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No. 110228 ID: 6affc4
>> No. 110230 ID: bd5a80
I don't really care what Stoner originally intended or what other people think of some features that were added for the "wrong reasons". Don't get me wrong, I like Stoner's engineering and I think he's brilliant.

Point is, the forward assist is a device to control something about the rifle and like any device, it can be misused. If you don't think it should be on the gun, good for you, I don't think it has any downsides if you have two braincells to rub together. I like it and I use it often mostly to chamber a round quietly when hunting or to ensure my bolt is in battery when gear snags on the charging handle when I'm traversing difficult terrain. If I was about to die and my rifle wasn't in battery for ANY REASON, I wouldn't care that I "could be making the problem worse by cramming the problem into the chamber harder". I wouldn't care, because it's either cram the problem harder and hope it works, or die. Choice is pretty clear to me.

I think cucksarda thinks too highly of himself and expects every other person on the planet to be dumber than him, and thus he cannot trust anyone else with a device like the forward assist that can be misused.

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