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File 163210849595.jpg - (93.25KB , 1024x575 , watch-trailblazer-firearms-pack9-the-ultimate-bug-.jpg )
110179 No. 110179 ID: 4476dc
hello im new here
what do you guys think of this new 9mm carbine
also where the fuck is the catalog?
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>> No. 110180 ID: bd5a80
File 16321160028.jpg - (344.41KB , 1587x711 , 98475897345.jpg )
IMO most PCCs are basically just fun toys and if you want one a lelkek sub2k is cheap, lightweight, and works. I quite like mine, I recommend spending ZERO dollars on upgrading one because it's just not worth it and making it heavier/bulkier goes against the design of something light that folds. I stuck a 45 degree red dot on it (that still allows it to fold) and called it done. I made the mount during a lunch break on the manual mill so it's not elegant but it works.

This board predates catalogs and upgrading it is beyond our current fucks as we, and the board, are dead. The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it, until the time comes. The way is shut.
>> No. 110181 ID: 58727a
A little late to the party fren. This place died when people thought Discord was a better place to be. I think they were wrong, but vote with your feet/wallet am I right?
I haven't even bothered to post new firearms here in a long time.
>> No. 110183 ID: 6b24b9
its really just mild interest, but a 9mm carbine that takes glock mags is always in the back of my mind.
i exclusively post on “dead” sites, and thats a good thing. in the current year; the more people, the more toxic a community is. its the sole reason i left 4chan years ago and will never use reddit or discord
t. actual oldfag
>> No. 110185 ID: 3efc75
File 163253443441.jpg - (343.13KB , 1400x425 , PCCarbine-hero.jpg )
I think PCC's have a place as a self-defense gun for someone with very little training. Trigger, safety, mag release, charging handle. Put the red dot on the badguy and pull the trigger. The red dot could be something like an Aimpoint Pro which has a 3 year battery life. Just leave it on and toss in a new battery every couple of years.

Sure a semi-automatic handgun is better, but they're hard to shoot for novices, especially in stressful situations.

Revolvers can fuck off for being hard to shoot and even harder to reload.

Shotguns can also fuck off for being hard to maneuver and reload.

AR's are cool, but the muzzle blast will cause hearing damage and concuss the shooter, making followup shots probably impossible.

The Ruger PC Carbine does have some downsides. Since it's straight blowback, it has a surprising amount of recoil and weight. I found regular 9mm starts to lose it's accuracy at about 75 yards. Again, it's great for new shooters since it's easy to shoot and operate, and because it's not as loud as a rifle, much more pleasant.

> This board predates catalogs and upgrading it is beyond our current fucks as we, and the board, are dead. The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it, until the time comes. The way is shut.

Damn, lol.


Yea, everyone jumped to discord. I still like the imageboard format the best. (Compared to discord or "traditional" forums.)
>> No. 110186 ID: bd5a80
>AR's are cool, but the muzzle blast will cause hearing damage and concuss the shooter, making followup shots probably impossible.
[laughs in suppressor]
>> No. 110187 ID: ddbbfc
[Cries in New Yorkistani]
>> No. 110192 ID: b48b04
File 163313235588.jpg - (37.66KB , 856x692 , rapewhistle.jpg )
>I think PCC's have a place as a self-defense gun
No. All the weight, length, and bulk of a long gun, with pissant pistol cartridge power. No. Not if anything else is available. I mean, you could use a matchlock arquebus, I guess, or a bronze sword, but why?
>for someone with very little training.
Good lord, is this ARFCOM now?

>What gun for Meemaw?
>I'm kind of concerned about the string of ultraviolent broad-daylight home invasions in her neighborhood.
>Meemaw is 87 years old and weighs 87 pounds.
>She doesn't have the hand strength to operate a slide.
>Or pull a double action trigger. Or cycle the bolt on a semiauto .22.
>Or cock a revolver, even if she uses both hands.
>She hates and fears guns. She hates people who own guns.
>She's not going to practice with it. She's not going to train. She's not going to build any kind of proficiency.
>I'm going to put it in her palsied hands, and then, when I leave, she's going to put it on the table and stare at it as though it were a poisonous snake.
>Then she's most likely going to put it back in the box and lock it in the closet, unloaded, and never think of it again.
>If she does hear breaking glass at 2am she's almost certainly going to yell "I have a gun" in a shaky terrified old lady voice and if that doesn't work she's going to be in the midst of trying to dig the unloaded gun out of the bottom of the closet when Shitavious and seven of his homeboys, all mugged up with body armor, Dracos, and sawed-offs kick the door down to hand the honkeys on this block the eviction notice.
>She's not willing to kill in defense of her own life or anyone else's. If she does get to the gun she's going to wave it like a magic wand and be astounded when it doesn't magically deter bad people and make them go away.
>Guns aren't tools you have to learn to use. They're magical talismans of protection from evil.
>Why, I betcha all Meemaw would have to do is wave the gun at them and they'll all run away! It's even better than the noise from racking a shotgun!
>I am in denial and don't want to admit the possibility that habitual violent criminals who do home invasions and armed robberies on the daily can sense fear or hesitation and might just call her bluff.
>So do you guys think I should get Meemaw a 1911 or an airweight Smith & Wesson J-frame? Or maybe a USP in .40? Maybe a Desert Eagle with a laser? I thought about an AK but they're so expensive these days.
>What? Oh, pish tosh, she'll change her mind and decide to fight at the last minute, and you don't need any skill or familiarity at all to fight for your life with a gun while outnumbered by people who also have guns.
>Shitavious certainly isn't going to walk out of that apartment with Meemaw's ears on a string around his neck and a shiny new gun as a prize that he's going to use to shoot a liquor store clerk an hour later.

Prior to the Second World War it was normal in the US for extended families to share a dwelling. Meemaw wouldn't have been abandoned to live in a neighborhood rapidly turning into the ghetto and suffer ethnic cleansing. Meemaw would have her own room, and she'd help cook and take care of the kids. If situations arose requiring someone to start shooting motherfuckers in the face and stacking some bodies, there were some hard guys with guns present who were up to the task. Meemaw doesn't need a gun. Meemaw needs plane tickets and a room in your house. She'll help take care of the kids.

There are people out there who won't practice, won't train, won't build proficiency, won't go to the range. Not all of them are women. The Venn diagram shows considerable overlap between such people and those are obstinately unwilling to use lethal force to defend themselves or their loved ones. They have lived in a suburban bubble all their lives and bad things only happen to other people. They don't like thinking about the fact that civilization is collapsing and they're responsible for their own safety. It gives them badfeelz and the problem is you. You're the bad guy for bringing it up, and if something bad does happen, and they survive, they're much more likely to accuse you of bringing them bad luck by talking about it than to consider that they may need to take some responsibility for themselves and might need to adjust their mindsets.

The appropriate tool to give to such people for use in emergencies is a rape whistle, not a gun. Think of it as evolution in action.
>> No. 110196 ID: 3efc75

The only problem with "Meemaw" is:

>She hates and fears guns. She hates people who own guns.

So obviously a gun isn't going to work for her. For someone who is interested, a PCC is still the easiest thing to shoot.

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