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File 161758331350.jpg - (125.15KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
110050 No. 110050 ID: 8b1e35
Is the Palmetto State Armory JAKL the only one that has all of these features, assuming they come out with a 9 inch barrel, the design length for the 300 Blackout cartidge.

300 Blackout
Forward left side charging handle, a proven ergonomic success borrowed from the MP5; And unlike left middle or rear charging handle, no holes in receiver next to face for the backpresssure gasses from a silencer to come at you, and no charging bar that gets close to face. Bonus forward assist.
Piston (bonus long stroke).
True bufferless, allowing a folding stock. though it looks a bit wide for existing folding stock hinges. I would like a right side canted folder
Mlock instead of overweight picatinny cheese grater.

Close but not quites:
BRN 180S - right side charging
ARAK-21 does not come in pistol length barrels.
CZ Bren 2 does not come in 300 BLK yet.
There is another, I forgot, but it also has a mid left side charger.
>> No. 110051 ID: 8b1e35
Am I missing anything?
>> No. 110052 ID: 65e79d
Robinsion Armament XCR was the one I was forgetting. Tempting, but it is a mid left charging handle. Also expensive.
>> No. 110053 ID: 40ddef
Are they ever going to release it though?
>> No. 110054 ID: 9ce670
They were in long term testing with the ones they took to the Sawmill Gathering. Unfortunately, since PSA has a hardon for 7.5 inch barrels, even in 5.56, the 300 blackout in ~9" will be a while,

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