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File 147379032821.jpg - (43.75KB , 583x528 , EDC-Outdoor-Brass-font-b-Knuckle-b-font-font-b-Dus.jpg )
99312 No. 99312 ID: 81de5d
Lately I've wanted one of these brass "bottle openers" Are they a gimmick tool or something that could come in handy? I'd carry it in my back pocket.
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>> No. 99316 ID: d8ab9d
File 147379300285.jpg - (55.27KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
you're doing it wrong
>> No. 99317 ID: 959636

>> No. 99318 ID: ad8094
  Roll your own :)
>> No. 99338 ID: 0cc1d8
I personally carry lexan knuckles in my back pocket.

Lightweight, legal to carry errywhere and they're very strong.
>> No. 99340 ID: f87148

Carried aluminum ones back in junior high (among other things). Non-magnetic materials FTW.

At the time, it was customary for us to give our weapons (among many other inanimate objects) proper-noun names, to be used in our peculiar sub rosa palaver in much the same manner as NATO reporting names. Weapons were traditionally named after ancient Egyptian and Graeco-Roman gods and goddesses; I chose for those dusters Anubis, the unseen judge of hearts, more the incarnation of an ultimately tedious and mundane function than a thoroughly fleshed-out character like the others, almost unknown except for the role he performed. Ah, to be young and naive again...

Wew lad, those were some fairly lively times.
>> No. 99342 ID: fb3bdd
1. Don't be kidding yourself, police, security etc. know exactly what these kind of things are and what they're used for. Same thing with those oddly pointy metal pens that are totally not kubotans or hidden weapons, nudge nudge, wink wink.

2. Are you a bad enough dude to be capable of killing or disabling a man with your bare hands? Congratulations, this is actually useful for you! If not, get to training. Or just carry a damn gun.

Don't want to shoot and kill a dude? Well that's nice, so, what are the points you don't want to strike then? Do you know where all the veins, arteries and nerves in the body run? Are you the type of supreme badass that can take down and subdue a man barehanded without injuring him? Alone?
>> No. 99347 ID: 841831
if I remember correctly,you can google a lot threads about "i carry this self-defense thingy,will the police will arrest me and shit because of it?

I'm not from the u.s citizen but from what I seen there is trend in the states that folks carrying around monkey-fist self-defense tool,I mean with a steel ball inside of it that you can break someone head with it.

and still i think that if you injure someone with it the police will still arrest you and explain yourself in court no matter how much you know the laws.
>> No. 99348 ID: dda126
File 147396581494.jpg - (68.03KB , 800x532 , this is just a tooth pick officer.jpg )
That's why you never leave home without your Mosin spike bayonet! You can easily carry this concealed IWB! Actually, I'm not even kidding here, it would work.
>> No. 99350 ID: 0480d3
I've picked up several.

Threeper Kreeper from ThirdEyeTactical.

Ruffian from AmericanSteelWorx.

Large BeerRambit from LCKT.

Lil' Brewster.

Some Russian single similar to the OP pic.

Panda knuck, etc.

There really is no reason to carry them though, if you had to use one it would look very v. bad methinks, and in most states or municipalities it can get you into trouble anyway.

I haven't got rid of my knucks yet, but I really only carry a mini-prybar anymore (with the exception of solo knuck I just left on my key ring). It spares my knife tips and doubles as a bottle opener. Handy little tools. The knucks are cool, but in the end, they're not all that practical.

So my verdict is they're neat and fine for prying, wrenches, bottle openers, etc, but not a great idea as a last ditch self defense tool. They're neat, they can be useful, but be realistic with what you want it for when you're looking at them is all.

A lot of the same tasks could be completed by a gerber shard, which could save you a fair bit of money. If you're strictly thinking self defense, I would explore other options.
>> No. 99354 ID: 0480d3
File 147399296796.jpg - (622.09KB , 2023x2421 , tOKvCEE.jpg )
Some of these are way heavier than others too. I've thinned my knucks down some. The one on my keyring is made out of aluminum and doesn't function as a bottle opener. The mini-prybar is super useful though. I have mixed feelings about them as stated above, but Idk, bruh, freak what you feel.
>> No. 99355 ID: 8ff713
If you ever commit a crime while in possession of any of these tools like the pry bar and multi tools these become tools used to commit a crime and are each their own felony count.

