cf54077a1b08.jpg )
A++ excellent get, would check again

Please post answers below
>> No. 110027 ID: d6b805
Don't worry faggits. I will do some epic gun builds that will draw some inadvertent traffic this way. I just have to quit my job and shit.
>> No. 110028 ID: d6b805
>>110027 Oh that was me. Forgot the trip. But yeah I plan on doing a few epic builds one includes a Serbu supershorty masterkey. Another is a suppressed BRN-10 build that will involve mercury. I will explain later. Shit like that should bring us some traffic. You know a little something.
>> No. 110029 ID: 3efc75


I've heard about using mercury as a recoil reducing buffer in over-under shotguns, but it looks like there's AR options now.
>> No. 110041 ID: 2f6af1
I don't want to end up having to deal with 4cuck /k/ coming and shitting this place up
>> No. 110059 ID: f9fe1d
File 161837741686.jpg - (69.05KB , 640x640 , 82e001d7d7a6dba02b7330ef2950e00114a9fe01b1b574ac33.jpg )
>EXCLUDED from wayback machine
are you sure it doesn't whitelist itself from archiving all pages with that word by default for obvious fucking reasons?
>> No. 110100 ID: 32aa10
File 162123911292.jpg - (45.94KB , 934x326 , 420chan meme magic.jpg )
Those commies are gone. It's nothing but good times now.
>> No. 110147 ID: 2f6af1
File 162796849824.png - (4.24MB , 3536x3368 , CRESTniggers.png )
There's a bunch of glowniggers spamming CP right now
I bet its those faggots from CREST
>> No. 110184 ID: 94fc5f
File 163244184533.jpg - (91.74KB , 1000x750 , 1613172757226.jpg )
hopping on after years of not posting, always kinda checked in on operatorchan now and then but regular /k/ has been fucked. I have a feling discord is what caused dead internet theory
>> No. 110188 ID: d7d435
There are definitely many bots and state level actors too but yeah. Man was not meant to live in communities greater than 150. Cool that this site allows posting over TOR. Surprised it hasn't been destroyed by bad actors already.
>> No. 110197 ID: e64a6a
time machine and free snacks?
>> No. 110213 ID: 65a607
File 163653985014.jpg - (91.38KB , 1284x1268 , heterosexuality.jpg )
>> No. 110219 ID: 943790
File 163733386924.jpg - (283.80KB , 1446x2048 , 1637008483852.jpg )
Well I'm new so that's something.
>> No. 110233 ID: 9b7bf1
File 163803707734.jpg - (78.57KB , 698x960 , 126858768_160739435753200_2631702470076647396_n.jpg )
Gun culture got gay as fuck and the only people still talking guns are on reddit or discord where they pretend to be catgirls and shit.
Theres just nothing to say anymore, all guns are the same save for the retard shit keltec pumps out every few years, its just a sea of generic ARs and fags arguing minuscule bullshit.
Milsurp is gone forever, so the days of cheap fun shooting are dead.
Idk, what is there to talk about?
>> No. 110238 ID: 2f6af1
You are part of the problem, faggot
>> No. 110249 ID: d2100e
File 163968749142.gif - (2.48MB , 125x125 , A3FEDADF-9961-4971-9951-5DF9A5F6BD6E.gif )
>>> OPERATOR 21/12/03(Fri)01:46 No. 110238 ID: 2f6af1
>You are part of the problem, faggot

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>> No. 110284 ID: 6affc4
A lot of what you see right now is people showing off gun collections like they're FunkoPops, others shill overpriced shit.
3D printer guys are cool, I guess.
>> No. 110291 ID: b1e0fe
I come back to this site like once a year at most.
>> No. 110294 ID: 20fcd6
pretty much the same here partly because the laws here
>> No. 110347 ID: 81fd3e
I haven't been on this site in over a decade. It's even slower than before! I came to see your opinions on the war in Ukraine, but there isn't even a thread.
>> No. 110348 ID: c59318
Loosen up the rules, use the site instead of alternatives. Make at least 3 // with minimal rules so people and come back regularly. Russia invaded Ukraine about a week ago and I can't find the thread...

If I start a thread and I have to check in daily to keep up with it, even if half the content is semi irrelevant or it gets hijacked, at least it keeps regular interest. If it gets one reply a week. Well I'll be back in about 6 months and maybe respond to 2 of those. That's a pretty dead board.

After 4 went down for a few days this really took off. Since then it got all rules and shit. Threads died people moved to irc discord. DMZ has no link if its even up.

That's why I came here, Russia invaded almost a week ago. No thread RIP.
>> No. 110351 ID: 701a0b
This place is deader than 8chan. Press F to pay respects.
>> No. 110352 ID: b8c8b8
good point especially with tor its a nice fall back if /k/ fucks up. should I make threads advertising and name dropping opperator chan?
>> No. 110353 ID: b8c8b8
good point especially with tor its a nice fall back if /k/ fucks up. should I make threads advertising and name dropping opperator chan?

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