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File 163039225948.gif - (77.23KB , 1014x768 , cart.gif )
110168 No. 110168 ID: a6f02c
In a post post apocalyptic scenario where all modern ammunition has been nearly expended, do you think that say something like a handmade .45-70 rolling block would be a good choice for a long arm? How hard do you think it would be to make with hand tools? Are there any simpler builds that aren't muzzleloaders?
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>> No. 110170 ID: 7245b4
You can't uninvent technology, but manufacturing of certain things we take for granted would become very difficult, sheetmetal, consistent high strength alloys, good springs, plastic anything, etc.

I'd suggest that single shot bolt actions are the go to for high strength easily handmade guns.

.45-70 is a likely cartridge for blackpowder, think about surface area to volume as an advantage for lower pressure guns.
>> No. 110178 ID: 7a5d59
I'd be thinking a toplock shotgun style action.
>> No. 110262 ID: bcc095
If you're sticking strictly to manufacturing something new, you're probably right. You could cast lead projectiles pretty easily, your brass and barrel would last longer with a low pressure cartridge and you could, etc.

But I think the variety of things that would need to be manufactured from scratch in austere conditions would make building guns and ammunition with hand tools and truly raw materials pretty impractical without a whole village's support. Primers, powder, projectiles in specific (even sloppy) spec, the works. I mean, even the Khyber Pass has a lot of people, a bunch of old ammunition, established infrastructure and expertise, primitive or crude though they may be.

I would think as an individual, it might be more feasible to start with a break-action 12 gauge and maybe some molds for shot and slugs. You can get a muzzle loading adapter for like $60 but you can also get metal shotshells. Still got to solve for primers though.
>> No. 110269 ID: 1d6782
File 164198785351.jpg - (169.72KB , 1800x1200 , Grozer_Ottoman_Hornbow48c.jpg )
This is probably not what you want to hear, but a lot of things in firearms are dependent upon your ability to manufacture a lot of very specific, labor and time intensive things. Explosive material comes to mind. You'd be better off returning to Bronze or Iron Age technologies.

All you need to make this is some hand tools, wood, horn or bamboo (horn is hard to come by), fish bladders for glue, and deer backstrap.

Hell, you don't even need to make it a recurve, a self bow (longbow) with fish bladder glue and some linen backing would work wonders.

Hell, a flint or wheel lock would be more practical than anything cartridge based. Return to a brace of pistols and a sabre.
>> No. 110273 ID: 14e019
File 164228022496.jpg - (302.89KB , 1042x694 , Venison%20Backstrap%20Whole%20EDIT_jpeg.jpg )
Ah yes, backstrap, essential for any bow.
(Yes I know you mean sinew)
>> No. 110275 ID: 7a5d59
It depends on your vision of 'Post Post-Apocalyptic' and what survived.

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