Not saying anybody here will commit crimes but just keep it in mind when carrying them.
>> No. 99356 ID: 0480d3
That's a fair point too.
>> No. 99357 ID: f87148
File 147405875096.jpg - (35.18KB , 640x468 , kermit_tea.jpg )

>Not saying anybody here will commit crimes but just keep it in mind when carrying them.
>not knowing that OpChan had a real-life slasher of its very own
>> No. 99362 ID: fb3bdd
>says the guy who once tried to drunkenly stab a cabbie
>> No. 99363 ID: a1a76a
Shut the fuck up, seriously.
>> No. 99367 ID: 8ff713
Enlighten us.
>> No. 99369 ID: fcf8c0
keep this thread civil or you really want admin remove it from here.
>> No. 99370 ID: 19518e
>blunt self defense tools
You guys have kinda missed the mark, I find. In the whole thread.

>tire bats
>fish bats
>baseball bats
>monkey wrenches
>roll of quarters
>socks and locks
>some newspapers
>a purse with heavy and hard thing in it
>a cane
>an umbrella
>aluminum water bottle

I guess I just don't see the idea with carrying something the overzealous police officer will buttrape you for (even if you aren't doing anything bad with it) while there are legitimate items to carry that can be used to help prevent a criminal from merc'ing your face. And also be used in everyday life.
>> No. 99371 ID: 8ff713
>tire bats
>fish bats

lol so any tiny bat really.
>> No. 99372 ID: 19518e
Or big bat, you know.

gkhf have batman
>> No. 99377 ID: 8f9c57
The Salmon Bat can be a very effective cudgel.
Must be short in order to operate in a small boat and hefty enough to deliver a killing blow. At least against a freshly-caught salmon.
Keep one in your car but also with fishing gear so that the cops and juries do not assume you're just riding with weapons.
HOW TO KILL A SALMON https://youtu.be/JvmY5EbPFLQ
>> No. 99378 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433412529.jpg - (376.78KB , 3000x2000 , fish salmon maple grilled 1.jpg )
I just had some barbecued salmon. Really good.
>> No. 99379 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433456773.jpg - (84.94KB , 1974x431 , CC club Pacific North West Fish Club 1.jpg )
Pacific North West Fish Club
Halibut fishermen used wooden clubs to kill or stun their catch; otherwise a heavy, struggling fish might turn over the canoe. The clubs were often beautifully carved, like this one which bears the image of a sea otter.

'They didn’'t want to spoil the head because they were going to cook it, so they were very careful where they hit it [a halibut]. / Yeah, right here in the nostrils. That stunned it and then you turned it over so the belly side was up and then it didn’'t fight as much. If you leave it belly side down then it bangs the boat a lot.' - Delores Churchill (Haida) / Donald Gregory (Tlingit), 2005. http://www.donsmaps.com/pacificnwartefacts.html
>> No. 99380 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433468196.jpg - (542.07KB , 3486x1596 , CC club Indian Eskimo Northwest Coast wood club 1.jpg )
Northwest Coast wood club, probably Haida

The club has a cylindrical pommel, concentric rings on the grip, and an expanding oval head carved in the form of a swimming sea creature, probably a seal, with deeply incised backswept fins, and concentric oval motifs on the flanks, the head with flaring nostrils and pointed oval eye rims; fine aged patina overall.
Length 22 1/4 in, 565 mm
>> No. 99381 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433478250.jpg - (254.27KB , 3144x798 , CC club Indian Eskimo Northwest Coast wood club 2.jpg )
A Northwest Coast wood club

Carved in the form of a killer whale, the jaws parted to reveal two lines of teeth, with a raven seated behind the whale, with plain grip and pierced rounded butt, 72cm.

Inverarity (1967) shows a similar Tlingit implement, #138, and describes it as a fish club, used to kill seal, sea otter, or any large fish before hauling them into the canoe.
>> No. 99382 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433507374.jpg - (620.79KB , 1981x1924 , CC club Fish Billy 20 inches long, crafted from so.jpg )
Fish Billy's are 20" long, crafted from solid Ash
>> No. 99383 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433526422.jpg - (136.21KB , 1600x1068 , CC club Indian Eskimo Northwest Coast cedar 1.jpg )
A Northwest Coast fish club, Haida / Tlingit, cedarwood, carved with a totemic animal with exposed teeth, flared nostrils and large eyes and with exposed bones and spine, the grip with a knopped terminal, 51cm long, on a stand. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/woolley-and-wallis/catalogue-id-srwo10082/lot-b4940b58-fe4b-4cbf-891f-a4f200bea72d
>> No. 99384 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433529921.jpg - (84.71KB , 1600x635 , CC club Indian Eskimo Northwest Coast cedar 2.jpg )
>> No. 99385 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433533731.jpg - (113.71KB , 1600x761 , CC club Indian Eskimo Northwest Coast cedar 3.jpg )
>> No. 99386 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433565135.jpg - (840.16KB , 4000x1684 , fish salmon BBQ sweet spicy Asian 1.jpg )
>> No. 99387 ID: 8f9c57
File 147433581585.jpg - (315.73KB , 3318x2212 , fish salmon BBQ cedar Alaskan salmon 1.jpg )
CEDAR PLANK SALMON http://foodnessgracious.com/2013/06/fresh-alaskan-grilled-salmon/
1 pound Alaskan Sockeye salmon fillets
1½ tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon thyme, finely chopped
Seasoning of your choice
1 lemon, halved
Make sure your grill plank has been soaked in water for at least 1 hour before.
Preheat the grill to high and keep one side on a low heat.
Place the salmon on the plank, drizzle with the olive oil.
Season well, I used some lemon pepper seasoning.
Sprinkle with the chopped thyme.
Place the plank onto the grill on the indirect side of the heat.
Grill for about 10 minutes and the salmon is slightly firm to the touch.
Don't overcook it as it'll keep cooking after it comes off the grill.
Squeeze the lemon over the salmon and serve at once.
>> No. 99388 ID: 7e7763
File 147433721151.jpg - (67.80KB , 800x800 , totallynotaweapon.jpg )
In Canada one must take care that "bottle openers" made of metal don't have finger holes or else they are defined as "brass knuckles" under the law. This would define the item as a prohibited weapon even if there's a non-weapon reason to carry it.

