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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 161260488449.jpg - (530.56KB , 1280x1347 , 150810004337.jpg )
110000 No. 110000 ID: 3762a8
Even 420chan has more traffic than us lmao.
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>> No. 110005 ID: 7a5d59
Actually post a link to visit on the facebook page?
>> No. 110006 ID: 7db4d4
We have a facebook page? Why? That seems to defeat the entire point of this imageboard....
>> No. 110007 ID: 3efc75
And discord server. That's where all the action went.
>> No. 110008 ID: 65533e
Wow. Fuck Discord too. I'm out!
>> No. 110009 ID: 3b73e3

And idk, I pop in here once every couple of days, see that no one else has posted anything, and then leave. Maybe I should post...something.
>> No. 110011 ID: 1c6978
I'm posting here. Posting is fun.
>> No. 110012 ID: 0b41a9
File 161319417465.jpg - (101.61KB , 768x503 , image1-768x503.jpg )
Maybe in 3 years when guns become available again I'll do a new CA rifle.

Anyone checked out a Kel-Tec RBD-S?

Was also thinking of a Fightlight SCR with some tasteful wood.

>> No. 110013 ID: e11c74
I wouldn't mind an SCR here in NY, but last I checked they were basivally unobtainable, or very very expensive.
>> No. 110015 ID: c3c6d7
File 161323799911.png - (375.63KB , 600x3748 , 1592572907256.png )
>> No. 110016 ID: c3c6d7
File 161323804428.png - (66.34KB , 1260x264 , kirt is gay.png )
this is what you admire?
>> No. 110017 ID: c3c6d7
File 161323824994.jpg - (288.53KB , 1488x1488 , kirt's beachball.jpg )
this is what you want to be like?
>> No. 110018 ID: 84d56e
File 161324444522.jpg - (22.81KB , 431x415 , dbe9524ce77d70f95452cf54077a1b08.jpg )
A++ excellent get, would check again

Please post answers below
>> No. 110027 ID: d6b805
Don't worry faggits. I will do some epic gun builds that will draw some inadvertent traffic this way. I just have to quit my job and shit.
>> No. 110028 ID: d6b805
>>110027 Oh that was me. Forgot the trip. But yeah I plan on doing a few epic builds one includes a Serbu supershorty masterkey. Another is a suppressed BRN-10 build that will involve mercury. I will explain later. Shit like that should bring us some traffic. You know a little something.
>> No. 110029 ID: 3efc75


I've heard about using mercury as a recoil reducing buffer in over-under shotguns, but it looks like there's AR options now.
>> No. 110041 ID: 2f6af1
I don't want to end up having to deal with 4cuck /k/ coming and shitting this place up
>> No. 110059 ID: f9fe1d
File 161837741686.jpg - (69.05KB , 640x640 , 82e001d7d7a6dba02b7330ef2950e00114a9fe01b1b574ac33.jpg )
>EXCLUDED from wayback machine
are you sure it doesn't whitelist itself from archiving all pages with that word by default for obvious fucking reasons?

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