Plastic knuckles are OK to own but not to carry concealed, and I'd say the same applies to those plastic "stinger" things because there's no arguable use other than a weapon.

As with every other country a sturdy pen won't get a second look and will work as a weapon in a pinch.

Pic related "wrench" is fine. I've tested it and it does work on a bicycle. It also looks like it could be a bottle opener but it's the wrong size. I've passed security checkpoints with it, though I did get a funny look. I have it on good authority that one of these will seriously fuck up a human being.
>> No. 99389 ID: 7e7763
>Bat Guano is still machineposting
Warms my heart.
>> No. 99391 ID: 959636
As something of an aside, you see this issue in lockpicking, too.

Many, many places have laws on the books that make carrying lock picking tools illegal (often *very* illegal) if you're not licensed or actually on a job.

And most lock-picking tools are very mundane items.

In other words, yes, usage defines the category.

Carrying a screwdriver? Pretty normal. It's a screwdriver.

Using the screwdriver to bypass a lock to gain entry to a building not your own? Felony possession of lock picking tools.

Using a screwdriver to bypass a lock, stab the owner of the dwelling, and rape their dog? Well now you're in possession of a deadly weapon AND lockpicking tools. Same item, two charges. Also, you're a sick furry bastard.

Always been a fan of umbrellas, myself. They're way more multifunctional than they look, because people are so used to only seeing them used for one or two purposes. It's still a stick. Also makes you real popular with women when you're the only guy to have the foresight to have one. Remember to get one bigger than you need...
>> No. 99399 ID: e517e3
File 147440063313.jpg - (23.66KB , 450x200 , more useful as a club than a flashlight.jpg )
Bit of a bitch to carry due to size/weight, but there's something to be said of the old D-cell Maglite flashlights (thinking back on it, why the fuck didn't Maglite get involved with "COPS"? It was de facto advertising in the 1990s...). Shit flashlights, but my god you wouldn't want to be hit by one of the fuckers. And even though they were aluminum, they were pretty thick and well made and could take a beating.
>> No. 99400 ID: f87148

Aftermarket LEDs and microcontrollers can greatly improve the utility of otherwise obsolete flashlights such as these. I retrofitted one of those big old GI angle head jobs and was rewarded with a flashlight which, while still heavy as fuck, will provide more than adequate light for like two fucking weeks straight, and which is reasonably water-resistant -- all for, like, thirty rupees. I was pleased enough with the results that I plan on doing the same to one of the smaller versions sometime soon.
>> No. 105541 ID: 5af259
Just remember to swing it with the bell/light in your hand. If that flashlight doesn't work when the cops show up you're just swinging a club as far as they're concerned.
>> No. 105563 ID: 3f7131
File 150617652580.jpg - (62.73KB , 600x450 , knuckles.jpg )
I bought a set of brass knuckles from therealbrassknuckles.com. From what I understand they're cast in PA so they aren't sold with novelty bullshit like belt buckle pegs. Someday I intend to use it with some green sand casting to make aluminum ones; so far my casting experiments are lacking, mostly because my foundry is improvised bullshit.

I've experimented with laser cutting acrylic ones and laminating layers. After doing some very scientific hitting-concrete-with-gloves in my opinion they shatter too easily. I'm sure there are other plastics that would work better.

If you feel like fabricobbling your own, here's a handy sizing chart you can steal: http://www.defiantcraft.com/sizing.pdf
The PDF preserves vector objects so you can import for laser cutting if that's your jam.
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